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"Literally changed my business forever" - Steve. B SEO Testimonial

Milton Keynes SEO? We Can Help You:

SEO Milton Keynes Specialists:

SEO is fundamental if you want to drive positive traffic to your website. In order to make your business visible online, SEO is essential. That’s where we come in, offering your business a top class and diverse SEO Milton Keynes service. At dapa, we don’t deal in fluff. We’re all about the bottom line results so tiptoeing around the point is not our style. We’ll always be brutally honest with you when it comes to ranking your business on Google.

At dapa, we don’t deal in fluff. We’re all about the bottom line results so tiptoeing around the point is not our style. We’ll always be brutally honest with you when it comes to ranking your business on Google.

Attract More People to your Site…

From SEO to PPC, our experienced team can help attract more people to your website. We offer a tailored service to each of our clients because we understand that everyone has different needs. Some of our clients who have chosen our SEO Milton Keynes service want a small boost up the Google rankings. We have others clients that want a bigger package. Diversity is our thing so we offer both.

The saying ‘no job is too big’ works for a lot of companies that offer SEO in Milton Keynes. Being SEO experts, we know that some jobs are just not feasible. Don’t get us wrong, this isn’t because we don’t think we can do it. Often, we have potential clients come to us with a campaign that just isn’t realistic and frankly too ambitious.

Our SEO in Milton Keynes isn’t for everyone but we’ll provide you with a custom made strategy handmade for your business.


You’re coming to us today, for two potential reasons:

  1. You’re not particularly happy with your current SEO service in Milton Keynes.
  2. Or perhaps you’re just looking for more business in Milton Keynes through SEO. We are very well known in the world of SEO and this reflects in our work. We’re not ones to blow our own trumpet but we’re good.

Our custom made SEO Milton Keynes service will help your business grow and allow you to gain more customers. Here at dapa, we are know for our quality campaigns and the SEO we do in Milton Keynes.

Take The Next Step In Your Business:

We’re happy to work within any sector with our SEO Milton Keynes services. Many companies across the area are taking advantage of our services. As well as expanding businesses, we also work alongside all our clients with a designated account manager. This ensure that everyone who chooses us gets the best bang for their buck. Our SEO Milton Keynes service is built for your business because we know that needs differ when it comes to buisness.

We aren’t interested in spinning some kind of complex yarn, we believe the truth speaks for itself and bottom line results are the ROI you need. If you make money, we make money and then we’re all happy. So if you’re thinking about taking the next step in growing your business then our SEO Milton Keynes service could be for you.

Milton Keynes SEO? Why choose Us… 

We’re not going to name names but we’ve heard a few stories about less than satisfactory SEO in Milton Keynes companies. However, we’re all about the positives, so we’ll just continue to talk about how great we are instead…

SEO Milton Keynes is not as simple as it used to be. Google has changed and evolved greatly as well as introduced in algorithms and penalties for those devious black hatters – none of our clients have ever been negatively affected by any penalties and our work is based on what Google does not what Google says. We wouldn’t call Google a close friend but we know how it works and what things we should and shouldn’t do.

SEO isn’t a straightforward process and unfortunately, it can take a lot of time and it’s because of this that we are dedicated to constantly talking to our clients and informing them on exactly what has been going on on their campaign from the beginning. We know about SEO Milton Keynes and we don’t withhold any secrets when it comes to informing our clients whether their budget coincides with their expectations.

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Milton Keynes SEO: Here’s Some More…

Been burnt before from anSEO Milton Keynes company? You’ve probably read through all this and you’re thinking, ‘okay, this is all very well and good but I’ve heard all this before.’

Yes, it is true that SEO Milton Keynes is a competitive market, but our overall goal is to ensure your company receives more business. As we said before, don’t take on any clients that we don’t think will be successful in the long term, we measure our success by your success.

