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Possibly the best SEO audit tool on the web

    "Literally changed my business forever" - Steve. BSEO Testimonial

    Free SEO Audit tool

    An SEO Audit Tool with Bounce!

    An SEO audit tool is the best way to identify weak SEO campaigns and is the first thing we do before we start a new client’s campaign.

    During an SEO audit we evaluate the health of your website, think of it as a physical for your site.

    We’ll run through the website against our checklist and decide on what needs to be done in order to improve performance and your rankings on the search engines.

    You should expect three things from an SEO Audit:

    • A thorough description of the current state of the site – this is a detailed overview of how your website is performing in search, on social, the number of internal and external links and any other relevant information related to the current state of the site.
    • A list of actions based on the checklist produced, along with explanations for each item.
    • A strategy based on a complete SEO overlook of the current state of the site, which allows us to take advantage of all available sources of traffic and opportunities to make a conversion.

    Things change quickly in the digital world, and this is why you can’t sit on your laurels for too long.

    What works today, may not work in 6 months time.

    Regular SEO audits are vital, otherwise it’s like walking the wrong way on an escalator – you’ll never get anywhere and probably end up even further away from your destination.

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    Top 5 SEO Audit Tools (Reviewed)

    The technical side of SEO is an ever-changing, developing place which is not to be underestimated by specialists.

    With Google algorithms constantly advancing, the onsite element of your campaign is becoming increasingly important to maintain good ranking.

    It is highly important to stay on top of the new technologies and tools available to ensure that you are covering every element needed to create a good SEO campaign, and make your own life easier.

    You may well have the most intricate backlink profile and page content, but compromising on the technical element of your campaign can render your efforts as useless.

    Whether it is your own website or your client’s, you will need to optimise the website, ensuring regularly that there are no errors in order to get to those top rankings you are aiming for.

    As part of an initial SEO campaign, there are many different aspects and technical areas of a site which will need to be reviewed, optimised and possibly fixed, and this will potentially be the case throughout the entire campaign.

    An SEO audit tool will help you to initially analyse your own or your clients’ websites and regularly keep up to date with any errors and optimisation which need to be attended to.

    An SEO audit tool can also help your SEO company to review your strategies; analysing what is working and what isn’t whilst keeping a track on your campaign, and monitoring your own and your clients’ websites.

    You will then be able to find the best strategies and keep up to date with any changes which are likely to occur throughout the campaign.

    If you choose the wrong one, an SEO audit tool can be difficult to use and you may be missing out on certain services which you need, making your efforts harder than necessary, so it is important to do your research and pick the right one.

    There are many SEO audit tools available, so if you don’t have the time to trial and test all of them, following I have outlined the top 5 SEO audit tools which are available for you to make your own judgement according to your requirements.

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    SEO Audit Tool Review #1: SEMrush

    If you already use SEMrush for other purposes, you may have already heard of their SEO audit tool. It crawls a website domain and analyses it, then creates a full online report showing you the potential errors, and allowing you to them fix them.

    seo audit tool semrush

    The results are instantaneous, and a clear picture is given as an overview page written in plain language, and a simplistic visual layout allowing you to see all your results at once and identify where the problems lie easily. This is great for any user, as you can see your results at a glance without having to waste any time trying to figure out what it all means.

    If you only want to see particular results, SEMrush gives you the option of filtering the results of the audit, so you will be able to adjust what you see and focus on what is important for your particular campaign.

    Another great feature is that you can create an audit on demand, rather than on a monthly or weekly basis.

    This means that you can get your results on demand; they will always be up to date and you never have to wait.

    This is great if you have your own deadlines, demanding clients and tight timescales, but it also means that you will need to organise your own audit checks of you need them for a client report or meeting.

    You can prioritise the errors to be fixed using SEMrush’s prioritise tools, helping you to manage your workload and fix the major problems first.

