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SEO Traffic

Why choose SEO for your marketing needs?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the technical name given to any activity that is trying to improve a website’s search engine positions. Improving your positions is a sure-fire and proven method of increasing website traffic, enquiries and customers at extremely low acquisition prices.

SEO Ranking Improvements

Ranking Improvements

Targeting generic and long-tail terms across the whole industry.

CPA Increases


Improve the cost per acquisition consistently

Conversion Optimisation

Increased Conversion

Track and change the website & materials to increase conversions.

Interactive Website


Increase the time-on-site through deep content, blogs and news.

Diversify SEO Channels


Introduce new marketing channels to the mix to spread risk.

dapa helped us win awards.

We’ve worked with dapa for several years across lots of products, channels and industries. Several have become £m businesses off the back of their work. One was the fastest growing company in the region two years running.

D Fitzjohn - Finance Director


What is this Google jargon?

When you use Google (or other search engines) it shows you things that it thinks you will want to see. It bases this on what it considers relevant and authoritative. To make a website authoritative, at least in Googles eyes, you need to do certain things in certain ways. This is the art of SEO. Most agencies have their own views, ours is based on experience of what works.

seo optimisation
Link Building

Link Building

Links are the biggest factor in whether a website ranks or doesn’t. We progressively grew this each month.

Content Marketing Specialists

Content Marketing

Through the blog, PR and news releases we build a web of content that was shared around the internet.

SEO Outreach


Working with press outlets, bloggers and forums we create cross-platform relationships to grow our rankings.

Onsite SEO Specialists

Onsite Optimisation

The foundations of SEO are all on the website itself, ensuring all the basic, but important, elements are perfect.


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Custom (and remarkably effective) SEO strategies

We develop bespoke search strategies for large brands to small and medium sized enterprises across the UK. From startups to established businesses. Each strategy is based on what is needed by each client at the exact moment in time we find ourselves charged with helping.

SEO Dashboard

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Our SEO secrets (shhhh)

The key to appearing when a potential customer searches is to write fantastic, useful content that uses phrases people in your industry would search for. Combine this with incredible onsite foundations and you're on to a winner. We've got our own systems for monitoring these metrics.

Our SEO Tools

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London SEO Company Leading the Way

Specialist London SEO’ers.

Search Engine Optimisation is all we do, it’s what we’re amazing at, it’s all we specialise in and we don’t dilute it with anything else, so you won’t find a more dedicated London SEO company.

That makes our clients not-to-be messed with, we’re laser focused on achieving rankings and only that.

Recently a London SEO client told us to “target less productive keywords because we’re too busy” – Nick from Splash

Another client of ours became the 5th fastest growing company in the midlands and first in Northamptonshire after letting us take care of their lead generation, awarded by Grant Thornton on their top 200 lists – iSmart.

David Fitzjohn, Finance Director from iSmart had this to say about us – “dapa transformed my online lead generation & SEO to get us 5 times the amount of leads for the same budget.”

If we’re being honest, we find what we do fairly easy, but don’t tell anyone else that!

An example of that being you almost certainly found your way here by searching “London SEO” or similar.

We take our learning’s, all our experience of achieving results in small and huge markets around the world and implement them on our new campaigns.

Why are you targeting only 10% of your potential customers?

90% of all the new enquiries for business in London start with online research; you’re part of that percentage right now, looking for some help with search engine optimisation.

It’s exactly that process that your future customers will be taking, they’ll be doing research, looking for reviews, feedback, polling contacts or perhaps be in the buying cycle right at that moment.

For that reason, SEO has to be a big part of your online marketing mix, get yourself in front of potential customers.

30 years of combined London SEO experience help us take clients SEO to a level not seen by them before.

Nowadays traditional SEO methods like focusing on meta information, heading 1’s and keyword densities is almost irrelevant, a campaign has to be based on targeting more generic marketing strategies, getting in front of potential customers, through awareness and try to encourage action.

Potential customers search their problems, these are not always exactly the services you provide, and they use descriptive words, adjectives and ask questions through search.

Some of our current London SEO client’s use this approach, here’s some example keywords to achieve this exact process:

  • How can I claim PPI with Lloyds
  • Cheap amazing Stag weekend t-shirts
  • Can I get finance for buying a dentists
  • Can I dispute my granddads will

By answering these questions, you not only create trust, you bring in traffic from channels you were not doing before, build these up as a web and you’ll continue to add this trust, build links and more customers.

Not to mention it all helps you rank for the big traffic wins (PPI, T shirt printing, Dental Finance, Dispute a Will).

