The World’s Coolest Office Spaces

The World’s Coolest Office Spaces

Written by: Dale Bonsor Posted on: 12th October 2015 Share this post:

We’re not saying that we’re unhappy with what we have here at dapa towers, but we feel there could be some little tweaks that could really help make our jobs easier. Let’s face it a slide in the lobby would benefit absolutely everyone. But just to make you tire of your office even more, then take a look at this…

Google, Tel Aviv:

This effort by Evolution Design was created for Google’s Tel Aviv offices.

Google Office

The space is designed to give employees the right inspiration and creativity for work. Colourful and inventively designed meeting rooms, an indoor garden and a gym with city views, make for an incredible office space.

Google Offices


Inventionland, Pittsburgh

Inventionland holds over 20 patents and is responsible for loads of inventions across the pond. So of course their offices have to be super cool and let’s face it they haven’t disappointed.

Inventionland Office

The office has 15 ‘sets’ including a pirate ship, treehouse, castle and a giant shoe. Each set contains a different working environment, for example the giant robot contains scientists who work on technological inventions.

Inventionland Offices

If we move the dapa office into a pirate ship, there would certainly be no arrrrrrrrguments (sorry!)


Coca – Cola, UK

Coca-Cola’s new London HQ covers 66,000 square feet and boasts a roof terrace, café and open plan meeting rooms.

Coca-Cola Office

It’s the decoration that really stands out though. The walls are packed with advertising that stretches back throughout Coke’s long history, including a wall with hearts that are cut from cans.

Coca-Cola Offices

The coolest thing though, is the light feature that looks like fizzy drink.

It’s simple but awesome!

Mind Candy, London

You know Moshi Monsters? Well, we don’t because we’re too old, but apparently the guys who inhabit this office were the creative minds behind the game.

Mind Candy Office

The founder of Mind Candy often invites children to experience the creative and fun environment they have to offer – table tennis, colouring and sweet machines are all available…

Mind Candy Offices

But frankly we were sold when we saw the slide.

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