We are confident that we can help your business, no matter the size. All we really need from you is your main goal and where you want to see your business going. By providing us with this information we will be able to give you the best tailored SEO Milton Keynes campaign for your business as well as informing you on chances to expand in the future.

Milton Keynes SEO Google Image

Our SEO Milton Keynes approach is very transparent so you will know exactly what work we are doing, whether that is optimizing your website or creating a range of backlinks to your website. Google loves positive links back to your website from reputable articles and websites as it is classed as a vote of confidence when it comes to your products and services.

As we have previously mentioned, we know how Google works and this is why we like to keep our links varied to keep things looking as natural as possible. We do not obtain links, we create them. Yes, you read correctly! We create each and every link from scratch so Google knows that your website comes across as naturally reliable.

SEO is an addition to your businesses success, not a quick fix solution.

We’re humble folks, with humble ideals and we appreciate that bottom line results are the only way to show you how good we are when it comes to SEO Milton Keynes. So give us a call today on 0800 634 3007 to speak to one of our experienced advisors about what we can do for your business.

SEO Milton Keynes: Content is King

Top quality content encourages visitors to link back to your website and makes your page more interesting. Here at dapa we encourage our writers to create interesting and authoritative content on our client’s websites as this is what Google loves!Milton Keynes SEO Content is KingGoogle appreciates good content so as well as your website getting a helping hand in the eyes of Google- the search engine itself is also gaining from your great content by showing your content in the search results.

SEO Milton Keynes? Have Some Tips:

Ok, we earn a living out of this stuff so we’re not going to reveal all our secrets but we are happy to share a few tips with you to encourage Google to recognise your website.

  1. Great Content Google wants to rank great content and this is the reason why it is so successful. It’s an informative and reliable source that everyone around the world uses for absolutely everything! Need a plumber? ‘Google it’. Need directions? ‘Google it’. Did you know that ‘Google’ is actually a verb in the Oxford dictionary? Surely this alone gives some type of insight into how influential the search engine actually is. It is for this reason that we MUST provide Google with content that it deems as informative to searchers. Our SEO services in Milton Keynes includes a fantastic team of ‘Google friendly’ content writers who are trained to create content that not only Google loves but readers love too.
  2. Natural Link Building – We have spoken about ‘natural content’ countless amounts of time but we can’t exaggerate how important this actually is. If you have your own website, you would have without a doubt heard the term ‘link building’ before. Google is fantastically smart and it know exactly whether or not your link building methods back to your website is natural or not. Googles algorithms were made to detect ‘unnatural’ links and this is why black hat SEO is a bad option for you. Yes, it may be a quick fix, but in the long run you will end up regretting this and could end up with a penalty to your website.
  3. Optimise Your Pages – Every SEO expert will be able to tell you that keywords are important and this is why keywords for your website is VERY important. So do some research and find out what the most relevant keywords for your site are and ensure that you are checking out your competitor’s website for some sneaky hits and tips. The great thing about us is the fact that or SEO experts in Milton Keynes know their stuff, so we can help you to decide on these keywords and everything that comes with them.

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SEO in Milton Keynes: What is Google friendly?

In order for your site to become Google friendly, you will be required to follow a few rules. Here at dapa, we are pros at making websites Google Friendly. The single most important thing to do is provide our customers with high-quality content on web pages, especially on the homepage. If your pages contain useful information, then your content will attract many visitors and entice webmasters to link to your site. In creating a helpful, information-rich website we write pages that clearly and accurately describe your topic from top to bottom. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think about the words users would type into the search engines to find your pages and include these words on your site.

Here at dapa, we make sure your site isn’t unnaturally stuffed with keywords. Google does not encourage low ranking quality pages and why would it? There is much more informative content out there that is much more specific for users.

The SEO Milton Keynes services we offer stays clear of spammy content, as deliverability remains to be a difficult subject to tackle. There are a number of factors which highly influences your deliverability. Identification and reputation both play a fundamental part in your SEO campaign. So what is the easiest means to control when dealing with the spam filter? Your content.