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"Literally changed my business forever" - Steve. B SEO Reveiws We will get back to you ( normally within 10-30 minutes )

So how much does this London SEO stuff cost?

Hundreds of businesses in London utilise our SEO services to rank better, get more traffic and convert more leads but there’s some who prefer to take elements of the campaign on themselves using internal team members.

We’re cool with that; in fact we encourage it because it helps us dovetail towards the same goals.

There’s loads of elements to a typical SEO campaign but here’s a breakdown of the London SEO services our clients often take on themselves and a layman’s terms synopsis of what you might need it for:


SEO will be much easier to do if you keep in mind one formula at all times and that is, great content=great SEO.

The keywords you want to rank for are also the keywords your users want to know more about.

It is important to create quality content for the keywords you are ranking for, so that you can engage your customers and funnel their thirst for knowledge into a possible conversion.

It wont be possible to create great content if you are trying to stuff it with keywords (makes your entire content appear incoherent and also increases your chance of being penalised), it should revolve around engaging potential visitors to your website.

Having an accessible search engine friendly website with great content is the foundation on which you should build your SEO campaign.

If you add proper link building and social sharing of your website to the list, you will be guaranteed of greater traffic, increased readership and more number of conversions for your business.

But, if the on page SEO of your website is not sound, it does not matter the quality of links you attract or how shared your website is on social media platforms because of the lack of visibility of your website on search engines, which will directly affect your overall conversion rate.

Keyword Targetting

I’m really not sure where to start, how do I get in front of my customers, what services are people looking for.

It is important to understand that you can never really be sure of what is going on in your customer’s heads.

You might know your business well and might be able to communicate it well, but does it translate to what your customers are looking for in the first place.

As a business offering a particular service or product, what you are offering is solutions. On the other hand what customers usually think about is problems.

This creates a gap of information and if your SEO strategy fails to bridge this gap, it will never deliver to its full potential.

You can only communicate to users that have found you in the first place, but what about those who could not find you or who did not consider your business as a final solution to their problems.

It would be safe to assume that the number of potential customers that cannot find you far outweigh the number who can find you.

If you do not know important phrases or words for your business, words that potential customers are entering into a search engine at this very moment, you cannot optimise the pages on your website for those words, which makes it impossible for your website to be visible to a large number of users.

Also, if you focus on the wrong set of keywords, you might be able to direct a lot of traffic to your website, but you are unlikely to get a lot of conversions out of that.

On the other hand if you do the due diligence before hand, you divert qualified traffic to your website, increasing the chances of a potential conversion.

Here’s why keyword research is a crucial aspect of any SEO strategy:

Keyword Research Gives You New Opportunities

Keyword research gives you a number of important terms about your business that potential customers are on the lookout for.

By targeting all these terms you can divert considerable traffic to your website, that too with no or very little competition.

Basically, by doing the right amount of keyword research you will be guaranteeing a significant return on investment for your marketing efforts.

How to do keyword research like a pro:

It Saves You Money

Keyword research does not just give you a list of terms to target, it also tells you the competition you are likely to face to rank for it and the amount of traffic you will direct towards your website.

This allows you to allocate resources for your London SEO strategy accordingly.

You can base your strategy to rank for terms that will give your site sufficient traffic, while at the same time you can ensure that you don’t have to face intense competition to rank for these terms.

It would give you better returns than say for example if you were competing with about 200,000 rival companies to rank for a particular keyword.

By doing the requisite research you can also ensure that you do not target negative keywords, which can hurt your website in the long run.

Onsite SEO

My business website just doesn’t show up in Google, what can I do?

Well you can take steps to ensure that you gain more visibility in it and on-site page is a good place to start.

On page SEO refers to a set of optimisation techniques that are directed towards each page on your website so as to increase its visibility on search engines (especially Google!).

On-page SEO practices ensure that the pages on your website and its content is streamlined for search engines and visitors.

More importantly, it ensures that your pages are compliant with Google’s best practices.

Simply put, it can be the single most important factor that determines where your pages are ranked on a search engine results page.

Here are some of the important aspects of on-page SEO.

Website Accessibility

Website accessibility in essence means just what it says, it is about making your site more accessible to search engine bots as well as users, so that they can easily navigate, interact and understand your website.

Having an easily accessible website is not just important from the perceptive of creating a great user experience, it is also important for search engines.

london seo companyYou will definitely benefit from bonus ranking points if you have a website that is easy to navigate for search engine bots. On the other hand if you make it hard for search engines to crawl and index your pages, your rankings will suffer accordingly.

