Why choose SEO for your marketing needs?

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SEO Traffic

Why choose SEO for your marketing needs?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the technical name given to any activity that is trying to improve a website’s search engine positions. Improving your positions is a sure-fire and proven method of increasing website traffic, enquiries and customers at extremely low acquisition prices.

SEO Ranking Improvements

Ranking Improvements

Targeting generic and long-tail terms across the whole industry.

CPA Increases


Improve the cost per acquisition consistently

Conversion Optimisation

Increased Conversion

Track and change the website & materials to increase conversions.

Interactive Website


Increase the time-on-site through deep content, blogs and news.

Diversify SEO Channels


Introduce new marketing channels to the mix to spread risk.

dapa helped us win awards.

We’ve worked with dapa for several years across lots of products, channels and industries. Several have become £m businesses off the back of their work. One was the fastest growing company in the region two years running.

D Fitzjohn - Finance Director


What is this Google jargon?

When you use Google (or other search engines) it shows you things that it thinks you will want to see. It bases this on what it considers relevant and authoritative. To make a website authoritative, at least in Googles eyes, you need to do certain things in certain ways. This is the art of SEO. Most agencies have their own views, ours is based on experience of what works.

seo optimisation
Link Building

Link Building

Links are the biggest factor in whether a website ranks or doesn’t. We progressively grew this each month.

Content Marketing Specialists

Content Marketing

Through the blog, PR and news releases we build a web of content that was shared around the internet.

SEO Outreach


Working with press outlets, bloggers and forums we create cross-platform relationships to grow our rankings.

Onsite SEO Specialists

Onsite Optimisation

The foundations of SEO are all on the website itself, ensuring all the basic, but important, elements are perfect.


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Custom (and remarkably effective) SEO strategies

We develop bespoke search strategies for large brands to small and medium sized enterprises across the UK. From startups to established businesses. Each strategy is based on what is needed by each client at the exact moment in time we find ourselves charged with helping.

SEO Dashboard

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Our SEO secrets (shhhh)

The key to appearing when a potential customer searches is to write fantastic, useful content that uses phrases people in your industry would search for. Combine this with incredible onsite foundations and you're on to a winner. We've got our own systems for monitoring these metrics.

Our SEO Tools

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Cambridge SEO

Cambridge SEO Company: The Only Specialists

dapa only do SEO, it’s our speciality, it’s what we’re amazing at, so we don’t dilute it with anything else.

This makes us laser focused on achieving just one goal, making our clients not to be messed with on the rankings.

One of our Cambridge SEO clients actually asked us recently to “target less competitive areas because we’re too busy” – Nick from Splash

Another was awarded as the fastest growing company in Northamptonshire and fifth in the Midlands this year, by Grant Thornton on their top 200 lists – iSmart.

Here’s what David Fitzjohn, Finance Director had to say about us – “dapa transformed my online marketing & got me 5x the number of leads for the same cost.”

To be honest, we find what we do fairly easy, you found us searching via Google right? Exactly.

You probably searched “Cambridge SEO” or similar.

We take those principals of SEO, lead generation, conversion and analysis to our clients and deliver numbers that evolve their entire business.

Without Cambridge SEO you’re only targeting 10% of your market

90% of new business in Cambridge starts with an online search; you’re part of that right now, researching for some help with SEO.

That’s exactly the same process your potential clients will take, whether that’s research, checking reviews, just pooling names or actually in the buying cycle, appearing high on search engines is the starting point to any successful online marketing mix.

With over 30 years of combined experience we take Cambridge clients’ SEO to the next level.

It’s been years since traditional methods like meta tags and titles had a big impact on rankings, Google wants to see authority in your niche, it wants to see a place that answers and cares about the issues their clients have.

Think about it, you’re searching about your current problems right now; you need some SEO help in Cambridge.

Potential clients will be searching their issues not necessarily the services you provide, for example, here are some of our client’s main focuses for rankings:

  • How do I claim PPI
  • Cheap Stag weekend t-shirts
  • Finance for dental practices
  • Can I dispute a will

Answering these questions with authority puts you in the potential clients buying cycle, it builds trust with customers and so Google follows.