    SEMrush organises the date which is organised into three categories: errors, warning and notices. Errors need to be attended to as quickly as possible and are potentially having a negative effect on the SEO of the webiste; warnings are less severe problems; notices are smaller issues which may not even have an effect on the SEO of the website, but should be tackled anyway.

    semrush seo audit tool

    One of the small downsides to SEMrush’s SEO audit tool is that the division of the data which is produced may not come as second nature to a beginner, as it may appear confusing on first glance.

    However, to a more experienced user, it offers access to problems which need to be identified and fixed as a matter of top priority, regardless of their classification, e.g. technical problems and content problems will all be identified within any category,

    Just some of the checks SEMrush provides you with include broken links, duplicate content, low word counts, missing meta descriptions and slow loading speeds.

    Apart from the obvious issues which are generally identified by SEO audit tools, SEMrush goes that extra step further, checking for more in depth problems which can occur, such as redirect issues, language declarations, text vs.

    semrush best seo tool onlineHTML ratio, URL structure, and many more.

    However, the only issue which is left not to be identified are in depth domain and server issues.

    One of the best features of SEMrush is the history feature, allowing you to compare results of the site through the changes that are made to before the changes were made.

    For example, if you make a change to the site you can compare the results to the optimisation of the site before the change was made.

    This allows you to see the impact of the changes which you made, whether they were positive or negative.

    From this you can update your strategies and make sure your campaign is doing more good than bad.

    If need be, you can also show your history results to your clients along with the relevant evidence of the positive movements on the website.

    You also have the option of exporting the information and data produced by SEMrush directly to an excel or CSV file, allowing you to draw up a report almost instantly for you clients.

    seo tools: sem rush

    However, the results shown in these exports are somewhat minimal, showing only the statistics.

    Another great feature of SEMrush is that, unlike other audit tools such as WebCEO, SEMrush offers a small description of the issue which has been identified and instruction on how a problem can be resolved; this appears in a pop up box.

    Overall, SEMrush is a great SEO audit tool for people who are advanced in SEO.

    It offers an in-depth analysis of a full website, whilst allowing you to pinpoint even the smaller issues, and prioritise your work load for optimising you own or your clients’ website.

    You can create reports on demand, and easily track the results of your work.

    You also receive a limited explanation of the issue which has been found and a small explanation as to how it can be resolved.

    However, if you are new to the industry, some aspects of SEMrush may appear daunting at first glance, and it may take some getting used to, as opposed to easier beginner SEO audit tools such as WooRank, which is aimed more specifically towards in house SEO teams.

    For those of you who prefer a visual description of how SEMrush works, here’s a great video:

    SEO Audit Tool Review #2: Raven Tools

    Much like SEMrush, Raven Tools performs an analysis of your website to check for any errors and issues which could be harming the SEO of your website.

    Raventools SEO audit toolRaven Tools also lists the problems found in order of severity, from the most immediate problems which are analysed to be causing the most potential harm, to the least problematic ones, allowing you to focus on the most important problems first.

    The prioritised analysis is organised into a summary page, which shows the issues which have been found, and are then split into several tabs which cover each aspect of the site, including visibility, content, links and metas.

    This organises the workload into several deep categories, so if you have more than one person working on the optimisation of the website via your audit tool, you will be able to allocate the workload in that way, and identify which areas are not performing, be it the content or infographics on the website.

    The organisation of the results is easier to follow than other audit tools, and therefore it could be useful for a web developer with less experience to get their head around.

    The layout is straightforward and self-explanatory, meaning that users are not overwhelmed by information on various aspects of the website all at once.

    raventools seo audit tool dashboard

    The only thing missing from the results of the analysis is an overall score, which would be useful to track the progress of the campaign with every audit and show the improvement your methods are making to your clients.

    This also means that the progress of your own campaign and that of your clients’ is somewhat of a guessing game, so you may not know where the biggest improvements for your SEO have come from.

    The presentation of the results which are produced are laid out in a handy table, allowing for an overview of each page and filtering where necessary, allowing you to focus on particular issues which have been unveiled.