Steps involved in improving website accessibility are traditional considered as more technical aspects of SEO and they include some of the following:

  • 301 redirects
  • Canonicalisation of links
  • Removing dead pages or links
  • Page response codes

Website accessibility also involves techniques that make the content on your site more easy to find and understand, such as

  • Page titles
  • Descriptions
  • URLs
  • Meta’s
  • Internal Anchor Text


Outreach – I’m looking to expand the awareness of my brand/services and don’t know where to start.

Building a stronger brand identity for your business will help you gain greater visibility and in SEO you have the perfect avenue to achieve both.

Moreover, every business needs to be a relevant brand online as search engine algorithms are now rewarding websites for their E-A-T (Expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness) of their online brand.

Thankfully most of the traditional white hat SEO practice revolves around establishing your business as an authority figure in its operating niche, thereby strengthening the overall value of your brand.  Here are some ways you can do this:

Locate Your Business’s Niche And Excel In It

The best way to establish your expertise and authority as a brand is by displaying your topical expertise and here’s why:

  • Proving your expertise in a very specific niche of your business can give your brand a great USP (unique selling point).
  • Once you are able to establish yourself as an authority figure in a particular niche of your business, it becomes much easier to delve into other more competitive aspects of your industry.
  • Search engines favours brands, so by establishing yourself as one you can ensure that all your new content gets indexed early and ranked highly on search engine result pages.

You can strengthen your brand by making sure that you provide high quality content, whether it is through information or by offering a great product or service on your website.

If you want to establish yourself as a brand, make sure that you assess categories where you are most likely to gain traction in terms of link building, social sharing and the overall conversion rate of your website beforehand.

Focus your content strategy on the niche wherein you feel that your brand has a genuine chance of competing and will have a greater chance to control the market in the future.

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"Literally changed my business forever" - Steve. B SEO Reveiws We will get back to you ( normally within 10-30 minutes )

Building Your Brand Through Link Building

It is important to focus your link building campaign on trying to attract the right kind of links for your website and for the niche in which your business operates.

When you build links with a website, you create a relationship with it and the right relationship can make all the different in terms of your branding and ranking efforts.

seo company london
In the past (before Google’s algorithm updates) link builders considered it to be more worthwhile to have a number of links to their site from a number of different sources.

To be honest, Google is a link based search engine and such a strategy actually worked before. But these days they are considered as spamming and can hurt your website’s long-term ranking and branding prospects.

We believe that is better to have a fewer links, if the links that are being attracted are highly trusted and come from sites that have high online domain authority.

Just think of it, what would ultimately help your site more in search engines, a number of links from low quality even spammy websites or a single link from Wikipedia or the BBC?

By linking to a highly trusted website, your build the value of your brand while also inserting yourself in an exclusive list of sites that are trusted by search engines.

And while we are on the topic…..

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation refers to the use of optimisation techniques that are directed towards increasing the percentage of visitors to a website that convert into customers.  It is also known as CRO.

CRO increases the traffic of visitors who are more likely to buy a product or service from your website which makes it an invaluable part of your online marketing strategy.

The biggest advantage of using CRO is that you make use of resources already at your disposal through the optimisation of your website.

Here’s why CRO is very important:

High Return On Investment

CRO is a highly efficient process that will give you your highest return on investment.

Studies have shown that only 64% of companies observe improvements in their conversion rates by not employing a structured approach whereas 84% of companies benefit from employing a more structured approach.

Many companies equate more traffic to more sales, while this is true it can also be considered as an inefficient method to earn more conversions.

For example, if your site has a conversion rate of 2%, you will need to get 50 more unique visitors to get another sale.

You can probably pay to divert more traffic towards your website and while that may get you more conversions, it still does not address the core issue at hand, which is 98% of visitors to your website are not converting.

So, in essence by paying for more traffic you are largely paying for the 98% who are not going to convert anyway.

By focusing on a more conversion-oriented approach, you are paying the same amount, but for a greater conversion rate, which reduces your cost per acquisition.

This is also classified as profit which you can divert back to other marketing strategies for your website.

Assists You To Retain Your Customers

SEO is not just about acquiring more customers, it is also about retaining them. The fact is it will cost you 4-6 times more to attract new customers than it will be to retain existing ones.

The average conversion rate for e-commerce websites in the UK stands between 2.6% and 4%, which means that almost 96% of users on your website are unlikely to convert.

Cost of PPC ads is likely to increase from 5%-12%, because of greater competition.