Build a site which has relevant links, Google definitely does not approve irrelevant links, we all know that. When returning results for a search, Google uses sophisticated text-matching techniques to display pages that are both important and relevant to each search.

Our Milton Keynes SEO services encourage our customers that content and link building is extremely important. By linking to websites that match your content, Google algorithms can distinguish natural links from unnatural links. When other sites find your content valuable and helpful they tend to develop a natural link to your site and develop as part of the dynamic nature of the web. Unnatural links are specifically placed with the intention to make your site look more popular to search engines.

We know that Google has changed and our SEO Milton Keynes services can provide you with the latest methods in which Google works. This comes in handy for the indexing and ranking of your site and we can assist you in building natural links.

To be accepted as a genuine and natural source to Google you will need an easily accessible site. Our SEO Milton Keynes experts work at building a logical link structure for a site, so that every page is reachable from at least one static text link.

We know that some SEO Milton Keynes companies constantly push their potential clients to buy your services. We know that deliverability and engagement is important, sometimes arguably more than the content itself. We aim to provide helpful and informative content that is never marked as spam.

Optimising Your Site With Our SEO Milton Keynes…

Optimising a website requires a range of onsite and offsite changes. Optimising your site helps boost your website rankings on all the major search engines and it also increases performance optimisation. This ensures that your website runs quickly and smoothly. Here at dapa, we have all the tools and utensils that your business needs in order to create valuable your content. In short, we know what it takes to be Google friendly.

Importance of Great Content

Great quality content is what is going to set you apart from the crowd. We understand that the level of competition out there is huge and what is going to set you apart from everyone is extremely valuable content. Therefore, we believe that having a tactful approach and providing good content which delivers the right message to customers is the way forward. The success of your website is determined primarily by its content. All the additional components of your website such as design, visuals, videos, etc. are providing a secondary support role. Thus our ultimate (return on investment) is the content.

Effective taglines and great design will act like a punch line and will only enhance your contents effectiveness. Design is all about visuals and if something looks pleasant your product or service is all the more presentable but it’s important to know that you cannot sell the design itself and this is where content comes in. We aim to deliver you fire content.

Publishing good content benefits your site and ultimately your business. By growing the number of people visiting your website through search engines. We have done all the research and gained numerous amounts of knowledge on what content attracts Google. Frequently updated content is very important, it increases the popularity of a site, after all we are looking to provide content that people would want to see.


When you are posting content in the hope of customers approaching you, then you need to make sure that you are posting something that is relevant and loaded with useful information on your website in the form of blog posts or articles.

This gives prospective customers a glimpse of your as expertise in the industry and makes them more inclined to generate a business with you. The use of content marketing, lets you establish and build credible lines of communication with your customers.

Market research enables you to gain an insight to your industry. It will help you determine your high-value customers and you can figure out how you will go about targeting this customer.

By using relevant keywords that coincide with your website content will enable searchers to find what they are looking for on your site when they search using specific keywords.

Keywords are of massive importance for every business website as they drive targeted traffic to your business for free. In simple terms- keywords are the words and phrases that internet user’s type into a search engine, such as Google, for them to find what details they are looking for on websites.

Putting some thoughts and effort into researching your target keywords for the website is an investment worth making. The free tools and resources available online makes it easy to discover the ways to use targeted keywords and enables your site to get qualified leads to your web pages.

It would make sense to create pages on your website targeting those keywords by providing relevant information to online searchers about what they are looking for. We have created some in-depth information about how to develop content targeted at specific keywords to improve how you optimise your site for search engines online.

How Our Milton Keynes SEO Services Can Help You?

Google, as you know is very difficult to understand. If you are looking forward to increase the exposure for your website on Google and you feel a bit of advertising and marketing is going to help you, then we are sorry; as such is not the case. You may be wary of SEO Milton Keynes because you were previously burnt and you should be because trying to decipher the puzzle of gaining exposure on Google is difficult.