    A description of each problem is provided, however a solution to tackle the issue is not, leaving that element fully up to the experts using the tool.

    The analysis provided by Raven Tools is in depth, allowing for a multitude of problems to be identified, from basic content optimisation issues such as word count and duplicate content, to page speed issues, to broken links.

    However, it does not provide any analysis on keywords, domain or server, which can sometimes be a large contributing factor to bad SEO.

    Although Raven Tools appear to provide no direct export of the data it produces, once you have got through the fairly lengthy process of running the report, the results are more than adequate for any purpose.

    You can create detailed reports for your own use or for your clients, including introductory pages and complex data, which is sure to impress with a highly professional look.

    Unlike SEMrush, the reports which are produced by Raven Tools must be scheduled as weekly or monthly, as opposed to on demand. From there you will receive updates on optimisation opportunities and problems found on your website.

    rankings-new seo audit tool raventools

    Depending on the organisation of your SEO company, this could be either a general annoyance or a blessing in disguise, helping with the organisation and regular reporting of each campaign and keeping up to date with your own SEO.

    Raven Tools audit tool is also available to be used on a tablet, phone or desktop, so you can check your progress on the go wherever you are, be it on the way to a meeting or instantly when the results come through.

    Overall, Raven Tools is another good option for your SEO audit tool, and may be better suited to those who do not have as much experience in the field that SEMrush. It is to be noted that the reporting system is done on a monthly or weekly basis, instead of on demand so consider this in relation to your business set up.

    Despite the palaver which surrounds the creation of a client report, the documents which can be produced are professional and full.

    For those of you who prefer a more visual approach, here’s a great video from RavenTools themselves on how their system work:

    SEO Audit Tool Review #3: Web CEO

    WebCEO is one of the longest serving names in SEO audit tool, having been a name in the industry for over 10 years.

    web ceo seo audit tool

    The audit can be set to run on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, depending on your requirements.

    This will update you on the SEO of your website or you clients so that you are not kept in the dark about the progress of your campaigns.

    WebCEO offers a more simplistic solution to your audit tool needs. On running the audit you are immediately presented with a list of errors which have been detected.

    Whilst in some ways this cuts out the middleman and you are able to sort your own work into categories and priorities, no overview is given, leaving the user to their own devices when organising to solve the problems.

    seo audit tool review

    It is important to note that the issues which are listed are presented simply but are not prioritised in any order, so it is difficult to know which if any are urgent and which categories they would be assigned to.

    It is also impossible to know exactly how in depth the report is due to the lack of categorisation and prioritisation reporting.

    seo audit tools on webceo

    On identifying the problems shown by the SEO audit tool WebCEO, you can simply hover your mouse over the question mark next to the technical error to find easy instructions allowing you to fix the error.

    The report produced includes technical problems such as broken links and anchors, server issues and not-found errors.

    Site usability checks are also run including inaccessible pages, long loading times and missing images which affect the bounce rate and user experience of the website.

    A great feature of WebCEO is the ease of creating a report of the data which has been produced.

    web ceo seo audit tool

    One click allows you to create a multiple page PDF format report which emulates exactly the date shown after analysis.

    Overall, WebCEO is provides full reports on whatever basis is required, and is a simplistic view, listing all the errors which have been found.

    WebCEO lacks the overview, organisation and prioritisation of other SEO audit tools such as SEMrush and Raven Tools, but provides an instantaneous way of producing a PDF report which can be well-utilised.

    For those who prefer a more visual approach to learning, here’s a great video:

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    SEO Audit Tool Review #4: WooRank

    WooRank is another popular SEO audit tool; although many of the features would be highly useful for an SEO agency, this particular tool is aimed more towards website owners and in-house SEO teams.

    woorank seo audit tool

    You can get a taster of WooRank via the free 7 day trail, which allows you to track one website along with 3 competitor sites.

