Are You Using Linked-In Correctly?

Are You Using Linked-In Correctly?

Written by: Penny Davies Posted on: 10th January 2017 Share this post:

Social media plays an integral part in both our personal and professional lives. In the digital age, whether we are wired up to a computer or not, we can make use of the internet to search for required information, provide entertainment, advertise and much more.

Being a platform for professionals, LinkedIn is often left off the list when it comes to creating an effective social media campaign. With their billions of users, many jump on Twitter or Facebook in an attempt to reach out to their target demographic.

However, be warned, LinkedIn is not a platform to be tossed aside, and can become a vital tool in gaining fresh leads, and boosting your search engine optimisation efforts.

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform, and consequently comes along with a mind shift when users log on. The messages you see on this platform are mostly business related, and the posts shared often have a strategic marketing agenda behind them.

So, what tips do we have to offer to ensure you’re using this platform that holds 467 million users most effectively? Keep reading to find out.

Is Your Profile Complete?

Whatever sector of business you are in, completing your profile is essential. If your profile still stands at 80% complete, how on earth do you expect people to find you? Including a high-quality photo and a summary that packs a punch will ensure individuals are engaged as soon as they land on your page.

By incorporating some effective key words, you can grab the attention of those searching for your services, and boost the likelihood that they will click on the links you have provided.

Are You Publishing Your Posts?

Blogging is big business. When you click on to a competitor’s website, you’re likely to notice a blog tab somewhere in there specially designed menu. Blog posts help businesses communicate with their demographic, whilst ensuring optimised content is created for the purposes of seo.

When publishing a post on LinkedIn, don’t simply insert the link in to a post, copy and paste the entire content in to the “publish post” section, and then share to your followers.

By posting your content on LinkedIn this way, all of your connections will be notified about your post, springing you in to the forefront of their minds, and gaining you a much higher engagement rate than simply updating your status.

By using LinkedIn in this way, you can share information about your business, much like a traditional email marketing campaign, without the fear that you’ll end up in a junk or spam folder.

What Groups Are You a part of?

Merely having a presence on LinkedIn is not enough. LinkedIn groups are there to be joined, and can have multiple benefits.

The beauty of these groups is that they are not confined to one niche industry, so whether you work in finance or beauty, there’s something for everyone.

LinkedIn groups are a great way for professionals to stay on top of industry specific news, and gain an insight in to popular trends, and the wants of customers. Further to this, such groups give professionals the opportunity to enter conversations with other industry experts, fuelling networking opportunities, without the need to attend seminars and gatherings.

Of course, establishing new connections is always great. However, it is essential to recommend tried and tested services when you can. If you have successfully worked with other companies in the past, do not be afraid to recommend them when you spot an opportunity to do so. The more freely you interact with others, the more you send signals that you’re happy to be contacted and recommended yourself.

When did you Post Last?

Setting up a social media account means absolutely nothing if you don’t use it to its full ability. Think about it, it’s called “social” media for a reason, so don’t make the mistake of failing to engage.

Social media, much like SEO, is not a tool to be implemented then left to chance. A social media campaign should be viewed as a long-term strategy, so build up your profile, make it easily recognisable to your followers with an appropriate cover and profile picture, and start up a conversation.

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