Not only does it help you rank for the big-win keywords (PPI claims, t-shirts, Dental Finance and Dispute a Will) it also helps you get customers, which is of course the real reason you are here.

Let’s talk Turkey (or Tofu if you’re a veggie)

We help hundreds of businesses rank better on Google with our Cambridge SEO skills, but there’s loads of elements in each SEO campaign that go towards that success, some company’s pick and choose elements that we dovetail together with a joint target, some have the full service, here’s what we can help you with and the real-world translation of what you actually want:

Keyword targeting – I don’t know what potential customers are looking for on Google and where opportunities might lie.

Onsite SEO – My website isn’t loved by Google, can you help them be friends.

Outreach – I want more exposure for my brand/service online and don’t know where to start.

Conversion Optimisation – I’ve got loads of traffic but no one is picking up the phone or buying, what can I do.

Link Building – I want to rank better and I heard that link building is the answer, can you help.

Penalty Removal – I’ve been naughty and Google now hates me, what can I do.

Buy our Cambridge SEO and go to Monaco every month on us!

It’s time to be honest, we’re not actually in Cambridge but we’re not far away in sunny Northamptonshire.

cambridge seo company

We created this page and loads more to show how great we are at thing we say we’re good at, so we could get you here, it’s the same process you need to achieve and we think a little white lie is excusable to get that point across.

Hopefully you agree.

Anyway, because we’re not in Cambridge and because of the unique way we’re set up we can offer Cambridge SEO at prices that can be 40% of the like-for-like costs.

As an example, our average client spends around £800 per month with us on Cambridge SEO and they achieve loads for that, our client-retention rate is 98%.

Other Cambridge SEO company’s charge an average of £2100 per month for the same services, you can thank huge overheads, masses of competition and paying a premium for living in Cambridge for that.

Saving £1300 a month, you can have a great weekend in Monaco for that.

It goes without saying that SEO is the most cost effective marketing channel around.

One of our clients operates several channels in their marketing strategy, here’s what they pay per channel for a customer:

  • Pay per click – £21.45
  • Email marketing – £14.80
  • Press advertising – £78.50
  • SEO – £2.76

Now if you were that company and had saved £1300 a month with us, you could generate an extra 5652 clients a year with those savings.

Cambridge SEO has always and will always be the most cost-effective method of generating customers online or offline.

It works while you’re sleeping; it doesn’t go anywhere and isn’t going to disappear instantly if you stop doing it, unlike other forms of marketing.

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SEO is actually not SEO anymore

Search engine optimisation and all online marketing in general has gone full circle in the last decade.

If you’d have come to us in 2005 and asked to help with Cambridge SEO, we’d have charged you a few hundred quid, done a bit of onsite work, acquired a few links and bob’s your uncle, we’re winning.

Now though, Google is far cleverer, it had to compete with people like us manipulating the search results to favour our clients, and then came a point, a point when SEO in many people’s eyes died.

There was no funeral, we had to get on with it, in modern day SEO the practices and tactics we use branch in lots of different types of marketing.

Content, social media, blogging, affiliate marketing, PR, conversion optimisation, video, design and development are all elements required to participate in this SEO ‘game’ we find ourselves in.

Together those elements combine to create what is modern-day SEO.

#1 Cambridge SEO consultants

90% of the time we do everything for our clients, from strategy, systems and integration all the way to link building, onsite SEO and outreach.

But, occasionally we do a bit of consulting for larger enterprises that just need to be pointed in the right direction, we provide in depth strategies and action plans for them to take care of their own SEO.

It works really well, it’s a one-off cost and we can provide training alongside for specific practices if needed.

Give us a shout if you’re looking for a passionate team of Cambridge SEO consultants.

Why we’re leading the way with Cambridge SEO

Experienced – Over 30 year’s combined and dedicated SEO experience working in local small markets all the way up to the most competitive in the world like travel, insurance and finance.

Expertise – A dedicated and specialist SEO team, that’s all we do, we’re focused, passionate and solely geared towards achieving everything that’s possible.

