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    "Literally changed my business forever" - Steve. BSEO Testimonial

    Northamptonshire’s Premier PR Agency

    Northamptonshire’s Premier PR Agency

    5 years ago SEO and PR agencies were two completely different animals, but now, they’re increasingly entwined.

    PR is about building a brand online or off, while SEO is more focused on building rankings by increasing the authority of a particular website, usually by building back links to it from other websites.

    Now though, with Google looking for more brand signals to identify a strong SEO contender, we’ve evolved to offer an incredible combination of both tactics.

    We combine the incredible customer-generating power of PR with all the signals that SEO wants to see in order to create an awesome, all-round online experience.

    The great news about this is we’re able to get businesses, big or small, national coverage for the price of a typical SEO package.

    Can you imagine the benefits that might bring? Let’s talk and show you how it works.

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    Northamptonshire’s Premier PR Agency

    Digital and social media advancements have changed the media landscape completely and having a PR Agency by your side has become more crucial than ever for the success of a business, be it small or large, online.

    The importance of PR online has increased considerably alongside the fall of traditional offline marketing.

    Well-known brands such as PlayStation and Harry Potter spend little on brand-name advertising and more on PR strategies. The same is true for many entrepreneurial companies like yours. Business owners become popular and make their own niche in their respective industry many times through public relations and the associated media generated.

    PR (Public Relations) can be dubbed as the communication in many ways with your target market.  A PR agency can tremendously help your business by communicating about a new product, spreading news about your company, making a major announcement or telling stories that matter to your target audience.

    Stories influence the way consumers and investors think and act and it can largely affect the success of your business. But in order to make the best of PR, you need to have a good PR agency by your side that keeps itself updated and current. This is where dapa Marketing comes into picture.

    Introducing dapa

    Apart from being experts in the usual SEO techniques (which we like to keep a secret) the professionals at dapa Marketing are also top guns when it comes to PR management.

    We are an acclaimed PR agency who will target national and international media platforms to shape reputation, build brands and increase online visibility of your business.

    Here, the team consists of PR experts, SEO specialists, project managers, a content team, and this collective makes us one of the best PR agencies in the area.

    Our team works on developing tailor made PR strategies and tactics which directly support our clients’ aims and objectives. We begin by understanding what it is that they want to accomplish and immerse ourselves in their business and markets before combining the right channels and platforms into the PR plan.

    This means that your business will be more accessible to the target audience and would generate more sales than you would have without a PR agency.

    The Importance of PR for Increased Business

    “If I was down to my last dollar, I would still spend it on PR.” Bill Gates

    This itself shows how important PR is for your business. The success of your business depends on how well you communicate with your customers. This is why we exist.

    At dapa marketing, we understand the importance of PR management for your business. Public relations for businesses is powerful because it helps you get more exposure and it places you in front of your target audience.

    Some of the major benefits of PR are mentioned below:

    Raises Awareness About Your Brand

    People always trust established brands. One way to make your business known and to compete with established brands is to send out your message by a third party such as a popular magazine in your industry, a high-traffic website, a respected influencer or social media superstar.

    We at dapa can prepare articles and press releases and send it to popular and high traffic websites in your niche industry to raise awareness about your brand or product/services.

    Builds Credibility

    Unlike advertising, a magazine mention of your service or a product review is not a direct sell so it comes out as a recommendation from a person that could be an authority in your niche like a popular finance blogger with hundreds of thousands of followers.

    Tailors Information

    Every business has its very own unique brand message. People admire brands that have a relatable or compellable story. Proper PR management ensures that you carry your story wholeheartedly at every function you go to because that is why  people remember you and your brand in the first place.

    You can discuss your business objectives and key processes with us and our experienced team of writers at DAPA can prepare the best story related to your brand that reflects your company’s culture and uniqueness.

    Helps Manage Reputation

    Having trusted connections in the media is not always about free marketing but also about reputation management. In your business journey, you will face (but we hope you don’t) dreadful situations like an advertising campaign gone wrong or unsatisfied customers lashing out on social media about how bad your product or service  is. In times like these, media connections can help you repair the damage through a press release or similar means.

    As a PR Agency, we at dapa monitor and analyse how our clients are perceived through the media and advice on the strategies and plans to address reputational issues. Our expertise includes managing negative and sensitive issues and creating positive PR to help repair client reputations where trust has been lost.

    Help In Shaping A Likeable Image

    Customers love friendly and community engaged brands. By maintaining a constant presence in your industry or being in front your customers’ eyes, you are creating a strong connection with your audience.

    With a PR agency like dapa, we will assist your business in establishing a connection with complementary, non-competing businesses and tastemakers in your industry space.


    Paying for a magazine spread is not a bad idea if you have the budget for it. However, if you are on a tight budget, having friends in the right places can get you a full feature or an article mention on the same publication without paying loads of cash.

    At dapa, we will capitalise on the number of visitors with the help of our tie-ups with popular blog sites and expand the horizon for your conversion rates without burning a hole in your pocket.

