Why Any Finance Company Needs Online Marketing to Succeed

Why Any Finance Company Needs Online Marketing to Succeed…

Written by: Dale Bonsor Posted on: 4th April 2017 Share this post:

At dapa Marketing we’re all too familiar with the competitive pressures that come with choosing to operate within the financial industry. It’s an industry where regulation, process and internal power-struggles rule the day and are just part-and-parcel of life within the corridors of these types of organisations.

In today’s modern; technologically advanced world, more than half of people searching for financial products and services turn to the world-wide web to solve their queries.

So, if you are part of a financial firm that needs the ‘wow-factor’ in regards to their online marketing, then look no further than the financial specialists.

Here at dapa, we’re about bottom line results. Our business model is designed to help those we work with to generate leads, sales and revenue.

We know that in the dog-eat-dog world of finance; tangible results are what really matters.

Why is SEO For Financial Services Important?

A strong, customised SEO campaign will do for your website, what a personal trainer does for a client; it will work it harder, making it more stream-lined and effective.

In this blog, we will pin down the exact benefits of SEO for the finance industry, including how, with the help of dapa, companies can grow and increase lead generation.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Obviously, we’re not going to teach you to suck eggs – you’re here because you’re looking for our help to give your website the big thumbs up from Google.

Think of Google as the popular kid in the playground; everyone wants to be liked and they will do their utmost to get Google to notice them and move them through the ranks.

marketing for finance stand out from the crowd

The more you’re liked the more people will want to spend time with you.

SEO is how you achieve your desired popularity goals. The results produced by search engines are based on formulas called ‘algorithms’.

These algorithms rate various aspects of a website, and SEO is designed to shine a light on the plus points and push your site up the rankings.

There’s no exact science to SEO, and although we’re very good at it, we’re not scientists. The online world is an ever-changing field, and the search engines constantly move their goal posts in terms of what’s considered best practice.

But this is where a company like dapa comes in; having us in your corner helps your business keep abreast of the latest algorithm changes.

We find that this is doubly important for the finance industry, which is full of large scale companies and they can’t always change things quickly due to industry restrictions and legislation.

Why SEO is Important for the Financial Services Industry?

As we know, the financial services sector is very focused on technology; if you are part of a company that isn’t embracing change, it’s difficult to imagine you’ll be running with the pack for long.

Think of where you go to research; credit cards, interest rates, investment opportunities or even things like accountant’s services or mortgage brokers.

There’s only one place where this information is all collated – the internet.

Finance is just a fact of life and people always require advice and are looking to make their money work harder.Your customers are already there so it’s just a matter of tapping into them so they know who you are.

Marketing for finance is your best chance of reaching the masses and making a connection using the products or services you put in front of people.

The higher you are in the search engines the more likely you are to be found. The following images shows the average search traffic for the first ten positions on Google:


The difference between being first, second or third is massive. So, imagine your website is on page two or lower than that even – can your company afford to be missing out on valuable traffic?  If the answer is ‘no’, then we want to hear from you.

Do You Need dapa’s Help to Implement Your Marketing for Finance Campaign?

If you’re reading this and thinking, ‘dapa you’re saying exactly what I’m thinking’, then we want to hear your ideas and how you want to revolutionise your business for the better; after all, your success is our success.

We are specialists in marketing for finance companies and you could be an upcoming financial services company or an established insurance stalwart, it doesn’t matter to us, there’s a strategy to suit you.

We have an established reputation of success when it comes to SEO for financial companies, check out our case studies, here and here.

Results speak for themselves and most companies will tell you that rankings are the most important factor in SEO, but our philosophy is different.

Yes, rankings are important, but if you trust us with your online marketing for finance campaign then we will focus on conversions and traffic in order to generate revenue for your business.

No fluff. Just bottom line results.

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  1. This is an awesome post! I learned a lot about SEO and how to get my financial company to succeed with SEO and why SEO is important. I didn’t realize SEO was to a website what a personal trainer is to a person. That is really cool!

    That pie chart really laid everything out amazingly well and I learned a lot about the Google search results and how people use them.

  2. Your video is unavailable, a few reasons I can think of is:

    Develop customer profile
    Develop a brand
    Grow trust with customers

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