Here at dapa, we are the SEO experts in the town. We know how to work our way around it and are here to help you – our customers.

Don’t get us wrong- we aren’t going to bombard you with a SEO Milton Keynes guideline book. What we are going to in fact do that for you is provide you with the vast experience in the SEO industry so you can at least understand to a certain extent how things work on Google- because let’s face it, it is a tricky one. Want to take a look at that as well? Read on…

First Step

The first and foremost the first thing we are going to do for you is, get your site in great shape- just like an athlete needs to train for a sports event we need to prep your site for greatness. You’re probably thinking ‘what do you mean by that’? We’re taking about site construction. You should be well aware about Google crawls and all the Google updates such as Google Panda or Pigeon. This doesn’t imply that your site will be ‘crawl-friendly’. So, initially, what we will do is build your site so meticulously that it gets crawled efficiently and never gets caught up in the Google Update.

How will we achieve that?

It is not possible to achieve this target without a stringent analysis if Google. We are well aware about all the latest updates when it comes to Google, based on which we twist and turn our content to make fantastic.

The latest Google update is one that focus on the content of a page that it is crawling rather than just looking at its backlinks. We know the essence of using great quality content. But, quality is not just the key. The content that is used for doing SEO also has to be of great relevance. It must be in orientation with your site and nature of it. Any irrelevant content linked to your site can get you penalised by Google and so, at dapa we make sure that you don’t get that swindled while we are taking care of your SEO Milton Keynes.


With great content also comes the right keywords that will help your page gain more value on Google. Using wrong keywords or stuffing your page or backlinks with an excess number of keywords can also get your site penalised. However, we are well aware about that as well and so indulge in no such practise.

Google is quite complex to understand and to deal with while you aim at gaining a great ranking on it so as to land up in its initial response list. With SEO Milton Keynes we are more than happy to ease your way towards it.

What are Alt Tags?

At dapa we know that we have to make your website appealing to search engines. That’s when it will give you a great ranking. However, we also understand that while you do SEO in Milton Keynes, you also have to keep a tab on enhancing the visual aspect of your website, without which no user will to scroll down to the end of it.

That’s why, for the sake of it, we have to add pictures to the content that we develop for you. You may think that the pictures that we put work just for the sake of beautifying your content, but such is not the case. Remember that we are one of the best and most experienced SEO Company in Milton Keynes. This means that we know what we do and we know it to the core. That’s why we also use the images to do SEO. This is where Alt Tags come into play.

Alt Tags

AN Alt Tag, also known as the ‘Alt Attribute’ and ‘Alt description’, is an HTML attribute that is applied to image tags to provide a text alternative for search engines. This is done because the algorithms of the search engines can only recognise the text aspect of the content that is uploaded while we do SEO for you. These algorithms don’t recognise the images that are there in the content, that’s why adding a text aspect to the images makes then recognisable for the algorithms, thereby aiding in optimising your site.

Using Alt Tags

There are many E-commerce sites that have to be optimised using SEO. Now such sites are obviously going to have more of images and less of text. In such cases, using Alt Tags for optimising such sites becomes very much essential for us.

We being the specialist SEO Company in Milton Keynes know that your site has to be made as well as optimised to such an extent that it gets the best of ranking. For this sake the site has to be made such that it can be even accessed from a browser that cannot even load images.

In such scenario, if your site has many images it becomes difficult for such browsers to open your site. That’s the second reason we use Alt Tags. This is because when sites have images having a text aspect to them, they open on such low and slow processing browsers.

Want Some More Information?

"Literally changed my business forever" - Steve. B SEO Reveiws We will get back to you ( normally within 10-30 minutes )

Onsite and Offsite SEO. What’s the Difference between the two?

We are not sure if all the companies of SEO in Milton Keynes that you may approach to will clarify the difference between onsite and off site SEO. But since we value our clients and believe in total transparency, we would love you to explore the difference between the two and know what exactly are we going to do for you.

