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    "Literally changed my business forever" - Steve. BSEO Testimonial

    Social Media Management

    Social Media Management at dapa

    The importance of social media management has become more potent than ever.

    Social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate when compared to outbound marketing.

    Recent studies show that around 84% of B2B marketers use social media in some form or other to reach their potential clients and customers.

    It does not really matter what you sell or who you are selling it to, using social media as the core marketing tool can do wonders for the growth of your brand not to mention the hefty revenue that you would be earning in return due to the increased exposure.

    social media northampton managementAt this point and age, having an inactive and somewhat dead social media presence is kind of like cutting off oxygen for your business which goes without saying that it is bad for your brand.

    These dead and inactive social accounts need to be revived and administered so that it lubricates your online presence just fine and keep the target audience coming to your page. In no time you will see the conversion rate scale ascending and you will be back with a bang!

    So you need someone who will carry out social media management for your business. This is where dapa Marketing comes into the picture.

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    Introducing dapa

    Along with specialising in the usual SEO techniques (which we like to keep a secret) the professionals at dapa Marketing are also top guns when it comes to social media management.

    We are an acclaimed social media agency who will manage your Facebook, Instagram and twitter accounts efficiently and give you and your business a favourable online presence.

    Here, the team consists of SEO specialists, project managers, a content team, and this makes us one of the best social media companies in the area.

    Our team will ensure that your website is not only brilliant for conversion purposes, but is also optimised for great SEO.

    This means that your website will be more than just a pretty face; it will also include all the right tactics for high rankings.

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      "Literally changed my business forever" - Steve. B SEO Reveiws We will get back to you ( normally within 10-30 minutes )

      The importance of social media for web traffic

      At dapa marketing, we understand the importance of social media marketing for your business. Some of the major importances are mentioned below:

      • Drive targeted traffic using social media posts

      Introducing a brand new page on your site is like uploading a fresh image on Instagram. You want the world to see it and hit likes, but you do not want to come across as ‘too needy’.

      Upload selfies from your workplace and give an insight on how your work environment is like to potential customers and clients to add an element of attraction regarding your business.

      Sell yourself online ad drive the targeted traffic using your social media posts.

      At dapa, we will capitalise on the number of visitors and expand the horizon for your conversion rates.

      • Business social media will boost your site’s SEO

      Search engine crawlers keep a tab on the pages that constantly acquire traffic and also the pages which just “exist” ignored and forgotten.

      dapa Marketing will assist you in designing a killer content strategy for SEO which is the most essential aspect of earning the top spot in search engine rankings.

      To be the “Flash” of search engine results pages (SERPs), driving traffic to your optimised pages is very important and this is what dapa specialises in.

      • Social media presence will contribute towards relationship building

      The cool element of marketing on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram is the interaction that you can have with your customer and client base.

      You can read what their tweeting about and check out their status updates to get an idea about their everyday lives.

      To some extent this can, assist you in making adjustments in your marketing strategy.

      You can keep a record of the products that your customers buy and the reasons why they are purchasing a particular product.

      Find out about the kind of posts that they love to share and from what websites.

      With a social media agency like dapa, we will assist your business in establishing connect with complementary, non-competing businesses and tastemakers in your space. Sometimes, a simple re-tweet can blossom into a fully fledged online friendship.

      • Social media makes users more receptive to your messages

      Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are viewed by people as social networks and not marketing machines.

      This makes them more receptive to see your post and not consider it is as an advertisement. There is no client or customer relationship per se, but friends and followers who share what you have posted.

      • Target and retarget with Social media ads

      At dapa, we recognise the vitality of social media because of its highly customisable characteristic of social media ads.

      For instance, Facebook advertising allows you to target users by their location, qualification, industry, purchase history and of course the pages that they have liked.

      Additionally, installing Facebook pixel on your site to retarget the users who have already visited your page is highly feasible.

      This is because, these people are far more likely to add on to your conversion rates and transform into solid leads and sales.

      Social media platforms and their management by dapa marketing

      Facebook for Business

      Here at dapa, our dedicated team will undertake Facebook social media management of your business and administer all ad accounts, pages, apps and permissions linked with it. There are various benefits attached to it some of which are mentioned below:

      • Easy accessibility

      dapa will oversee integration of all your Facebook advertising campaigns and its management to simplify and aid your marketing efforts. We will see that all your pages, ad accounts and apps are directly linked to your brand thereby giving you easy accessibility of all the attached aspects of Facebook marketing.

      • Increased control

      The ultimate control of all the aspects of your business on Facebook will lie with you. You get to decide the ad accounts that are to be added or deleted to your company. dapa will assist you in granting and revoking permission to employees and external partners for your ad accounts, pages and apps.

      • Simplified workflows

      Facebook social media management by dapa will assist your ads to work better and at a much quicker pace. With just a click, admins can add new people to ad accounts and pages which will reduce the time it takes to set up and manage marketing campaigns. We sync your Facebook in a way that it is easy for your employees and external partners to find things that they are working on.

