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    "Literally changed my business forever" - Steve. BSEO Testimonial

    Looking for an SEO Consultant in London? Start Here…

    Looking for an SEO Consultant in London? Start Here…

    If you’ve landed on this page, we’re guessing that you are looking for an SEO consultant in London.

    Well, you’re certainly in the right place, because at dapa Marketing, that is exactly what we specialise in: SEO.

    Lucky for you, SEO is our speciality; we know that’s what we’re good at, and we’ve already proved this by getting you onto this page, probably via a Google search, right?

    Our specialism in SEO is focused, meaning that we are aiming for one target, but one which can be hugely lucrative when managed properly.

    What’s more, we make sure to achieve this goal for our highly valued clients.

    At dapa Marketing, we have seen many clients grow from being a one man band to a national success and our SEO consultant services in London have been a major contributor to the achievements of such companies.

    So, if you’re ready to expand your business dramatically and grow your client base, we are on hand to help you.

    As the leading SEO consultant in London, we have a team of specialists in niche areas of optimising your website to achieve the best rankings.

    With years of experience, a wealth of knowledge, expertise and skill, we have the ability to transform any website from dull to dazzling, and it .is sure to be starring at the top of the search results.

    I’ve got a website already; do I need SEO?

    Your website is your biggest marketing asset; allowing your services and products to be seen by everyone and anyone, whilst enabling you to portray your business in whatever way you fancy in a visual display.

    But, if your website is not seen by as many people as possible, you are not using it to its maximum potential.

    Google is by far the most lucrative marketing platform with massive potential for many businesses.

    Over 90% of online experiences starting with a Google search, so there is no wonder an SEO consultant in London could be the key to your next success.

    Advances in technology, devices and the internet are constantly improving, and as more and more people have access to the internet from wherever they are, online services are ever expanding, and you could use this massive platform to your advantage with the right skills.

    Every second, Google receive over 57,000 searches, and some of those are for services and products which you could supply, if only they could see your website before anyone see’s.

    If you’re one of the thousands of companies who are lagging behind, failing to reach out to a significant percentage of these people, an SEO consultant in London could be the next step in enhancing your business.

    You may well be thinking that your website is available on Google search results already.

    However, there is a difference between ranking highly on the first page, and ranking on page 68 of relevant search results.

    In fact, with 90% of Google users never going past the first page of results, and 60-70% of all search traffic clicking on the top 3 organic results, even if you’re on page 2 of Google your website is still unlikely to be found.

    With so much market available via Google, it is clear to see how much potential is available on this extensive platform.

    So, unless you are already ranking highly on the first page, an SEO consultant in London could do you the world of good for your business.

    Can I do my SEO myself?

    The short answer to this question is that yes, anyone can do their own SEO. However, if it was just that simple we’re pretty sure you wouldn’t be reading this page right now.

    At dapa Marketing, we don’t pretend to have all the answers and a magic trick which will get you the results you want instantly.

    However, there is a reason you have landed on this page, and it’s not only because we’re at the top of the search results. The following reasons are usually major contributors:

    • They do not have the knowledge and skills to make a real difference to their own campaign
    • They do not have the time or motivation to invest in their own SEO.

    So, if any of the above reasons apply to you, it looks like hiring a SEO consultant in London is the best option for you; in particular hiring dapa Marketing, the leading SEO consultant in London.

    Here at dapa Marketing, we receive many enquiries from clients who have either not entirely bothered with SEO in the past, those who have tried SEO themselves, and those who have hired either an in-house SEO specialist or an SEO consultant in London.

    Whatever your previous experiences with SEO in the past, at dapa Marketing we are here to put a completely different spin on your perspective. Even if you are not completely sure what an SEO consultant does, we are here to assure you that we do, and we are here to do it.

     So, what is this SEO business all about?

    Many people know that they need an SEO consultant in London, but are not exactly sure what SEO is.

    SEO stands for search engine optimisation, and is based on the principal that Google rank websites in a particular order of authority, according to a multitude of factors.

    On the most basic level, Google rankings can be thought of much like a popularity contest, with the most popular sites appearing at the top of the results.