Onsite SEO

Lets talk about the onsite SEO. So, the thing is that when we at Dapa take up to do SEO in Milton Keynes for you, it initially becomes mandatory for us to optimise your own webpage (not that offsite SEO is not mandatory). It is then that we can proceed towards other SEO practices that will further give you a boost to attain the ranking that you are aiming to get on any of the search engine.

In a nutshell, onsite SEO is all that we do to your site to optimise it. So, the key factor that contribute towards achieving that are,

  • The domain name
  • The meta description
  • Web contents
  • Internal links
  • Tags and meta tags
  • Anchor texts
  • Rick media files
  • Bounce rate
  • Loading speed

Amongst all of these, the web content is the main factor that we pay a lot of attention to as it matters the most while we do onsite SEO in Milton Keynes. We ensure that the content present on your site is unique and is in relevance as well as orientation of the nature of your website. We do this so that your site doesn’t get caught in any of the Google update such as the Panda or Pigeon. We at Dapa are well aware of these updates and so focus the most on the keyword and content that is developed for your sake while we optimise your site.

Another important aspect of onsite SEO that we focus on is the meta description. This particular thing can heavily influence the search user’s decision on whether to check your site or not. Since we being the experts at SEO know this, we pay a load of attention towards developing a great meta description for your site such that it aids well in improving your ranking on the search engine. Even though these two are the most important aspects for doing onsite SEO in Milton Keynes, we also pay equal attention towards the other aspects that contribute towards it.

Offsite SEO

Though we talked about Onsite SEO first, it doesn’t imply that offsite SEO has to be ignored while you are doing SEO in Milton Keynes.

We at dapa are the SEO experts and so we know that while we do your onsite SEO, it is important for us to do it offsite as well to give you the optimum results.

To be precise, offsite SEO includes all the optimisation activities that you do outside your own webpage. For us to do offsite SEO for you, we are mainly required to do

  • Link building
  • Reputation management
  • Social media engagement

The main thing here that we focus on is link building. It is not just something that will help you optimise your site, as it will also drive a significant number of traffic on your site. For the sake of this, we indulge in developing great quality, relevant content for you which then we link to other webpages using our SEO methods.

Other than link building, we also work on reputation management and social media engagement, as these two are also important while we do offsite SEO for you. As we excel in this industry, we can guide you through the best way to achieve all your SEO targets.

Milton Keynes SEO: Key Word Research 

Before we take up your site for optimising it on the search engine, we have to write content for the sake of it. You may be well aware about this. You may also know that the few appropriate keywords have to be added to that content while you do SEO in Milton Keynes.

But, we are not bestowed with keywords that will work the best for you! We have to find them and for that sake you have to do some keyword research.

So, what exactly is Key word Research?

The process of keyword research is done so as to find the words and common phrases that the internet users are likely to search such that they directly link to your business, product or service for which you have made the website.

For instance you are a bike dealer in Milton Keynes and we are doing SEO in Milton Keynes for you then may be, your keyword can be ‘Milton Keynes bike dealer’. However, this is not just the keyword you will have, there will be many keywords that will be researched and used by us, for the sake of doing SEO for you.

What is the Importance of Key word Research?

Quite simple; if we don’t use the most common words or phrases that users will search the net with, that link to your nature of business, then you will never be able to gain a great ranking on the search engine, thereby not having your website in the initial response list of the search engine.

Not just this, without properly researched keywords you cannot do SEO in Milton Keynes. This is because without precise keywords, we cannot develop content that is relevant to your website, thus you will also get deprived of traffic that you actually need to have for a successful SEO campaign.

Also, if wrong keywords are used for your website and your site gets optimised using those keywords then you will get all the irrelevant traffic on your page which will be frustrating.

This may also get you in additional troubles. That is, if you use irrelevant keywords and irrelevant content that may be in accordance to those keywords, that is no where linked to the nature of your business, then your site may get caught in any of the Google update and may get penalised, thereby adding to the trouble.