Innovative – At the forefront of online marketing we’re innovative, creative and renowned in the region for achieving in emerging markets.

Results focused – Every single campaign we take on is geared towards an end-goal, social followers, traffic, leads, sales, bounce rates or bottom line ROI are just some of the things we’ve been targeted with in the past.

Proven track record – Our results speak for themselves, our clients speak for us and we outrank every other SEO company we come up against.

Outstanding support – We don’t outsource anything, we’re all always on hand to provide advice or answer any questions and you’ll speak to the exact people who are doing your work, not an account manager or junior who won’t be in the loop.

Cambridge Office:
dapa Marketing Ltd.
The Grafton Centre

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For those of you out there who own small businesses, here’s some great tips from our blog about how to excel with SEO:

With advances in smart device technology advancing all the time and access to the internet becoming available wherever you are, Google searches are quickly becoming the most popular way of sourcing products and services.

In order for a small business to survive in a sea of competitors, it is highly important that they stay up to date with advances and ensure that they take advantage of their website, optimising their search visibility and making sure that potential clients are able to find them easily.

SEO is one of the most innovative marketing methods, and is becoming of increasing importance to many businesses as entrepreneurs realise the opportunities involved in being at the forefront of Google search results.

As more and more businesses invest in this opportunity, competition also increases and there is constant rivalry within the industry.

To get a head start on your small business’s SEO, the following are the top 50 tips and tricks for a great Cambridge SEO campaign.

Quality content

Creating high quality content for the pages on your website and the links which are made is one of the most important aspects of the Cambridge SEO campaign.

Make sure the content is relevant, interesting and well researched; this will mean that Google robots analyse the website favourably, increasing your rankings substantially.

Quality over quantity

It is better to write less quality content than reams of meaningless words which are padded out with waffle.

It is better to write little and often than a poor quality, long article that will be of no interest to anyone.

Eye-catching headings

If you are blogging and writing articles, write them about something people will actually be interested in and want to read, with a good headline people will click on.

This will increase the popularity of your website and the links you create may also start ranking.

Include your keywords in the URL

Including keywords which are likely to be searched by potential clients in the URL of your website makes it easier for Google robots to analyse the topic of your website, meaning that you are more likely to rank for relevant key words and search terms.

Use Alt tags with keywords

Ensure that all images on your site have Alt tags to go with them.

These descriptions are for the visually impaired, and including them on your website means that Google will reward you with higher rankings for being available to everyone.

Keyword density

It is highly important to ensure that your keyword density is on top form. Too few keywords and your page may fail to rank for relevant searches.

However, if you pack the content full with keywords, it will likely make for an irritating read, whilst also making your camping appear forced.

This is likely to do more bad than good for your Cambridge SEO, meaning that you could be faced with penalties from Google and bad rankings.

Include keywords in headings and subheadings

Including keywords in your headings and subheadings means that Google will be able to identify the topic of your website and you will therefore rank highly for relevant key terms and searches from potential clients.

Strong meta descriptions

Make sure the meta description for your website is appealing, relevant and strong.

It is best to keep your meta descriptions between 150 and 160 characters long.

Also, make sure that each meta description is unique to each separate page.

Decrease the loading time for your website

It is a well-known fact that internet surfers prefer pages which load quickly, and Google has the same preference.

If your page fails to load within a matter of seconds, it is likely to rank lower and if a visitor does click on your website they may just leave immediately if the page is too slow, so optimise your loading time.

Original content

Do not copy content from other pages or websites, as this will be picked up by Google robots instantly and your rankings will plummet very quickly.

Consistent Schedule

Update your blogs on a regular basis.

This will mean that visitors to your site will be able to keep track of your schedule, and you will get returning visitors who will start to favour your website and services, as will Google.

Ask your readers what they would like to read

The opinion of your readers and website visitors is the most important one to rely on.

To become more popular, ask the opinion of your reader what they would like to see from you and your blog, and then follow it up by writing about it.

People will then start to take a massive interest in your writing and you will gain popularity, thus eventually heightening your rankings.

You will also get interest via your comments section, making your website appear more popular and interesting.