    However, there are many other factors also to be included in the ranking of a website include the trustworthiness, quality, and relevance of the site.

    In fact, there are hundreds of factors which can influence your rankings, and a good SEO consultant in London will help you with all of them.

    Most businesses who are up to date on the advances of modern day marketing strategies would ideally like their website to be placed first in any organic search results which are relevant to their industry.

    This is because that is where searchers will see first and click on, potentially leading to more conversions.

    However, with such massive potential for success, everyone wants a slice of the SEO action, and it is important to note that there is a lot in the way of competition when it comes to reaching the top spots with your rankings.

    Getting your results in those places, however, is a different story.

    SEO is the work which is done in order to increase your rankings, aiming for the top positions.

    Good SEO consists of hundreds of factors, and as a specialist SEO consultant agency in London, we are not about to give the game away completely.

    All we can tell you is that good SEO is not one swift movement. It takes time, skill, knowledge and effort to get the results you want, but at dapa Marketing we have all of that at our fingertips.

    Who are dapa Marketing anyway and why should I trust you with my SEO?

    In case you hadn’t picked up on it already, dapa Marketing are a specialist SEO consultant in London. starting off as one man in his bedroom, we have quickly grown to a 40 strong team of specialists, and are still growing due to popular demand, happy clients, and of course our excellent rankings also rake in the traffic.

    Our head office is based in Northampton, but being a digitally based company, we now have a presence far and wide, and seemingly in the hub of where it’s at: London.

    So, you may well be wondering how you landed on this page for a Northampton based company, when you searched for an SEO consultant in London.

    Our answer to you is that this is true demonstration of the power of SEO right here on this page.

    As well as this, being a digitally based company, our location is not usually of much importance to the standard of work we achieve.

    Having said that, we are more than happy to come and see you, or vice versa in sunny Northampton.

    Many people see our results on the top pages, dominating major locations as well as our own and want a slice of the action.

    If you want us to get you similar results to our own, why look elsewhere?

    We are of the opinion that any company with good basic ideas and a website can become a success, as long as it gets the right exposure to the right people.

    Google is a ready made platform for appealing to thousands of potential clients who are all looking for your services, and as a leading SEO consultant for London based agencies, we know how to use it to the best advantage.

    At dapa marketing, we have made our success by SEO for ourselves, and for our highly valued clients. If you’re happy and making money from our services, so are we.

    We are just as committed to getting your results as you are, because if you become a success, so do we, and the same goes for all of our highly valued clients.

    My website is hopeless…I’ll never get ahead of the big brands!

    At dapa Marketing, many clients ask if we can do anything for their website, even if their company is tiny, just a start-up, a one man band, or is ranking painfully low.

    If you company is in this situation, there is no need to worry, as we can still help you.

    In fact, it is probably better to get started sooner rather than later on your campaign.

    There is no doubt that big brands and well known companies generally rank higher than smaller companies on Google.

    This is because they naturally have more authority than small start up companies.

    Google rankings can be considered to be somewhat of a popularity contest, and for this reason, business giants such as Amazon are difficult to compete with.

    Google try to even out this big business advantage with Google AdWords campaigns, which can be paid for and appear at the top of the search results.

    However, it is a well known fact that these campaigns are nowhere near as lucrative as SEO campaigns, gaining only 15% of the market.

    However, with the right strategies, focused keywords and long term commitments towards your SEO campaign, there is no need to worry; your rankings can still compete with the bigger companies.

    It is also important to note that some of the Google giants who appear at the top of the rankings are not necessarily competitors in terms of conversions, even though they are competitors in terms of Google rankings.

    An example is Wikipedia, who tend to rank very highly for a multitude of search terms, but would not generally be a direct competitor of the vast majority of businesses.

    For example, a person may search for the term ‘what is PPI?’, a term which is quite possible searched by many people looking to claim money for mis-sold PPI.

    Wikipedia ranks second in the organic search results for this search term. Despite its high ranking, Wikipedia provides information to visitors rather than services, and is therefore not a competitor for PPI claims companies.

    For this reason, although you may not be able to rank higher than the likes of Wikipedia and various other Google giants, those companies may not be of direct negative impact on your campaign.