However, you may not take any stress about it. We at dapa are experts and know our way around while we do SEO in Milton Keynes. That is why we understand the importance of keyword research and so provide you with the best of the keywords that will get your site to sore the SEO charts.

Domain and Page Authority

We are dapa and we are the SEO specialists. We don’t claim this just like that! This is because we know all the integrities of SEO. That is why we know that only doing SEO in Milton Keynes wont help optimise your page. You will need something more, in fact two more things; and they are Domain and Page Authority.

Domain Authority

Domain Authority is the score that is developed by us to predict how well your website is going to be ranked on the search engine result pages. This is basically required to know the effectively of the SEO that we do for your webpage.

Domain Authority score ranges from 1 to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank.

The calculation of this score is done by many of our other link metrics. The score then achieved can be used while comparing one site to another or while tracking the ranking strength of your website.

To help Domain Authority calculations approximate actual ranking positions, we employ machine learning against Google’s algorithm to best model how their search engine results are generated.

Talking for our knowledge and past experience, sites that have large number of high-quality external links end at the top of the Domain Authority scale where as small sites that have lower number of backlinks and ‘not-so-great’ quality content end at the bottom of the scale.

We at Dapa excel in providing you with great quality content as well as amazing backlinks; that’s why while we work for you to do SEO in Milton Keynes; your boat never rocks at the end of the scale.

Page Authority

We have Domain Authority to deal with the knowledge about the ranking of your domain. But for us to do SEO on a successful rate, we are required to optimise every page of yours as well and for that we need to know their individual ranking also.

That’s why when we are onto it, we use the Page Authority to predict how well a specific page is going to rank on the search engine result page.

Again, Page Authority rank is also measured on the scale of 1 to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank. Just like the Domain Authority score, we can also influence and improve your Page Authority score of every page that belongs to your website.

However, we constantly update the algorithms that are used by us to calculate Page Authority, so you may see your score fluctuate from time to time.

Difference Between Domain and Page Authority

So, while the Domain Authority gives the score of your domain or subdomain to predict its ‘to be’ ranking, the Page Authority is used to measures the predictive ranking strength of a single page. That’s all!

How dapa Can Help You…

Are you are looking forward towards approach a company that does SEO in Milton Keynes? Then shift your sight right here! We are Dapa, the SEO specialists who excel in SEO practices and have a great experience in the same. Thinking how we can help you? Then read further.

SEO Milton Keynes Specialists

We already stated, why you need to approach us for doing SEO in Milton Keynes for you. Now let’s know in detail about what we can do for you! We at dapa use our extensive knowledge in the field of SEO and put it to optimum use, just to fetch the best rankings on Google for your website.

We can help you by proving a great quality content that is unique, plagiarism free and relevant free. You may be aware that using bad quality content affects your SEO; well, so are we aware about it and so the content provided by us is such that it makes your site crawl friendly and never gets it trapped into the hands of the Google Panda or Penguin.

Our SEO Practices

Content is just the part of the services that we have to offer for doing SEO in Milton Keynes for your website. After the content is developed from our end, we use it for the sake of onsite as well as offsite SEO that is again done by us.

Our SEO Milton Keynes experts here work meticulously such that your site gets a great value on the Google, thereby it getting facilitated to rank well which eventually ends it in the initial response list of the Google search that is done by your target audience.

Well, it doesn’t end here. After we have built your site and optimised it, we keep on adding more and more backlinks to it whenever we see the call for it. We keep adding content, which in turn helps in keeping your site on the topmost position of the search lists. How much better can it get?

Progress Tracking

Yet, if this hasn’t gotten a smile on your face then let us try more. We would love it! So, not just the content and SEO, here at dapa also track the amount of traffic that you are receiving every day. We track the progress of any campaign that is run to optimise your site by checking the number of visitors that you get.