    Promote Brand Values

    You can use PR to send out positive messages to your target audience that are in line with your brand image by using the language and ideas that your target customers understand best and respond to more positively.

    Our content team at dapa can come up with high quality content that intends on establishing an instant connect with your target audience.

    Boosts Your Niche Authority

    Getting featured on media outlets may appear to be simple to many but for a business owner, the effect could be massively beneficial especially if you are trying to own a niche.

    Studying Your Competition Up-Close And Personal

    As a general rule of thumb it is safe to assume that  you are not the only one who spends time in making new connections. It’s one way of knowing what your competitors are up to, which gives you ideas on how to keep up with them.

    At dapa, our PR team will study your competition and help your company look more likeable, influential, and successful.

    Do’s and Don’ts of PR Management

    Do: Figure out Your Objectives

    Do have a clear understanding of your company’s message. What does your company do? Clearly define your company’s brand, and its image as well. Once you figure out your company’s image you can determine which outlets are best for your conveying your brand.

    Do: Choose the Right Social Media Platform

    Once you’ve clearly defined your company’s brand, use social media to support your brand and convey your message.  Refrain from using social media to voice opinions or display your personal life. Your social media sites should clearly convey your brand.

    Do: Educate Yourself about Public Relations

    The internet is a great place to start to learn about PR. You will undoubtedly find tons of information. Be selective and only do what’s best for  your company.

    Don’t: Hamper Relationship with Your Customers

    Public relations are built on relationships. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you do not want to destroy relationships. No matter what industry you are in you will need people. Build relationships and avoid tarnishing them.

    Don’t: Show Personal Feelings Online

    It’s worth reiterating that you should leave personal feelings and opinions off your social media sites. There are tons of stories of people who said the wrong thing online and have had to apologise later on.

    Don’t: Forget the Overall Goal

    The overall goal of any PR strategy is to share your company’s message. If something isn’t doing that effectively, you should remove it from your PR plan.

    PR has never been more meaningful than in this age of Google, the 24/7 news cycle, and a plethora of social media platforms.  However, the main question is whether you should hire a pr agency or do it in-house. Well the answer is – you should hire a good PR Agency.  A PR firm  becomes an extension of your team while working closely with the rest of your company and pulls together the inputs of several stakeholders. These inputs are used to  create a unified PR plan that takes into account traditional and digital media relations, social media, influencers, events, etc. Most importantly, a good PR Agency can assist the company to meet its business goals and objectives.

    It clearly makes sense to hire professionals to manage your PR efforts.  Just as you would leave surgery to a doctor and taxes to an accountant, if you are going to engage in Public Relations you should consider investing in a top PR Agency such as dapa to be your communications partner.  Your reputation depends on the choice you make.

    What Can dapa Do For You?

    Here are the PR services that we provide:

    Effective PR Strategy

    We at dapa prepare a bespoke PR strategy best suited for your business. We take time to understand what makes our clients tick before devising the right PR strategies, campaigns which support their goals.

    Our approach combines sound advice and workable strategies with creative ideas and realistic delivery. All strategies are devised by our  highly experienced PR team.

    Media relations

    At dapa PR Agency we have a proactive and news savvy content team that knows to make a good story, irrespective of the target media. We identify news angles, generate the right content and create the coverage which forms the foundation of great PR.

    As well as national, trade and specialist media (print and digital both) we are also PR specialists in delivering UK-wide coverage into regional media titles.

    Social and digital PR

    We incorporate creative social and digital PR with SEO strategies to maximise our clients’ audience engagement and online visibility. Our expertise is in creating the content and using social and digital channels to start interactions and conversations which sustain interest and help build brand reputation.

    Thought Leadership

    As a PR Agency our thought leadership PR focuses on building our clients’ credibility as authoritative spokespersons on the subjects which matter the most. We make it our business to understand the topics and trends which are talking points and use our expertise to make our clients the ‘go-to’ source for comment.

    SEO Service

    With our expertise and experience in PR and social media marketing we are best placed to create the digital content which will maximise links, gain brand exposure and drive traffic to your website. We work with our SEO specialists to deliver strategies for our clients that achieve sustainable “page 1” search engine rankings.

    To prove our effectiveness and to further develop and enhance campaigns, we provide month by month reporting and analysis, evaluate campaigns and provide strong return on investment on which our strong client partnerships are based.

    At dapa, we assure you of a PR campaign that will leave a lasting impression on your target audience.

    We always keep our clients in the loop and are always on hand to answer any queries. dapa has a fantastic reputation for providing top notch PR services to clients. And with our excellence in SEO we ensure that your business’s success constantly expands.

    If you need help with your PR Management, contact us at dapa marketing on 0800 634 3007 to find out more about our services.

    "Finally an SEO company worth its salt!" - Karen James SEO Testimonial
    "Literally changed my business forever" - Steve. B SEO Testimonial
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