    Even a person who clicks on the Wikipedia link is likely to find out the information they need and then move on to a PPI claims company.

    As a leading SEO consultant in London, dapa Marketing have worked with all sorts of companies, from big to small, and everything in between.

    We know how to create lucrative campaigns for small businesses in even the most competitive markets. Many companies choose to start with localised campaigns targeting longer tailed keyword which are less competitive.

    They then move on to more competitive keywords when they have conquered the smaller levels, and so on until they reach the success that are aiming for.

    What do dapa Marketing actually do?

    Considering that we are a leading SEO consultant in London, unfortunately we are not about to give the entire game away regarding what exactly we will do or your company, nor are we about to give you a step by step guide to optimising your website.

    However, we can tell you the basics of what you can expect us to help you with:

    Keyword targeting

    Most SEO campaigns are based on particular keywords, because companies want their websites to rank for searches which are relevant to their industry.

    If your company sells hair dye and is ranking first for ‘farm produce’, it is unlikely that you will be gaining anything from that ranking, whereas if you are ranking for ‘blonde hair dye’ your campaign is doing well.

    A good SEO consultant in London like dapa Marketing will work with you to choose your keywords on initiation of the campaign, to make sure that your keywords bring in lucrative results.

    At dapa Marketing, on initial discussion about your campaign, we work with you to decipher what keywords you would like to target for your campaign. This will include your aims, your target audience and a discussion as to what your potential clients are likely to search for.

    After our initial discussion with you, we conduct extensive research into the search volume and competitiveness of the keywords which are being proposed.

    Based on this research, we will be able to decipher what keywords to target to achieve the best SEO campaign for you.

    With years of experience in the industry, we are a top search engine consultant in London, and we know how to pick keywords which will bring the business rolling in.

    Some clients choose to target a few keywords, and some choose to target a multitude of keywords, depending on your aims, requirements and budget.

    Once keywords are chosen, landing pages entitled with the keywords are created and the keywords are included in the content where appropriate.

    This will allow Google to analyse the website to be relevant to the keywords you wish to target. When potential clients type your keyword into Google, your website will rank higher.

    However, it is highly important to make sure to include an optimum keyword density in the content. Too few keywords and your content may not rank for the keywords you wish it to, however too many keywords will make for an unnatural looking campaign.

    When Google analyses your content to be stuffed with keywords, your website could potentially go down in rankings, and in worst case scenarios you could even incur a penalty, meaning that you won’t be allowed to rank at all.

    If every other word is a keyword, your text will also make for a bad reading experience for your visitors. It is important to remember than in order to please Google, you firstly have to please your visitors.

    A good SEO consultant in London will ensure that your keywords are included only where appropriate and the campaign stays looking natural.

    At dapa Marketing, we believe we have come up with an exact formula for keyword targeting, with the optimum amount of keywords included in each piece of content.

    High quality websites

    At dapa Marketing, we are an SEO consultant in London who specialise in optimising your website for the purposes of Google.

    This means getting your website to rank highly, and in order to get to the top positions, you will need to have a quality website on your side.

    Google make their extensive success by providing users with the results they need; and that means that when users click on a top result, they expect to see an impressive website before their eyes.

    In order to back your campaign, you will need to ensure that your website is dressed to impress both your visitors and Google.

    This means ensuring that your online services are up to scratch, your site is easy to use for visitors and your conversion opportunities are also optimised.

    At dapa Marketing, we understand how a high quality website should look and work, and we know what makes Google robots tick to send your site to the top.

    A top quality SEO consultant in London will have many different aspects to their business, and they need to work as a team to maintain excellent results for clients.

    At dapa Marketing, our in house web developer works well with specialist content writers to ensure that your website is maintained, ensuring a high quality website which has the capacity to rank well.

    The quality of your website can be evaluated in a variety of different ways, and not only by Google robots.

    Comments made by visitors, star ratings and links from elsewhere are also crawled and will be considered when Google is ranking your website.

    To ensure a good ranking, it is important ensure that a good user experience is always provided.

