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Crafting 6 million incredible words each month to help your campaigns grow

    "Literally changed my business forever" - Steve. BSEO Testimonial

    Content Marketing

    Content marketing leaders: 6m words per month

    With a team of 35 content marketing specialists working tirelessly night and day on content for our clients we’re producing around 6,000,000 incredible, inspiring and thought-leading words each month.

    Content are the legs to the table of online marketing, they give purpose for people to go online, whether words, videos or imagery, content is the thing that keeps us all online.

    Within 10-years we’ve seen the downfall of traditional newspapers and the rise of content-digestion while mobile.

    Imagine reading a paper while walking, jogging or working. Technology means content can be understood and interacted with on so many levels, in so many different forms and by more people than ever.

    So, getting your ‘stuff’ in front of those billions of potential readers and customers is the battle we all face in the ever-changing world on content marketing.

    The internet today is flooded with a variety of content; be it blogs, guest posts, press releases – you name it.

    There’s a zillion techniques to getting noticed online.

    Wether trying to better your rankings in search results or paying an arm and a leg to create the greatest website there’s ever been; you will opt for SEO techniques, social media platforms; the list is endless.

    After you do all of this, what is that one single element that will decide whether the visitor on your website is going to stay and quite possibly convert into a lead?

    What is that one aspect that is going to anchor more and more views and visitors and eventually more profit for your business?

    Let me give you a hint: What made Harry Potter such a hit amongst audiences worldwide? What made Game of Thrones a gigantic success?

    It is the CONTENT.

    The words printed on the sheets (nowadays e-books), the single element that drew the audience in kept them hooked and reading till the end, that is the power of content.

    They say that food is the way to a man’s heart. Well think of it in this context – Content (read internet food) is the way to your target audience’s heart.

    Imagine this – You click on a website link, get directed to the relevant page and see a very presentable website, something that appeals to you but wait a minute… the content on the page is miserable. You would want to get away from it as soon as possible. Better yet, consider infographics with just the images sans any explanatory content. This will render the images absolutely worthless!

    Now that the importance of content has hit home, let’s get down to business. You own a business and you need to convey your product and services to your clients and customers, a little social media presence won’t hurt you either. You want to explore the various avenues of content marketing and methods to properly market it so that you leave an impression on your target audience and your long term goal is to earn their loyalty.

    Enter dapa Marketing!

    We are essentially known for our finesse in the world of SEO but what you probably did not know about us is that we boast an excellent team of content specialists who will cater and recommend content variation that will work best for you and get you more business.

    Our team consists of SEO specialists, project managers and of course the creators of your future content. At dapa Marketing we ensure that your website consists of quality content that will visibly ascend your conversion rates and will optimise your website with our SEO tactics which are going to get you top notch Goggle rankings.

    This means the content that we create for you will be audience centric with the incorporation of lawful techniques that are going to get you those high rankings.

    Speaking of importance of online content, it has to be relevant and has to have an appeal and importance to its viewer which will contribute towards increasing your rankings significantly.

    Although, content with great appeal and relevance if not marketed properly is going to bruise your situation.

    This is where dapa’s content Marketing plays a vital role and incorporates the perfect mix of all elements that comes with hard work, a dedicated team of devoted content specialists who regularly provide you with updated and fresh content which maintains your customer base and expands your reach.

    Phases of Content

    At dapa Marketing, we focus upon the various forms of content that is consumed on a daily basis. It is important for our clients to understand that every piece of content that we write for you is quality oriented and has a direction and destination.

    Google is known to weed out content that is redundant and like every other cock and bull story that drains the very element of the topic and ends up in the drain.

    We understand this, which is why the deliverance of the content marketing from our end is of absolute relevance with the proper percentage of keyword usage (no keyword stuffing) and integration of other quality intensive content techniques.

    Whatever we create is with the sole intent for others to see and consume it and at the same time ensure that it was worth consuming.

    We research the sources, facts and analyse the data on hand which makes the ultimate publishing of these articles strong enough to pop the eyeballs of the readers and make them come out of their comfort zone to read and view it.

    Every piece of content we write for your business is subjected to the online behaviour of our finicky customers before they finally embrace it.

    We let you peek into the techniques that we use at dapa Marketing to make your content stand out:

    • We assemble your ideas – We have a client base spread across all industries like law, finance, automobile, transport, marketing etc to name a few. We discuss and understand your business needs and plan the content type that your business requires. We will create Landing Pages which will trigger ‘call to action’ from your viewers and climb the ladders towards attaining high rankings.
    • Determining the length of your content – We will assist you in determining the length of your content. We also create content for you that will create back links and give you more online exposure. Our team is adept in writing 2.0’s, guest posts, blogs and other type of content that will give your business a boost.
    • Gathering of relevant data – We gather relevant data that is of value to the readers. It is obvious that we do not understand your business better than you and this is exactly why our primary source of collecting data will begin from you. We Google and compile the rest and what you get is a quality intensive content as the end result.
    • Keeping the readers hooked – Google bots scan the content for its reader relevance and authenticity which is what appeals to the readers. This is what contributes towards acquiring better ranking without getting penalised. Quality content is what will keep the readers hooked. Google’s algorithm updates single out websites with repetitive and copied content which are not quality oriented and have zero value to its readers. Our content team is adept in avoiding such situations and look to give your target audience exactly what they came for.