We match it with the number of visitors we expect you to get and then find the issues that are not fetching you the number. Then what do we do next? Simple, we attack! This means that we solve the problem using different methods of SEO and ensure that you get optimum traffic.

Remember, we at dapa are here just for you, if you want to do SEO in Milton Keynes and will be happy to work for you.

We are known to excel in the field of SEO in Milton Keynes, our testimonials and case studies say it all!

Getting White Label SEO from us: One of the best Milton Keynes SEO Companies

Our client list is forever growing at a great pace and our SEO strategies keep developing with time. We, being one of the main players in this market, know how competitive the SEO market is; yet, we cant help ourselves from helping the all the ones who desire to set their foot in the SEO industry.

This is exactly where the feature of white label SEO comes into place. So, if you are also one of the many wanting to join the SEO world but don’t have the precise tools to do so, then you are welcome to be our associate. Read on further to know how you can achieve that.

Our SEO Milton Keynes White Label Services

SEO Milton Keynes is a very tough market to emerge as an outstanding performer and if you are a young seed amidst this vast span of market that is dominated by well-established company then you may definitely need certain help form one of the professionals.

Well, this is exactly what we are here for. We can provide you with White Label SEO tools that you can use for your business. You need not be an emerging SEO company; you can also be an entity of a varied business nature but still may make use of our white label SEO tools for the sake of doing SEO Milton Keynes for your business. So, lets take a look at what white label SEO is.

Can you faintly remember your last visit to a nearby super market? Did you notice some goods up for sale that we branded with the name of that supermarket? Well, it is certainly not plausible that the supermarket produced those goods; then why were they bearing its name? Is the question! Now, that is because some other producer had his product branded in that supermarket’s name so as to gain more sales. Such products with no definite or own brand name are called as white label products as they can be branded in any brand’s name.

Now, apply the same logic here for SEO in Milton Keynes. We are dapa, one of the most reputed SEO companies in Milton Keynes. Yet, we have certain tools of SEO that we can provide you with so that you can brand them in your name and use them for your benefit. Such tools that you will get from us are called as white label tools as we will be constructing them but you will be using in your own name for your business. Interested already? There is more for you.

White Label Tools that we can provide for SEO in Milton Keynes

Eager to know what all tools of ours you can get your hands on? Read on then

SEO Audit Reports

This is our tool through which you can do PPC (Pay Per Click) audit or SEO audit of any of the website that belongs to your clients or your own website. The main advantage of using this tool for the sake of SEO in Milton Keynes is that it give you a report at the end of the audit that you can provide your client with to offer them solutions to their existing SEO problems or to get their site to work more efficiently than it would be doing currently. All the problems encountered by the site can also be taken into account by studying the report and things can be sorted by you for your client or for your own website.

Client Dashboard

You can use this tool to provide your client with a unique login through which they can monitor the progress of the campaign that you will do for them for the sake of SEO Milton Keynes. This tool provides all the necessary statistics and information that will enable your client to track the efficiency of the campaign.

But, it’s not jus the client who benefits from this tool; you being the SEO Milton Keynes provider hold the control over the clients’ login and so you can decide what they see on their dashboard. You can even customise it for them.

Keyword Tracking Report

Perhaps, this is the most important tool to be used while doing SEO Milton Keynes. In fact it si the most indispensable white label tool that you will required to have anyhow in your list to serve your clients better and efficiently.

This tool is that weapon that will kill it for you guys. It is the thing that will drive in business because it will help you know the most recent rankings for a chosen number of keywords. The reports provided by this tool can be used to show your clients how good a keyword is getting used for them and how well is it helping them fetch a better rank on the Internet.

Things to Consider before using our SEO Milton Keynes White Label Tools

Though we are here to provide you with some really great white label tools, we cannot let you use them without you qualifying for that. You see, we also have a reputation to maintain in the field of SEO Milton Keynes. So, for you to get associated with us, you need to,

  • Have a sound understanding of how SEO works
  • Have the ability to sell your business without over-promising
  • Have resources to deal with stuff related to SEO campaign that are not covered by our tools
  • Have a commitment with us to not charge the end client more than 20% above our price to you.
  • Have a minimum 30 days term with your client

Fulfill these conditions and you will get access to the tools used by us for the sake of SEO in Milton Keynes and your business will soar to new heights.