Update website content regularly

It is important to make sure that your website stays up to date and on trend.

If your content is outdated or old, Google will analyse your website to be poor, resulting in decreased rankings across Cambridge.

Update your content regularly, making sure it is current and relevant.

Link to relevant articles

When building links, make sure that you are linking to relevant articles which are not spam.

If your website is linked to spammy articles and websites, it will be analysed to be of lower quality, resulting in lower rankings.

Good grammar and spelling

Google robots are hot on grammar and spelling errors.

It is a good idea to initially write your content using Microsoft Office or a similar product which conducts an automatic spelling and grammar check, and make sure to proofread your content before adding it to the website.

Include multimedia content

Videos, images and infographics help a website to rank, as they make it more visually appealing and readable, meaning it will be more of an enjoyable experience for your visitors.

Create internal links

It is highly important to build up a good structure to your website, including internal links to other pages.

However, do not go overboard on this concept, as it will add confusion to a page.

It is recommended that no more than 100 internal links are built per page.

Fix broken links

Make sure that all of your links are working correctly.

404 errors will lower your rankings in search results, and customers will also be frustrated by broken links.

Identify problems by running regular audit checks on your website and fixing any errors that occur immediately.

Appropriate reading levels

The content of your website should be an appropriate reading level for potential clients.

Industry related jargon will be unappealing to most new clients, and it is important for your clients to be able to skim the text too.

Break the text up into paragraphs or bullet points and include images and diagrams to make it easier to understand and read.

Write useful content

Make sure that the content is useful, and the information is correct.

If the content does not answer or relate to the keywords, terms and questions searched by your potential clients, Google robots will quickly pick up on this and your rankings will decrease rapidly.

Use bullet points and numbered articles

This will make the text easier to read for visitors, and the article will therefore be more appealing to read.

Avoid affiliate links

If your website contains too many affiliate links, Google will analyse it to be an affiliate company and it is less likely to rank highly.

The website is also likely to be analysed as dubious in terms of quality.

Instead of using affiliate links, create original links to relevant article and pages.

Fix any Html errors

Much like 404 errors, Html errors will also be picked up on by Google robots, lowering your rankings.

Not only this, but Html errors have a negative effect on a visitor’s experience of using the website.

Good page layout

In order to ensure a good layout for visitor usability and solid Cambridge SEO, it is highly important to make sure that you keep up to date with current trends and ensure that the website looks simple, easy to understand and quality.

Use a geometric design, with asymmetry and an open composition.

Include the keyword in the domain name

Domain name certainly isn’t everything, but your website is more likely to rank if the keyword is included within the domain name.

Pick your domain name so that it fits on with relevant search terms.

It is also good practise for your keyword to be the first word in the domain name.

Do not use spam links

Google will respond badly to spam or and ‘bought’ links.

It may sound like a great offer on first consideration, but buying hundreds of links to your website will do more bad than good for your Cambridge SEO campaigns.

This is because a large amount of links which are irrelevant and link to spam occurring all at once look suspicious to Google robots and you will receive penalties for this bad behaviour.

Use a localised domain extension

Google prefers websites which are localise to a particular country which you are targeting, for example if your business is based in the UK, choose a .co.uk domain extension.

Add a ‘Contact Us’ page to your website

Search engines always prefer for a website to have relevant information on them, such as a ‘Contact Us’ page, containing correct an relevant information about your office whereabouts and how potential clients can get in contact with you.

You could even create a contact form for your page.

Create a website which is understandable

Make sure that your website design is easy to understand, so that visitors know exactly what your site is for, the products or services you offer and how they can use your services.

Build up a good website reputation

If your website is not trustworthy, or aims to rip off customers, Google will be aware.

It is likely to have a high bounce rate, and you may receive negative reviews on your site or others.

Google loves websites which have a great reputation, meaning that they are likely to return to your website and convert multiple times.

Good site navigation

If a website has a good navigation system and is easy to find a way around, you are likely to achieve higher rankings and your onsite SEO will also improve meaning that customers are more likely to convert to clients.