Also, more than $71 billion was spent on PPC ads in 2016, which if we assume has a 3% conversion rate and that the cost of each click is about a pound, it means that you need to spend £33 to get one sale through PPC ads.

SEO is another way you can increase traffic to your website and thus your conversion rate.

But again you are at the mercy of a wildly powerful third party (Google) who can throw a big spanner in your works by introducing a new algorithm approach

CRO gives you more long term results than PPC ads or even SEO in some scenarios as it is not dependent on a third party. CRO focuses on enriching the user experience of your website and by doing so increases the chances of a user returning to your website.

Link building

We have discussed the importance of link building from the perspective of building a brand, but how important is it to the overall SEO of your website?

In a word ‘very’, in fact link building is perhaps one of the most important aspects of your website’s overall SEO strategy and here’s why:

Building Relationships

Often your link building efforts will cause you to reach out to relevant sites and blogs in your industry.

This would mostly focus on some form of promotion for something that you have recently created for example, a new piece of content or maybe an informative infographic.

The primary objective behind this type of outreach is to gain a link, but in doing so you stand to gain much more in the long term.

Reaching out to other websites can help build relationships with heavyweights in your niche and by being associated with them, your business gains trust and authority.

Diverting Referral Traffic To Your Website

A good link from a highly trusted site can also lead to a considerable increase in the traffic to your website.

If you are receiving a link from a relevant website, the traffic you receive will also be useful, which can lead to an increase in your conversion rate.

“I’m cool with SEO but have no time for link building, can I give this to you.”

Yes, you can.

At DAPA we believe in using link building techniques that are organic, techniques that will provide value for a website in the long term.

We do not think that there are any SEO benefits to be gained through the implementation of spammy link building techniques and hence are strongly against the use of it.

We strongly believe in the importance of link building in not just determining whether your website ranks positively, but also if it is affected in a negative manner.
If you link to high authority websites, you place yourself in a ‘good neighbourhood’, which ensures that you are ranked highly on a search engine results page.

On the other hand a link from a spammy source can place you in a ‘bad neighbourhood’, increasing the likelihood of your website incurring a penalty from Google.

By creating high value content for your website we ensure that the links you attract are high quality and organic, which not only gives your website greater visibility, but also greater traffic and conversions.

If you want to rank high on a search engine results page naturally, you need to attract a number of high quality links to your website and you can achieve that with our expertise on board.

Our focus is to always attract high quality links, the kind Google cannot ignore even if it wants to.

This helps us to ensure that your website will be rewarded over the long term in search engines.

By focusing on high quality inbound links and great content, we can deliver great SEO value to your website.

Penalty Removal

I’ve been doing some dodgy SEO stuff and now I’ve been penalised, can you get me out the mess.

If your London SEO techniques are on Google’s radar and as a result has been awarded with a penalty, you are likely to experience a drop in traffic, revenue and of course Google rankings.

Poor SEO techniques can certainly be blamed for this.

While getting penalised can prove to be overwhelming, you can use it to your advantage.

This is because getting penalised will make you understand where you lacked in your SEO techniques.

You can follow the process in righting your SEO techniques and get the penalty removed and recover some or all of your traffic and rankings.

Employ the steps explained below to get your penalty removed immediately and get your hands on the rankings that you deserve:

Differentiating Between An Algorithmic Penalty And Manual Action

Before you try to understand the reason causing the drop in rankings and traffic to your site, it is essential to firstly comprehend the difference between the two chief types of penalties – manual actions and algorithmic penalties.

The sites that are found to be breaking and disregarding Google’s Quality Guidelines are awarded with manual action penalties.

These actions are awarded manually by human reviewers, and in cases like these, Google will clearly let you know that you have been awarded a manual action.

On the other hand, algorithmic penalties are not considered as “true penalties”.

This is mainly because these penalties reflect a drop in rankings that are a result of any alterations in Google’s algorithms, usually Penguin or Panda.

Determining What Type Of Penalty You Have Been Awarded With

It is important to understand the difference between the two essential types of penalties.

Another important factor is to determine which type of penalty is the root cause of your problems. Luckily, this involves the application of very simple steps.

The first step is to consult your Google Search Console, which was formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools.

If you have been awarded with a manual action, this will be evident immediately in both your messages as well as in the section for manual actions of your console.

This can be found at Search Traffic –> Manual Actions.

If there is no message regarding any indication of manual action, plus your Annual Actions Report is clear, you can be sure that the drop in traffic is a result of an algorithmic penalty.

