Why choose SEO for your marketing needs?

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SEO Traffic

Why choose SEO for your marketing needs?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the technical name given to any activity that is trying to improve a website’s search engine positions. Improving your positions is a sure-fire and proven method of increasing website traffic, enquiries and customers at extremely low acquisition prices.

SEO Ranking Improvements

Ranking Improvements

Targeting generic and long-tail terms across the whole industry.

CPA Increases


Improve the cost per acquisition consistently

Conversion Optimisation

Increased Conversion

Track and change the website & materials to increase conversions.

Interactive Website


Increase the time-on-site through deep content, blogs and news.

Diversify SEO Channels


Introduce new marketing channels to the mix to spread risk.

dapa helped us win awards.

We’ve worked with dapa for several years across lots of products, channels and industries. Several have become £m businesses off the back of their work. One was the fastest growing company in the region two years running.

D Fitzjohn - Finance Director


What is this Google jargon?

When you use Google (or other search engines) it shows you things that it thinks you will want to see. It bases this on what it considers relevant and authoritative. To make a website authoritative, at least in Googles eyes, you need to do certain things in certain ways. This is the art of SEO. Most agencies have their own views, ours is based on experience of what works.

seo optimisation
Link Building

Link Building

Links are the biggest factor in whether a website ranks or doesn’t. We progressively grew this each month.

Content Marketing Specialists

Content Marketing

Through the blog, PR and news releases we build a web of content that was shared around the internet.

SEO Outreach


Working with press outlets, bloggers and forums we create cross-platform relationships to grow our rankings.

Onsite SEO Specialists

Onsite Optimisation

The foundations of SEO are all on the website itself, ensuring all the basic, but important, elements are perfect.


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Custom (and remarkably effective) SEO strategies

We develop bespoke search strategies for large brands to small and medium sized enterprises across the UK. From startups to established businesses. Each strategy is based on what is needed by each client at the exact moment in time we find ourselves charged with helping.

SEO Dashboard

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Our SEO secrets (shhhh)

The key to appearing when a potential customer searches is to write fantastic, useful content that uses phrases people in your industry would search for. Combine this with incredible onsite foundations and you're on to a winner. We've got our own systems for monitoring these metrics.

Our SEO Tools

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Peterborough SEO

Peterborough SEO that Delivers Every Time

Welcome to dapa, ladies and gents.

Welcome aboard the dapa train! We’re here to help you and your Peterborough business with SEO.

We’re not interested in performing poor services for a quick buck, we’d rather take our time and deliver the highest possible level of service.

We’re interested in creating trusting relationships with our clients based on communication, we believe these fundamental ingredients are vital for the success of your Peterborough SEO campaign.

So How Can We Help Your Peterborough SEO Campaign?

At dapa we’re all about the bottom line, target based results. If you’re not receiving more enquiries and converting those leads, then what’s the point of the extra investment in SEO? We aren’t happy unless we’re creating business for you in Peterborough.

You’ve gone this far, so why not take another step and read a little more?

Plenty of Traffic in, Peterborough but no Results?

You might well be getting plenty of traffic to your Peterborough businesses website, but this is only step one of the process, the next steps involve turning that traffic into more business from said Peterborough SEO.

Conversion optimisation, tracking and user experience is a large part of what we do, so fear not we’re here to help and we’re here to help you achieve the most from your Peterborough SEO campaigns and ultimately help you make more cash!

Normally the problem is rooted in the quality of the Peterborough traffic visiting your site, and not your sales and conversion channels, however if you give us a bell, we can diagnose that!

How Do Our  Peterborough SEO Campaigns Differ?

We’re not anti-social, and we like to make friends in Peterborough and anywhere in the UK really. You won’t have to chase us for reports and the like, we will remain in weekly communication with you and delivery on everything we’ve promised, to ensure your Peterborough SEO campaign remains on track.

So what are you waiting for!? Call the dapa phone: 0800 634 3007. We’re always ready! Well, within office hours.

"Finally an SEO company worth its salt!" - Karen James SEO Testimonial
"Literally changed my business forever" - Steve. B SEO Testimonial
"Your team grew my rankings, traffic and subscribers! Cheers all." - D Rowlands SEO Testimonial
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