Create YouTube links

Google owns YouTube, and links can be created from you own relevant YouTube videos to your website.

Your videos are likely to achieve high rankings in Google, and these can lead potential clients to your website.

Mobile optimisation

Smart phones are an increasingly popular way to conduct Google searches and find services and products online.

Optimising your website for mobiles will increase your rankings on Google and will allow potential customers to use your services wherever they are on their mobile.

Limit site downtime

If your website takes too much maintenance time, it may go down from time to time or for long periods of time.

Make sure that you have a website maintenance system in place to ensure that the downtime of your website is limited, this way you will not be losing any traffic unnecessarily.

Install a sitemap

Sitemaps make websites easier to crawl by search engines, and this will make it easier for your website to be indexed, thus heightening your rankings.

Link to trusted websites

When you are link building, make sure that you create links to your website via trusted, well-reputable and well-established websites which have been around for a long time.

These links are likely to get you the most substantial results in terms of your Cambridge SEO and rankings.

Limit outbound links

Outbound links on your website should be limited, otherwise searchers may be diverted to another page and you could lose business.

Only link to other sites if they are paying for advertisements, if they relate back your website (e.g. YouTube links) or if they are being used as reference and are not competitors.

Use social media to your advantage

Create pages on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and post regularly on them to promote them, whilst also keeping them up to date on your news.

Then makes sure posts abut blogs and offers etc. are linked to your website.

This will increase traffic and create interest towards your site.

List your website on directories such as yell.com and Yahoo! Directory

Listing your website on local directories increases you localised Cambridge SEO and your generalised SEO too, so your website will rank higher for people searching locally who are more likely to be interested in your services.

Use Wikipedia to link to your website

Wikipedia is a very strong and powerful website with high domain authority, ranking in top position or if not very highly for multiple search terms and keywords.

Creating links from Wikipedia pages to your own website will be a highly regarded link by Google, and you are likely to be rewarded with higher rankings.

Positive human interaction

If people comment on your webize blogs and articles in a positive way, Google robots will pick up on the popularity, good PR and trustworthiness of your website and you will rank higher in search results.

Write press releases

A good, relevant press release will be recognised as a Google trend, and it is likely to rank in the Google new section.

Create press releases and get them published (this may cost a small amount of money) to increase your rankings on both Google news lists and Google search results.

Create localised landing pages

If you are targeting particular locations, create keyword specific landing pages, for example if you are a furniture shop in Northampton, one of your landing pages could be entitled ‘Furniture shop Northampton’ and you could target that keyword within the content.

If you are targeting multiple locations, create a landing page for each location.

Steer clear from ‘unsafe’ words

Using ‘adult’ words will affect your Cambridge SEO in a negative way, as people who have turned on their safe search setting will not be able to see your page in their search results.

Encourage subscribers

Google prefers websites which have a lot of RSS subscribers, as this suggests a popular, trustworthy website with more authority.

Encourage subscribers by offering deals to people who subscribe and making it easy to subscribe, for example by offering a check box to subscribe when a client is making a transaction on your website.

Create co-citation links

Co-citation links are where two links are joined together on multiple occasions, in third party links, and when links are related and relevant, linked to high authority pages, they are able to increase the rankings of your website.

Make LinkedIn pages

Google ranks pages which also appear on LinkedIn as more trustworthy. It also helps if staff of your website have LinkedIn profiles and are linked to your company.

Avoid an unnatural influx of links

If your website suddenly acquires a large number of backlinks it is likely to be analysed to be an unnatural SEO campaign, and you may receive penalties from Google.

Make sure to keep your campaign looking natural by creating links gradually, making varied links and using SEO high authority links and a low percentage of low quality links.

Do not over-optimise your website

Having too many keywords and internal links on your website can make your campaign look unnatural, and is also likely to be a bad reading experience for your visitors, who will just leave your website straight away.

Make sure you don’t go overboard on your campaign; keep it simple and natural looking for the bets results.

Hiding affiliate links

Avoid bad Cambridge SEO practises such as hiding affiliate links via cloaking, as this will be see by Google robots and you will be penalised.

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