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    White Label SEO

    White Label SEO

    Firstly, “white hat” refers to the utilisation of SEO techniques that are directed towards the users of a website and not just search engine algorithms. On the other hand, white label SEO is another concept entirely.

    White label SEO at dapa

    What is white label SEO and is it any different from white hat SEO?

    White Label SEO

    An arrangement where two companies partner together for the sales and delivery of SEO services and share in the profits from the sale.

    According to Lisa Daniels:

    A white-label SEO company is one which provides SEO for agencies/businesses and individuals, without branding the reports. Therefore, the buyer can brand the report and sell it to their client, or if it’s a business/individual, they receive their SEO at lower (white-label) costs.

    Essentially, white label SEO is a form of SEO where you partner with an external company like us. We’ll handle the delivery of SEO services to your clients. And that’s where the name stems from. We’re giving you a ‘white label’ (no logo/brand, but only the data concerning the particular job) report.

    Our white label SEO service at dapa

    As a diverse, ever-evolving SEO specialist company, one of the areas we cover is white label SEO. With our close relationships with our clients, it isn’t just about the profits for us. We’ll work hard and together with you in delivering this service.

    Currently, we’re aiming to work with businesses mainly in the financial and legal sector. And the likelihood is that the marketing manager or SEO handler of your company will have a light grasp of white label SEO. And so our job becomes focusing on that niche. Narrowing down that understanding and simultaneously deepening it.

    Because we’re looking at working with businesses and agencies in the sectors, mentioned above, it’d be ideal if your business had these listed qualities:

    • A sound understanding of how SEO works.
    • The ability to sell it without over-promising.
    • The resources to deal with the additional queries you will get as part of the campaign.
    • A commitment to either give us website access or to implement our suggestions free of charge to the end client.
    • Or the want to let us go direct with the client and pay you a monthly commission.
    • Your own reporting functions.
    • A commitment to not charge the end client more than 20% above our price to you.
    • A minimum of 30 days terms with your client, preferably 90+.

    Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it?

    It isn’t so much about the super-long list of requirements at all. In setting these goals, hopefully they will not only benefit us from our partnership. Ultimately, it’ll benefit you. Being SEO specialists means we have curated that trust from prospective clients. So, in our partnership, with our combined expertise and perspective, we can deliver.

    white label seo

    Ever wondered why companies like Amazon constantly have customers coming back to them? The majority of them trial Amazon Prime, and never leave. That’s because they provide a reliable service. Their reputation means people will trust them for X, Y or Z. And that’s what we aim to do with our white label SEO service.

    Our goal is to deliver SEO that works. And we are dedicated to our clients. We don’t want to see campaigns that fail. We want to make sure that our work–works for the client, too.

    Am I a good fit for dapa’s white label service?

    Yes, we talked about the ideal ‘requirements’ above for a partnership with us. Think about it as an exchange. We’ll be offering our SEO expertise, which we’ve curated for over a decade, for what your business can offer us in return. And that’s what we’ve listed above.

    Potentially, you could be thinking: “but dapa, I fit the criteria! What next?”

    Indeed, if you or your company work with clients who are looking to increase their online presence, that’s ideal. In fact, it’s SEO that could be ideal. But seeing as us lot at dapa are living and breathing SEO, you’ve hit the jackpot.

    Over the years, we’ve worked with many different partners. This ranges from small start-ups to nationwide agencies. Our history is sprinkled with partners such as:

    • Brand agencies
    • Hosting or web development companies
    • Offline marketing agencies
    • 3D or graphic design companies
    • Photographers

    So you can see we’ve really spread our wings in terms of clients. But we’ve spent years building and now priding ourselves on the excellence of our services. Why? Because we’ve narrowed down our specialty. We have a niche, and we own it. Instead of claiming to be a content marketing company with twenty different services and performing at 60% effectiveness across the board, we can make one claim.

    We’re really darn good at SEO.

    How does that translate to you? As above, we’re hoping to work with more companies in the financial and legal sectors. By narrowing our expertise further, instead of taking on clients from every landscape possible, we’re learning and growing in these specific areas.

    And to be honest, if you were a legal firm looking to partner with an SEO company, would a firm that spreads their time across car-wash businesses, clothing businesses, and custom kitchen businesses seem reputable for you? Or would a firm that has established, with integrity, that they’ll be focusing on the legal and financial side of the business world be the better option?


     Why is white label SEO on the rise?

    You might have made a lot of trips to your neighbourhood supermarket. And, during one of those trips, you might’ve noticed that quite a number of their products in-store come branded with the store’s label. Say, you’ve got a pack of salmon with the Asda logo on the packet.

    Then, what if we told you that not all the products are actually produced there?

    That fancy Alaskan salmon certainly doesn’t come from anywhere within their Northampton store. Granted, the clue might be in the name! But what they’ve done is outsource their product. Yet they’re having their logo printed on the finished product, meaning the products that come with the Asda logo branded on it are actually ‘white label’ goods.

    If we’re running with the supermarket salmon analogy, some could’ve been manufactured and shipped without Asda’s brand name on it. This is so the individual store-owners (e.g. smaller supermarkets/non-chain supermarkets) can put their own brand on the packet.