However, you will need to determine the exact algorithmic change that prompted the loss of your rankings.

In order to do this, visit Moz’s Google Algorithm Change History. This is an all-inclusive list of all of Google’s algorithm updates.

Cross check this list with the dates you noticed a drop in your website traffic to establish which algorithm change set off the penalty.

Let us do your London SEO and go to Vegas every month on us!

Now is the time to be honest, we’re actually not in London at all, we’re not far away though in sunny Northamptonshire, only half hour on the train.

We’ve created this page dedicated to London SEO in order to show you guys how great we are at this SEO thing that we claim to be good at. It’s the same process your potential clients are doing right now; it’s the process we’ll do for you.

We hope a little white lie is excusable, without it we wouldn’t have gotten you to this page, we’re sorry!

Because we’re not actually in London and thanks to the unique way we’re set up our prices are a fraction of the typical London SEO agencies, you can thank city-prices, a premium thanks to be located in London and the sheer number of competitors in the region.

An example being our average SEO client in London spends about £1200 per month with us on search engine optimisation, our client-retention rate is 98%.

Other London SEO agencies have average prices of closer to £4100 per month for the same services; you can look to huge overheads, inflated competition premiums for just being in London for that.

With £2900 a month saved, have a great weekend in Vegas on us.

SEO Cost per acquisition = stuff dreams are made of.

SEO has always been the most effective marketing channel around; the cost per acquisition competes and beats every channel you can think of.

A client of ours focuses on four key marketing channels, here’s what it costs them per customer by-channel:

  • Pay per click – £21.45
  • Email marketing – £14.80
  • Press advertising – £78.50
  • SEO – £2.76

That’s real time data as of September 2015.

If you’re that company and you’re now saving £2900 a month, that could buy you an extra 12,608 customers per year, wow.

London SEO works while you’re sleeping, it works without being checked or topped up every minute and it won’t disappear overnight, it can be relied upon and the best route to market in any industry.

SEO isn’t SEO anymore

All online marketing channels, SEO included, are no longer as clear-cut as they used to be, they’ve changed to be almost unrecognisable over the last decade.

In 2005, if you’d come to us asking to rank for “London SEO” we’d have billed you a few hundred pounds per month, built a few links and stuffed those title tags and headings with keywords and sat back to wait to be number 1 on Google.

Unfortunately Google soon clocked on and has been changing the goal posts considerably to make it a lot more difficult for us. I know, we could have been rich!

It’s gone even further than that now; Google’s algorithm is so clever that London SEO doesn’t really exist in the typical sense any more.

Things like social media, blogging, affiliate marketing, PR, content marketing, video, design and development along with user metrics like conversion optimisation, heat-mapping and time on pages are now as important as the old technique’s used to be.

Together all these non-SEO elements combine to create what we all call, you guessed it SEO.

#1 SEO consultants in London

The majority of our work in the fancy world of London SEO is in the traditional sense, a monthly retainer that goes alongside a tangible goal, but we do have a team of consultants that work with external company’s, usually bigger organisations with internal teams.

This usually involves us creating in-depth strategies based on the client’s goals, strengths and weaknesses, together we then set a plan of action for them to execute.

Alongside that we offer training in the different parts of the strategy if needed.

If you’re specifically looking for us to facilitate internal SEO growth and training, give us a call for a live consultation.

Leading the way with London SEO

Experienced – After 30 years in this London SEO agency game we’d like to think we’re pretty good, you found us via Google right? In the most competitive location in the country? That has to be a good start.

Expertise – All we do is SEO, literally nothing else, we only concentrate on things that effect SEO, we’re not interested in doing anything else because it isn’t our speciality, and we’ll stick to what we’re amazing at.

Innovative – Creativeness and innovation is a daily occurrence in our outreach team, you have to be at the forefront of web to capitalise on it.

Results focused – All of our clients have a tailored plan to achieve the goals that we jointly set at the beginning of the campaign.

Proven track record – Our clients speak for us, our marketing proves what we do, let us show you the same.

Outstanding support – Our whole team are contactable direct, they’re all at hand to answer any questions you have, we don’t believe it gate-keepers.

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"Literally changed my business forever" - Steve. B SEO Reveiws We will get back to you ( normally within 10-30 minutes )

"Finally an SEO company worth its salt!" - Karen James SEO Testimonial
"Literally changed my business forever" - Steve. B SEO Testimonial
"Your team grew my rankings, traffic and subscribers! Cheers all." - D Rowlands SEO Testimonial
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