    WooRank is undoubtedly one of the most popular SEO audit tools, with clients scanning over 75,000 websites per month by use of this tool. It specialises in providing fast, rapid website reports.

    woorank seo audit tool

    The WooRank SEO audit tool scan checks three different areas of the website: the optimisation including the onsite SEO and usability techniques; the promotion opportunities of the website including the social media and the backlink authority; and the visitor data to the site.

    The issues which are found are then organised into various sections including visitors, social marketing, mobile, links and more.

    There is also a top priorities list for the website address, allowing you to organise your workload efficiently.

    Initially, the only page of the website which is scanned is the home page, but if you wish to scan the rest of the website you can enter the other URLs separately.

    seo audit tool review

    Although this allows for a thorough examination of each individual page on the website, the task of having to individually scan each page becomes a rather laborious task.

    This also means that an overview of the entire website SEO is not provided, not allowing you to keep track of the overall progress achieved.

    On receiving the results of the audit scan, the optimisation results are the most relevant and useful section.

    This area will give you a clear view of the various factors accounted for, including meta descriptions, keywords and headings.

    seo audit tool review woorank

    You receive a green or red checkmark for each aspect, so it is easy to see what is working and what needs some work.

    The promote and measures section generally just provides an overview of basic social media data, such as number of visits and followers to your pages on various accounts, e.g. Facebook and Twitter pages.

    It allows you to see all your information in one place, but other than that it really does not add much to the analysis.

    WooRank is missing a PDF download option, so it is not as efficient as other tools such as Raven Tools in this way.

    On top of this, it does not report on key words and phrases, making the content section of the analysis limited in its value.

    For beginners in the SEO world or for basic needs, WooRank provides a great way to analyse your own website; the layout of the site and information provided is simplistic and useful.

    However, the one by one-page scanning process is very inefficient and time consuming for companies who have a large amount of SEO companies and if your website is very large with many pages.

    SEO Audit Tool Review #5: My Site Auditor

    One of the most popular SEO audit tool for professional SEO companies with a lot of clients, MySiteAuditor is aimed towards those who wish to use their SEO audit tool to generate leads as well as crawl their website for issues.

    my site auditor seo audit tool

    MySiteAuditor allows you to analyse your website, giving you an overview of the page visibility and categorising different aspects of the SEO into sections including URL, site speed and key phrase analysis.

    You can choose to analyse the entire website all at once, achieving an overall result of the effect of your website; alternatively, you can analyse individual pages of a site.

    seo audit tool review

    You can also run comparison audits, enabling you to compare competitor websites to see where your website or your clients website are in comparison to competitors.

    MySiteAuditor claims to help to generate significantly more leads for your SEO agency, as you can embed the audit tool onto your own website.

    This will allow visitors to your site to run a basic check of their own website so that you can more readily sell your services, having already created reasoning for their need of your services and a reasonable ready-made sales pitch.

    online seo audit tools

    Not only that, but you also have the option of creating customised and professional looking PDF or email reports for your clients.

    This includes adding your logo, colours, and contact information onto the PDFs that are produced.

    If you wish to keep your audits organised, you can save them and organise them into folder using the MySiteAuditor tool too.

    SEO companies benefit from this tool greatly because of the relevance factor to specific keywords.

    seo audit tool

    You can evaluate a specific page for the presence of a keyword, and you are then able to target that keyword and report the results in your SEO audit tool.

    MySiteAuditor is a great option for SEO companies, providing a professional service with full reports, depth of information, and the ability to embed the analysis tool into your own branding and website.

    seo auditor tool social info

    Aimed towards SEO specialists, this tool is not only simple enough for potential clients to understand clearly their need for your business, but also give you an in depth report allowing for your company to identify any errors which may be causing issue for your SEO and enabling you to improve the SEO of your own website and your clients.

    For those of you who prefer the videos, here’s the last:

    For more information on SEO Audits, give us a shout and we’ll run a free check of your website.

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