    Increase the likelihood of your users rating you positively by responding to their comments, providing a good service after conversion via your website, and encouraging happy clients to write positive testimonials ad reviews.

    Onsite SEO

    Onsite SEO is the backbone of your campaign, and includes all the technicalities, content and features which are on the website.

    Some of the onsite SEO is visible to visitors on the site, whereas some is not, and is more to do with the general back workings of the site.

    Although onsite SEO only accounts for around 20% of the overall authority of your site, it is important to makes sure that it is top notch, because without good onsite foundations, your website will not rank as highly.

    At dapa Marketing, we deal with the onsite SEO first and foremost in a new campaign, and address this side of your SEO in the first month.

    This means that your website is set up and ready to fly up to the top of the search results.

    Our in-house web developer has much experience and expertise in perfecting a website’s onsite SEO, and our specialist content writers are pros when it comes to integrating great content into websites to get them ranking.

    After your onsite SEO is dealt with in the first month, we don’t just leave it there.

    We continue to regularly check it via onsite audits and general upkeep of the website.

    If new onsite tactics to improve your SEO are brought to light by the research team, they will be implicated onto your website.

    This will ensure that your website never falls behind on the current SEO trends.

    There are hundreds of factors which affect your onsite SEO, and all of them vary in levels of influence regarding your rankings, however all are important contributors to your SEO.

    Below are just a few of the onsite factors we work on here at dapa Marketing:

    • Loading time of your pages
    • Meta descriptions
    • Alt tags
    • Keyword inclusion
    • Image titles
    • Calls to action
    • Design of the website

    At dapa Marketing, our in house web developer and specialist content team know how to make the most of your website from an onsite SEO perspective.

    london seo consultants checkbox

    Although only the basics of an SEO campaign, the foundations are highly important.

    A good SEO consultant in London will ensure that the foundations of your website are top quality before moving on to the next step.

    Offsite SEO (link building)

    The other 80% of a great SEO campaign is based on work done behind the scenes.

    Although not generally seen by visitors to the site, the offsite element of an SEO campaign is the most important aspect which will help to grow the campaign.

    For this reason, here at dapa Marketing we prioritise link building to be one of the main aspects of our work, amounting to around 80% of our efforts on each campaign.

    Why is link building so important for SEO?

    Well, Google robots crawl websites and analyse them in terms of their authority. When websites are popular and relevant, they naturally gain links from other sites, who refer to the websites, review their products etc.

    In an SEO campaign, links are made to instil this popularity.

    However, the links which are made must appear natural, be relevant to your business and must contain quality content.

    Many companies deceive clients with ‘deals’ where they can buy a multitude of links.

    It is important to ensure that you employ a well-reputed SEO consultant in London, to ensure that you are only gaining links which will be beneficial to your campaign.

    Otherwise you could end up in a sticky situation where you are receiving negative results or your hard work.

    At dapa Marketing, we have years of experience in creating quality backlinks which will seriously up the ante of your campaign and rankings.

    We create links of varied levels of authority to make the campaign look as natural as possible.

    A link with low authority might be a comment on an article, for example, whereas a link with high authority could be from a mini site.

    Links which have high authority will have the largest positive impact on your rankings, however it is important to create links of all levels of authority so that the campaign looks natural and is consistent.

    Links with higher authority are also more time consuming to create, so it is important to keep up with the campaign on all levels to ensure that the campaign stays on track at all times, even when more time needs to be put into other aspects of the campaign.

    If links are not built correctly, are linked to spam or contain copied content, Google will not regard your efforts to be of any SEO value; your rankings will not improve, your rankings could go down, or in the worst case scenarios Google may imply penalties in which case your website will not rank at all.

    At dapa Marketing, we know how to build an architecture of links to your site which will make a good impact on your SEO campaign.

    We are a very reputable SEO consultant in London which are regarded as trustworthy, dependable, and we have the results to prove it.

    Why we’re the leading SEO consultants in London

    You may be wondering what sets us apart from the rest in terms of our SEO services, and why we are leading the way in our industry.

    Well, having been in the online marketing industry for years, we have built up a plethora of experience in the industry and we have proved ourselves to keep up to date with the ever changing trends of SEO and google algorithms.