    However, not all businesses can afford to do this, or possess the tools to do so.

    Business-wise, some businesses such as smaller ones, or startup organisations, might face the same hurdle. (Not the salmon hurdle). These smaller businesses or startups might have inadequate tools to label their services their own. Maybe they can’t afford it; maybe they just don’t have the expertise. And that’s where the purchase and use of white label SEO services come in.

    Why exactly is using a white label SEO service advantageous?

    By purchasing and using white label SEO services, your company’s getting a bunch of goods in return. Expertise; financial advantage; a consultancy-type relationship if you have any questions.


    dapa and expertise

    Let’s start with the expertise side of things. As we’ve iterated before, say you partnered with us at dapa, you’re partnering with SEO experts. And we’re not just SEO Autobots blankly tapping away. From our ethos page, here’s what we aim for–and always will aim for:

    “It’s our passion, it drives us and it’s the only thing we help our clients with.”

    You could be producing the Next Big Thing that’ll make Bill Gates cower in fear. But without the right promotion, outreach, link-building–all of these factors associated with SEO–how will your voice be heard? Or rather, how will your product be seen? We’re here because we know how to optimise your site to the right audiences. SEO may just be three letters. But the incomparable importance of it, they may be the biggest three letters of the next few years!

    This handicap can be overcome by the purchase and use of white label SEO services and tools, which assists companies in making use of SEO services they were lacking, while still keeping the whole operation in-house.


    dapa and the financial side

    Another advantage belongs to the financial side. If you think about it, you’re essentially re-selling SEO services or tools without actually spending the time or manpower in developing the products yourself. And all of this comes from outsourcing critical SEO functions by using white label SEO tools.

    For example, if you hire an in-house SEO team, that can be very expensive. You’ll have wages to cover on an annual basis. You will have to hire a space you can use as an office (if the basement’s out of the question). So, instead of being hindered by this, you can use a white label service. This is especially advantageous if you’re a small business or a startup.

    Paying your employees and training them in researching their target audience and performing website analytics takes time. If you’re starting up, it’ll be rinsing you of your money. So that’s why it’s good to get a jump ahead and hire a white label service.

    You might be on the lookout for an inventory of quality software & related services

    White label SEO tools can be ideally suited to help you perform the following tasks:


    Keyword research

    Keyword research is absolutely vital in terms of keyword analysis and keyword generation. There are tools available that will help you, such as Google Keyword Planner. However, another way of researching relevant keywords is getting stuck in. Look on forums, blogs or social media sites like Reddit, and see what users are talking about.

    It sounds simple, but it’s endlessly useful. One of the main issues about keyword research is that we’re coming up with keywords we think our ideal users will be typing in. By seeing what others are doing, and saying, you gain a different perspective. Perhaps your target user isn’t searching for “SEO in Northampton” as you’d thought. Maybe they are searching for “Northamptonshire based websites for SEO“.

    Some tools will help you determine:

    • How much traffic a particular keyword will direct towards your website
    • How much competition you face for PPC for that keyword
    • The cost of that keyword per click
    • The difficulties you are likely to face when trying to rank for that keyword.

    PPC (Pay Per Click)

    Advertisers pay a fee, to you, each time one of their ads is clicked.

    WHITE LABEL SEO services

    Backlinking services

    These are arguably going to be the most important and at the same time the biggest set of services and tools you will find. We all know how important backlinks are to a site’s reputation, visibility and SEO. Here are some types you are most likely to encounter:

    #1: Local link services

    These link services are commonly associated with building specific links that are also known as ‘citations’. Citations are important in that Google uses them when deciding on which order to rank businesses in their local search results. Logically, a business that’s mentioned a lot online deserves a higher ranking than one that’s barely mentioned.

    #2: Guest posting

    Some high-level white label tools will search for and locate niche sites to help you publish your content in return for a backlink. Depending on the type of backlink you receive, it can act as a significant rank booster for your website. It’s beneficial for the website, which’ll get high quality content. And for you, the higher quality the content, the more trustworthy and reputable you’ll be. That’s not even mentioning the fact that you’d be getting a backlink from some potentially big sites!

    #3: Tiered link building services

    Tiered link building consists of ‘tiers’ of inbound links. Ultimately, these links will to your main site–the site you want to rank. This is effective if you’re building this ‘pyramid’ up with guest post backlinks, or if your content is of good quality and it’s gaining traction. Be it on social media, or via other niche sites in your industry. Think of it like a pyramid:

    white label seo - tiered link building

    “Google Places API Web Service”

    Having a good Google Places listing is a great technique to place your company as a leader in your business niche, locally.

    Some industries will cater and rely on this more than others. Restaurants will be a good example–have you ever searched for ‘restaurants near me’ and seen the results automatically crop up?

    However, every business can benefit from connecting with local businesses and customers. Although you may have a lot of competition, you have a much better chance of listing locally  and therefore connecting with relevant users near you, than you would if you focused on trying to rank nationally.

