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Website Design that Converts

Northamptonshire Website Design that Converts

Creativity drives every single one of us, we may associate it with music, paintings, literature or dare we say it, website design.

We are inspired by creativity through the songs we hear, through the pages of the stories we were reading and the websites we interact with.

But how much does creativity play a role in digital marketing?

Being a creative agency we stress on the importance of being creative with a website design or a content strategy, it differentiates a website from many others on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) helping it stand out from the crowd.

We design websites that are geared towards increasing your conversion rate

Having a well designed site will set you on your way to achieve your conversion goals.

We believe that sites should be well designed not just in its appearance but also in its internal architecture, so that customers can do what they intended to without encountering any distractions or difficulties.

We strive to create a website designs that guide users on a site to take the action, they wanted to when entering a search query.

The priority is always to create sites that are easy to navigate and time saving for customers.

Brand boosting

You might be offering a great product or service, but if the design of your website is shoddy, it is going to hurt your brand.

If your website has an elegant design, it will assist you in holding your customer’s attention for enough time, wherein you can lure them to make a purchase with the content of your site.

Along with a creative design, we look to ensure that the site is easy to use which signifies that your brand is modern, useful and service-oriented.

By creating user-friendly pages, we strive to create a feeling of trust for the website in the minds of potential customers, so that they are more likely to contact you.

Your website directly reflects your brand, instead of being overwhelmed, think of it as having control over how your visitors perceive your company.

Reach out to more customers by making your website responsive

The fact is more and more people are doing their shopping online these days.

As a creative company, when we design a website that is responsive and mobile friendly, we help our clients in reaching out to a larger target audience.

This way we assist them in attracting people who do not always have access to computers.

By creating an effective web design, we help our clients capitalise on the latest technology so as to attract as many new customers as possible.

Don’t compromise on functionality for beauty

Creating art is beautiful, but that does not make it functional.

The websites we create strive to achieve a marriage of both art and functionality.

Sometimes you appreciate the value of a well-designed site only when you see a bad one.

A beautiful website will help reel in more potential customers, but practical aesthetics will convert it into solid action.

Creative content strategies

Google’s updated algorithms has ensured two things:

  • It is no longer possible to stuff keywords into content which was perhaps the norm earlier to game Google rankings.
  • Articles have to be relevant. There is no point in rehashing a similar type of article again and again and expect to gain traction with search engines.

The priority now is to create original content. Originality is achieved through creativity.

We strive to come up with creative strategies and look to make stories out of boring text.

Creative, original content will give you the strongest chance to achieve high search engine rankings.

Our creative writers can transform a piece of writing into engaging, engrossing and entertaining content, the kind that tugs onto your customer’s purse strings.

Is a well designed website all you need to fulfil all your conversion objectives?

Nope. That just constitutes half of the overall work you are required to do to make your website a high performance one.

Prospective customers will only land on your website if you are visible to them.

To achieve this visibility, you need to do online marketing, especially SEO and that’s where DAPA can really help you stand out amongst your competition.

SEO is the process of using techniques that drive free traffic to your website from search engines.

SEO gives you traffic

Of course greater traffic by itself is no guarantee for conversions. It is like any retail store, once the customers land at your doorstep you still need to make efforts to convince them to buy things.

But having a lot of customers is still preferable than having less or no customers, isn’t it?

The good thing about SEO is that it places your business on the most attractive location in the online web, which is a search engine.

More importantly the customers you attract to your website via SEO are all qualified leads, people who were looking for you or businesses like you, so they already have an established interest or need in the products or service you are offering.  

SEO provides you with great ROI

The fact is SEO has one of the best ROI’s amongst all forms of advertising and marketing.

It definitely rewards you much more than all forms of offline marketing.

The main reason for this is SEO is an inbound advertising strategy.

It helps you to locate customers that are already on the lookout for a service or product you provide.

They find your business when they are searching for something you offer: you do not have to irritate them in the middle of their favourite TV show or annoy them by placing a large ad in the midst of a news article they were reading.

You do not have to worry about convincing your customers to buy your products all you need to do is make them feel that your business provides them with the solution they were seeking.

Basically 50% of your task is already completed by the time a user lands on your website through SEO.

You can make your business visible and your brand attractive through SEO

You need to be located high on a SERP, when customers are on the lookout for products that you are offering.

This gives you visibility, but that is not the only reason why you should be placed high, just so that a customer clicks on your website.

By being ranked high in your business niche you are displaying the authority of your brand in the domain you operate to prospective customers.

Searchers very rarely search for just one term and then click on the first link they see or like.

Usually they click on a few sites, edit their search terms, search again, click on a few websites, further edit their search terms, search again and so on.