    Copywriting – So far, we have given you a gist of what we can offer when it comes to content. Let us concentrate on the content aspect that can either make or break your business. Copywriting is one such crucial aspect. The art and science of strategically delivering words that entice people (your target audience) to take some form of action is what copywriting involves. These techniques can be applied when creating slogans for your brands or while e-mailing clients and potential customers. When you work with us, you get the whole package as we cater to all your content requirements right from writing a blog and article copy to social media content and detailed product description depending upon the need at a given moment. Copywriting goes a long way as more and more businesses require an online presence and as it is your website is in dire need of quality content and dapa Marketing does it all for you. It is all about getting your target audience to WANT to engage and interact with you without spamming them with offers. It is about giving something valuable without sounding needy and whiny about it. It is about alluring the person to buy from you not by means of compulsion but because they truly find your content helpful and enjoy reading it.


    Blogging is like the ‘accio’ spell which brings your current and potential customers to you and at the same time assist you in reaching out to them. It is an amazing way to absolutely revolutionise your content strategy. Studies have shown that marketers who bank on blogging are 13 times more likely to earn a positive ROI as compared to non-bloggers. If your in-house business lacks the skill to create blogs for your business, head straight to dapa Marketing. We develop blogs that are rich in content with the flawless cooperation of our content specialists which will strengthen the brand of your business and also provide value to your customers.

    Blogging has proven to be a smart business strategy which connects more and more customers to you. Thus, hiring dapa Marketing will give you professional expertise, and significantly improved chances of keeping up with your blogging goals and enjoying the surge in returns along the way.

    Why content is the present and future of marketing

    You might have come across the phrase – ‘Content is King’ and its implication is something that some businesses are yet to understand. The entire concept of creating online materials and tools like videos, blog posts, interactive infographics, social media posts etc and delivering and sharing it on the digital platform not with the intention of promoting a brand, but peaking the interests of customers just enough in the products and services that a business has to offer is what content marketing is all about.

    With thousands of marketing messages per person per day, content marketing is what sets a business or a brand apart and differentiates between spamming and quality content.

    Marketing and content go hand-in-hand

    Irrespective of the type of marketing techniques you incorporate, content marketing should be an intrinsic part of the entire process and not to be done separately. Quality of the content is a significant aspect of all forms of marketing and it is important for  the following reasons:

    • Social media marketing (SMM) as content marketing precedes social media strategy.
    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as it rewards business by giving them a higher ranking in SERPs for publishing content that is quality intensive.
    • Public Relation (PR) as they address to issues that the readers care about.
    • Pay per Click (PPC) as this requires strong content to drive a reader to click the CTA.
    • Inbound Marketing as it is the key to driving leads and inbound traffic
    • Content Strategy as it is an integral aspect of most marketing strategies.

    To sum it all up, the primary components that dapa Marketing incorporates to craft a great piece of content for you are:

    • Details – that readers need
    • Data – why they need a particular set of information
    • Deadlines – when will they need it

    We deliver your content piece successfully by delivering all of these components which will prepare you for the entailing steps to get your business rolling.’

    Dos and don’ts of content marketing

    Do: keep your content audience oriented

    We sometimes tend to think more about making a content piece work for the search engines as opposed to the people reading the content. Instead of making it more SEO oriented focus on making your content audience oriented as this will be of value to the readers. Keep in mind to always keep your audience in the forefront. If they like your content, they will keep coming back and tag along friends too. They will even link back to you as an industry source which gives you an SEO boost.

    Don’t: ramble without making a point

     In order for your content to be effective, make sure that you are abiding by the golden web content writing rule – KEEP IT SIMPLE. Content that is easy to understand tends to perform better and is a sure shot way to reach your audience. With this in mind, go through your content and weed out the unnecessary points and get to the point. Your readers will thank you and the performance of your content will be better.

    The online content that stands out is the one which is original and creative so try leaving behind  clichés and obvious statements. If your content is authentic and simple you will be victorious in the raging battle of page ranking.

    Do: your research

    The very base of writing a content that will be relevant and helpful to it viewers is thorough research. By studying and analysing things like keywords, topics, your competition, trending content etc, you derive a better idea of what the content industry consists of and how you as a business will place yourself to perform well within your niche, making more sales!

    Don’t: repeat yourself

    Your content piece should have an element of innovation, interest and freshness. Avoid repeating what others have already said. Stick to originality and authenticity and bring a new perspective entirely.

    What can dapa do for you?

    At dapa, we assure you of quality content marketing delivery that is likely to impact your target audience. We always keep our clients in the loop and are always on hand to answer any queries. dapa has a fantastic reputation for providing top notch content services to clients. With our excellence in SEO we ensure that your business’s success constantly expands.

    If you need help with your content creation, contact us at dapa Marketing on 0800 634 3007 to find out more about our services.

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      "Literally changed my business forever" - Steve. B SEO Testimonial
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