    We have also achieved a lot in a short space of time, with our popularity growth also demanding an increase in the team.

    With years of experience and knowledge, we know how to create a great campaign according to the client’s individual needs and aims.

    Not every campaign is the same, so it takes strategy and skill to decipher what is needed for each case.

    With this experience also comes expertise. Our 40 strong team including web developers, team managers, a strategy team, link builders and content writers are specialists in their niche areas of SEO.

    we’re all incredibly passionate about what we do, knowing that the success of this very company came from the same service we are providing you with: SEO.

    SEO is an innovative new marketing strategy, and we too support ideas which are based on the same concept. From liquid concrete to wedding dresses, from pet shops to car wrapping, we work with companies from many different industries, and we promise to ensure that whatever industry you are working in, we can give you top class results.

    Being highly experienced in an emerging market of SEO ourselves, we are renowned for helping clients in emerging industries to achieve the results they gave been imagining, look no further for your SEO consultant in London; we are here to help you.

    At dapa Marketing, we don’t pretend to know your industry better that you do, but we ensure that we research your company and work with you to produce content you will be proud of and which represents your industry incredibly well.

    We are focused on the results of your campaign, ensuring that the results you see are worth every penny of your money.

    Depending on your aims, we make sure you see your returns on the investments you make and they are sure to impress you.

    Traffic, conversions, bounce rate, social followers and of course rankings are just some of the aims our clients have desired in the past; we are here to sort it out.

    As well as aiming for the top results, we are also committed to making sure that you see your results, as we keep you up to date with your campaign at every opportunity.

    We provide you with monthly reports, and we are on hand to answer any questions you may have and give you the support you need in terms of any technical difficulties, onsite or offsite issues you may have with your website.

    We make sure never to leave you in the dark about your campaign, and we are more than happy to answer all your questions.

    We do not outsource any our work; if needs be you can talk to any member of the team to resolve a problem.

    If all of that is not enough for you, we have a proven track record of clients who are incredibly happy with our work and are incredibly pleased with the progression they have seen.

    If you want to experience the same results as our clients, a top SEO consultant in London like dapa Marketing can be the key to your next step in success.

    We have worked in extremely competitive industries such as PPI, having grown the most successful PPI company in the region, who are topping all the search results for a multitude of keywords, and are still continuing to grow.

    If we haven’t demonstrated our clients success enough, one particular example is our client Nick from SplashLogo, who actually asked us to target less competitive areas because the amount of leads they were gaining was too much or them to handle.

    london seo company

    So, if you’re ready to expand you company, you are in the right place. Your SEO consultant in London is right before your eyes.

    London SEO Consultants: I’m sold! How do I sign up?

    This many words down, we’re going to assume that you are completely sold on marketing your company via SEO with dapa Marketing.

    To get the process of ranking your website started, all you have to do is simply get in contact with us today.

    The first step for us to take is to have an initial conversation about your company and what your aims are with us.

    We will look at your website there and then, discuss potential keywords which you may be looking to target, and we will work with you to decipher what it is that you would like to achieve via our SEO services.

    Our highly trained strategy team will then be able to create an individually tailored strategy plan and proposal for you to consider, including time scales, budget and aims.

    This includes extensive research into your website, its current authority, the keywords you are looking to target, and the most lucrative plan for getting your website to the place you want it on Google search results.

    A specialist client manager will be assigned to you depending on the industry your company deals in, who you will be able to liaise with as your campaign progresses.

    We are more than happy to answer any questions you like about our company, strategies and processes on initial discussion and thereon after, and you can be confident that you will not be left in the dark regarding your campaign.

    Once the initial process is started, we can start work on your campaign. We get to work straight away, optimising the onsite element of your website and starting the link building process immediately.

    Call us today on 0800 634 3007 or contact us on our onsite form to see what we can do for you.

    "Finally an SEO company worth its salt!" - Karen James SEO Testimonial
    "Literally changed my business forever" - Steve. B SEO Testimonial
    "Your team grew my rankings, traffic and subscribers! Cheers all." - D Rowlands SEO Testimonial
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