If your business is visible every time a user makes an edited search, it reinforces the value of your brand in their minds, making it increasingly likely that they pick you.

How we go about helping our clients with their SEO?

The most important part about doing SEO is creating a unique strategy that is tailored to the requirements of the target audience of a particular business.

There are no one size fits all magical solution when it comes to SEO, at least not one that we are aware of and our advice would be to extremely wary about firms offering such solutions.

We always take into consideration a couple of factors before deciding on the final SEO strategy we want to employ on a particular website.

An important part of devising a strategy involves understanding the niche in which a business is operating along with the type of content Google or any other major search engine wants to return in its SERPs.

Also, we never sacrifice the long-term objectives of our clients we are working with just to deliver short-term results.

Through algorithm updates (Google Panda and Penguin), Google has ensured that nobody can manipulate SERP rankings through the use of spammy SEO techniques.

So our focus is to rank high on SERPs not just for the short term but to help a business fulfil its long term objectives through the use of white hat SEO techniques that include creating a unique content strategy and providing customers with a fantastic user experience.

Here are some key elements of a SEO strategy:

  • Link Building
  • Content Blogging
  • Keyword density
  • Heading tags
  • Meta information

Dos And Don’ts Of Website Design

DO: Focus On What Is Important

Depending on the type of products or services offered by a business, you have to build a website that precisely incorporates the essence of it.

Also, ensure that the site has ample of space for Call To Action buttons and for the visitors to make comments.

Do: Choose The Right Colour Scheme

While constructing the site you have to keep in mind the colours a client wants to incorporate within its brand and design the site in a way that communicates the message of the brand efficiently.

The colour palate must not be too loud or bright, however, if the client has such kind of brand image then such colours can be incorporated in the site within a reasonable limit.

Other than that, observe the general colours that are used by other businesses of the same nature and use them in your site while adding colour to less significant spaces.

Do: Make It Easy To Scan Your Pages

Businesses are faced with the problem of trying to attract customers with limited attention span these days, the kind who do not want to spend too much time trying to understand complicated websites.

So it is mandatory to keep the website and all its pages easily accessible as well as simple to scan.

The content added on the website must be such that it is easy to spot, read and understand.

Don’t: Place Irrelevant Ads On Your Website

If you have some companies wanting to place ads on your website or blog, then ensure that you don’t go quite overboard with that.

Too many ads clutter your webpage, thereby making it tiresome to look at while sometimes also taking a lot of time to load.

Try limiting the ads on your website to a limit such that they don’t interfere with the main content published on your website or blog.

Don’t: Overdo it with 20 Different Colours

Having every colour from the colour palate on your website doesn’t make it look appealing.

Not just that, there is a possibility that your vibrant design might annoy some of your visitors.

In addition, using a lot of colours might not blend well with the content on the website making it difficult to read.

Don’t: Stuff Your Website With Excess Of Keywords

Google isn’t silly nor are your readers. If your page has content that has keywords repeating constantly then it can be easily gleaned that the content has been added for the sake of manipulating search engine algorithms.

That makes the content bland and doesn’t interest your readers.

What Can DAPA Do For You?

You can count on us to create and execute your business’s complete branding, website and online marketing requirements. From designing a logo to creating websites to full-fledged SEO/SEM, SMM or email marketing, DAPA does it all.

DAPA is home to the biggest and most talented team of SEO specialists in the region.

The team here includes SEO specialists, project managers, a content team, and of course the best web developer in the area

We do not guarantee a magical fix to all your problems (and we strongly advise against choosing firms that give you such promises), but we can assure you that in time we can achieve all the long-term SEO targets of your business.

We are honest to all our clients (sometimes quite bluntly so) and are always at hand to fill you in or answer any queries you might have with regards to the progress of your campaign.

If you need help with your SEO strategy, contact us at DAPA Marketing on 0800 634 3007 to find out more about our website design services.

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Some of the SEO ‘Things’ We Get Up To

SEO is a goliath, there’s over 200 things that make up a solid campaign. On the most part we won’t bore you with the details, we’ll just take care of it, but here’s some of the headline acts.

Link Building

The most important strategy in any SEO campaign is link building. Typically this largely revolves around creating content which we handle too.


You have the resource internally to deliver SEO but you just need a helping hand with the strategy and some guidance.

On Site SEO

Though only 5% of SEO, the onsite factors behind a campaign are important.
The foundations are built at the start with small tweaks as we move forward.


Why is your website not ranking? Why is there no traffic? Finding out is often the key to making your campaign successful.


In our larger campaigns we work closely to make sure that once the traffic is arriving from SEO it’s actually converting in to more business.

Penalty Removal

Stuck in an SEO rut? With all the algorithm updates many websites have penalties and simply can’t rank on Google. We’re specialists at penalty removals.

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