Google is complicated, how can you help me?

Google, as you know is very difficult to understand. If you are looking forward to increase the exposure for your website on Google and you feel a bit of advertising and marketing is going to help you, then we are sorry; as such is not the case. You may be aware about SEO in Milton Keynes and that is what you will be required to do, so as to decipher the puzzle of gaining exposure on Google.

SEO Milton Keynes: How We Can Help…

Well, when it comes to SEO in Milton Keynes here at dapa we are the experts in the town. We know how to work our way around it and are here to help you to the same.

No no; we aren’t going to bombard you with Milton Keynes SEO guidelines book! We are going to, in fact do that for you. We have vast experience in the SEO industry and know how things work on Google. Want to take a look at that as well? No problem, read on.

First Step in your Milton Keynes SEO Campaign.

The first and foremost thing that we are going to do for you is, get your site in a great shape. No what do we mean by that? Well, here we are taking about site construction. You would be well aware of the Google crawls and all the Google updates such as Google Panda or Pigeon. But this doesn’t imply that your site will be ‘crawl-friendly’. So, initially what we will do is build your site so meticulously that it gets crawled efficiently and never gets caught in any of the Google Update.

How will we achieve that?

It is not possible to achieve this target without stringent analysis if Google. However, you need not worry about that as we excel in doing that. We are well aware of all the latest updates of Google, based on which we twist and turn our content to make it through.

Talking about content, we provide you with great quality content. The latest Google update is such that it focuses on the content of the page that it is crawling rather than just looking at its backlinks. Thus we know the essence of using great quality content. But, quality is not just the key. The content that is used our SEO in Milton Keynes also has to be of great relevance. It must be in orientation with your site and nature of it. Any irrelevant content linked to your site can get you penalised by Google and so, we at dapa makes sure that you don’t get that ill-fated while we are taking care of your Milton Keynes SEO.

Keywords for your SEO in Milton Keynes Campaign

With content also comes, the right keywords that will help your page gain more value on the Google. Using wrong keywords or stuffing your page or the back links with an excess number of keywords can also get your site penalised. However, we are well aware of that as well and so indulge in no such practice.

Google is quite complex to understand and to deal with while you aim at gaining a great ranking on it so as to land up in its initial response list. But, if the experts providing SEO in Milton Keynes to you, then it is no longer that you achieve this target of yours and we will be more than happy to ease your way towards it.


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I-smart Case Study
iSmart Case Study

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We’ve helped them grow and flourish online through SEO in one of the most competitive markets in the world.

They are now the fastest growing company in the Midlands two years in a row.

We work together to ensure rankings are optimized, traffic is converting into customers and developing ways to improve their online presence.Read More Case Studies >>

Some of the SEO ‘Things’ We Get Up To

SEO is a goliath, there’s over 200 things that make up a solid campaign. On the most part we won’t bore you with the details, we’ll just take care of it, but here’s some of the headline acts.

Link Building

The most important strategy in any SEO campaign is link building. Typically this largely revolves around creating content which we handle too.


You have the resource internally to deliver SEO but you just need a helping hand with the strategy and some guidance.

On Site SEO

Though only 5% of SEO, the onsite factors behind a campaign are important.
The foundations are built at the start with small tweaks as we move forward.


Why is your website not ranking? Why is there no traffic? Finding out is often the key to making your campaign successful.


In our larger campaigns we work closely to make sure that once the traffic is arriving from SEO it’s actually converting in to more business.

Penalty Removal

Stuck in an SEO rut? With all the algorithm updates many websites have penalties and simply can’t rank on Google. We’re specialists at penalty removals.

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