    You can get started by submitting your business to Google here. Fill out the information. Take high quality photos. Engage with reviews submitted by users. Make your business as user-friendly and responsive as possible. In other words: sell yourself!


    Yelp business data tools…and many other tools

    Yelp offers local businesses with a variety of ways to advertise and promote their website online. These tools will assist you in managing and automating all your Yelp campaigns whether they are paid campaigns or not. Getting featured on a massive directory like Yelp can only be beneficial. Often, they even feature or highlight certain businesses. For example, on the homepage, it’s highlighted “Find the Best Businesses in Town”.

    In terms of other white label SEO services, they also offer many simple functions, such as:

    • Website visitor traffic counters
    • Monitoring tools
    • Stats for YouTube videos
    • Spellcheckers

    White label SEO offers businesses with pretty much all the tools they require to make a website more professional, streamlined, empowering it to obtain higher SERP rankings and thus driving more traffic to a website.

    What can you expect as part of your white label SEO package from dapa?

    Here are some common white label SEO services you can expect from us:


    SEO audit reports

    We’ll perform a PPC audit or SEO audit of any website. At the end of the audit you will be told what your client’s website is excelling at, and what it needs to do to improve further. We’d also generate a report that you can provide to your client.

    So, you can use it either to convince your clients about the packages you offer to remedy the problems their website is encountering. This is with the mindset that you can deliver the best results or to close a sale.


    Client dashboards

    This tool enables you to provide your client with a unique login where they can monitor the progress, if any, of their SEO campaign through verifiable statistics. You usually occupy this login, so that you can keep the entire operation white labeled and in-house.

    Once your client logs into this dashboard, they will be able to access a host of statistics and analytics about their existing or previous SEO campaigns. What they see on their dashboard depends on what you want them to see. Furthermore, it is possible to customise what your clients see in their dashboard. Common stats that your clients can see include:

    • Leads generated
    • Total unique visitors
    • Links acquired
    • Search engine rankings

    Keyword for tracking reports

    This is perhaps the most important and indispensable white label tool you need to have in your arsenal.

    This tool will show the most recent rankings for a chosen number of keywords to your client. Obviously, you’ll have to ensure that these reports are being branded with your company’s logo before you hand it over to a client.

    In an ideal scenario, the keyword reports are generated whenever needed, and delivered to clients through emails on a pre-determined schedule. Automated email delivery of these reports will assist you in keeping your client well informed. Therefore it’ll reduce the need to stay in close contact all the time.

    Comprehensive range of complimentary services

    While you cannot call the following services ‘tools’ per se, they should definitely be considered as important parts of the overall package we offer.


    Content creation and marketing

    white label seoYou should be able to order any kind of content you require for example: blog posts, guest posts, press releases etc. from your client’s dashboard directly. The content we provide is written by experienced writers. So, you can be assured of the fact that all the content we provide is well researched, unique, and specific to your needs.

    Website creation

    This involves everything from complete web design to web development to creation of mini sites for the purposes of lead generation. This can save you a lot of time. And our experience in this area can also prevent you from having to encounter frequent CSS and html heartache.


    On-page SEO reports

    On-page SEO reports provide complete keyword research for a page, along with descriptions and optimised page titles. It also includes optimisation recommendations to assist you in improving the ranking ability of a page.


    Keyword research

    Keyword research is the building block of nearly everything that SEO professionals do. It is essential to find keywords with great traffic and a moderate or acceptable level of competition. And this can sometimes take a fair bit of time. Going through us can save you that time!


    Link building

    Link building is arguably one of the most important part of your SEO campaign. Therefore, we will provide you with a set of tools that will assist you with the following (as mentioned above):

    • Local Link Services
    • Guest Posting Services
    • Tiered Link Building Services

    What can dapa do for you?

    Along with being the premier white label SEO provider in the area, you can count on dapa to handle each and every aspect of your SEO campaign. That’s from the design of your website, to creating a SEO strategy that works for your business. Finally, that also includes ensuring the success of that campaign.

    We want to work with you. So, whatever your needs, we’ll stick by our ethos. At dapa, we go above and beyond for our client. And we’ll do our best to deliver the best white label service for your client.

    We are proud to house one of the most talented SEO teams in the region which includes:

    • SEO specialists
    • Project managers
    • A content team of experienced writers to handle our content strategies

    white label seo specialistsWe have over 30 years of experience in the field of SEO and have worked in some of the most competitive SEO markets in the UK such as travel, insurance, finance and the law.

    We stand out from the competition

    Devising creative and innovative SEO strategies is just one of the reasons why we have managed to stay at the top of our game. And it is something that differentiates us from our competition.

    When you choose dapa, you are not only getting assistance from the best SEO team in the area. You can also be assured of our constant support.

    We do not guarantee a magical fix to all your problems. And we’d strongly advise against firms who promise the world like that. But we can assure you that in time, we can achieve all the long-term SEO targets of your business.

    We are utterly transparent and honest to all our clients, and are always at hand to fill you in or answer any queries you might have with regards to the progress of your campaign.

    If you need help with your SEO strategy, contact us at dapa Marketing on 0800 634 3007. Alternatively, drop us an email to find out more about our services.

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