      Instagram for Business

      Here at dapa, our excellent team undertakes Instagram management for your business.

      dapa’s Instagram integration consists of scheduling of engagement tools and accessing rich analytics.

      SOCIAL MEDIA NORTHAMPTONWe will assist you in planning innovative and creative posts while monitoring your hashtags and locations. Our team will also take up to responding to comments with comprehensive social management solutions.

      An in-depth understanding of how dapa will assist your business in Instagram advertising is given below:

      • Planning and Scheduling of Posts
      • Streamlining of posting process – dapa will assist you in creating a posts and in selecting a publisher who will notify you when it’s time to post
      • Simplification of creative development – We will ensure that your Instagram posts stay brand-relevant and meet quality standards with editing tools.
      • Collaboration and management
      • Management of multiple profiles flawlessly – Our Instagram management package will help you to stay in sync and manage multiple Instagram profiles from one central social management platform without constantly logging in and out.
      • Enhancement of customer relationship – Here at dapa, we will assist you in fostering brand loyalty that will aid customer engagement on a personal level and at a faster pace.
      • Smart inbox collaboration – At dapa, we believe in working smartly. We will assist you in the maintenance and collaboration of your inbox by tagging messages, marking completed assignments, allotting daily tasks and viewing full history of comments.

      Twitter for Business

      At dapa, we take pride in our cutting edge Twitter management services that are guaranteed to deliver unique solutions for your business.

      Twitter advertising is a brilliant way to increase brand visibility and to target quality intensive traffic to your site.

      We provide our clients services that will definitely leverage optimal Twitter visibility, some which are mentioned below:

      • Twitter updates

      Our excellent content team will weave customised Twitter updates and post it every day. This will maintain your visibility and recognition.

      • Followers Seeding

      At dapa, we will assist your brand in building a fan base with our excellent followers seeding services.

      • Customised Twitter design

      We will help you stand out from the crowd by customising your twitter profile with a terrific theme design.

      • Content creation

      Twitter thrives on content. The power of tweets is the driving element for re-tweets. At dapa, we come up with high quality content that intends on establishing an instant connect with the Twitter community.

      • Targeting Keywords

      We tailor keywords and hashtags that are relevant to your business niche and that will appeal to your target audience.

      • Engaging with your followers

      To stay at top of your game, being active on Twitter is very important.

      At dapa, we will assist you in reaching out to your fan base with our twitter management services.

      We will undertake tweeting updates from your blogs and websites with appealing conversation starters consisting of trivia, polls and tips for your followers.

      Dos and don’ts of social media management

      Do: Include an element of innovation

      To run a successful social media campaign, you do not require cutting edge tactics.

      However, it will not hurt if you are open and receptive to the latest trends.

      Adding the much needed zest to your strategy and experimenting to find new and interesting ways to present same information on different platforms can do the trick and up your game.

      Don’t: Generalise and assume that one size fits all

      Your social media strategy will differ depending on the platform that you are assuming and hence you cannot assume that one strategy works across platforms.

      As a business, you will have to consider the type of interaction that is likely to happen and the audience that one is trying to reach with the help of the given social platform.

      If you have a ‘one size fits all’ social strategy for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you may want to reconsider your plan and maybe tweak it a bit.

      Do: Try Multiple Media Types

      Information presented in new ways, appeals to the audience online which can eventually increase your conversion rates.

      Certain forms of media such as memes, infographics and videos have a tendency to me more sharable.

      Try incorporating new media types into your social media content plan.

      Don’t: Ignore Your Audience

      Ignoring your audience will not be a wise choice, because hello! It is the audience who will determine the success of your business.

      Refusing to answer or simply deleting information from your page is a guaranteed marketing fail.

      Here’s a great video from Susan Gunelius on the 10 laws of social media:

      Significance of social media

      If, the presence of your brand online is inactive, you just “exist” online. Just existing is not enough which is why surviving online is important.

      You have to be well connected across all social channels and interact continually with your followers and potential audience.

      There are various engaging features across platforms which help you engage with your audience.

      You can conduct live videos, post stories, host Twitter chats etc. As these activities will build brand awareness and amplify web traffic and in the process get your customer’s loyalty.

      Rocket ahead of your competitors and buddy up with the world of social media.

      What can dapa do for you?

      Our core strength lies in SEO and social media marketing is just another tactic to attain higher SEO rankings in search pages.

      The management of your social media accounts and their advertising paves way for quality SEO.

      At dapa, we assure you of quality content deliverance that is likely to impact your target audience.

      We always keep our clients in the loop and are always on hand to answer any queries. dapa has a fantastic reputation for providing top notch content services to clients.

      With our excellence in SEO we ensure that your business’s success constantly expands.

      If you need help with your content creation, contact us at dapa Marketing on 0800 634 3007 to find out more about our services.

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        "Literally changed my business forever" - Steve. B SEO Reveiws We will get back to you ( normally within 10-30 minutes )
        "Finally an SEO company worth its salt!" - Karen James SEO Testimonial
        "Literally changed my business forever" - Steve. B SEO Testimonial
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