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    "Literally changed my business forever" - Steve. BSEO Testimonial

    Incredible Manchester SEO Company (or are we?)

    Leading Manchester SEO Company (or are we?)

    Updated 5th April 2017.

    I should tell you before we get started that we’re not actually a Manchester SEO Company. Nowhere even close to be honest, but that’s the great thing about this internet malarkey, you don’t need to be near your customers to sell to them.

    The majority of our clients are not around the corner, and although we certainly appreciate the benefit in you looking for someone who is just that, surely you’d prefer a partner that can actually deliver?!.

    We’re (really) based in Northampton, but we rank for cities across the whole country, because we can.

    This is our way of flexing our SEO-muscles.

    Anyway, we’re not really in the hard-sell ‘game’, but if SEO is your need, I’m sure the fact that you found us is testament enough that we know what we’re talking about.

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    As a business person or business owner, you have probably heard of the term SEO bandied around many times before.

    White hat, black hat, we have seen it all but we guarantee that even if you’re currently not sure what we’re doing, we do, and if you choose to work with us, you’ll shortly be seeing the results of whatever magic we’re working behind the red velvet curtain.

    It is likely that you may have even tried SEO yourself, already worked with an SEO agency in Manchester, or hired an in-house employee to deal with your SEO for you; and most people come to us with varying results of what they’ve already managed, but we’re here to instil confidence into your perceptions of SEO.

    We know how to get effective results, so if you’re ready to really give it a proper go and start expanding your company, you’re in the right place.

    We’re here to tell you what makes us the best SEO agency in Manchester.

    Who are dapa Marketing?

    You may be wondering who we are and why you should trust us to be your SEO agency in Manchester. Well, our head office is actually based in Northampton, but being foremost a digital company, we have been able to expand to a much wider market area.

    In this case, the proof certainly is in the pudding: we now have a presence in Manchester, and if that isn’t enough to show the power of SEO, what is?

    dapa Marketing are an organically growing business who started out simply as a one man band, as many companies do.

    After just 3 years in the industry, we are now a strong team of over 40 talented people, and are still rapidly growing.

    This success has all been made from one skill: SEO.

    At dapa Marketing, we are strong believers in SEO and the power it has over many different industries.

    Your website is your most powerful marketing tool.

    It allows anyone with access to the internet to see your company in all its glory, via one visual display.

    Your website can portray your company in any way you wish for it to be perceived for it to become the success you believe it is worth.

    Once your website is created and is looking fly, however, that is not the end of the journey to success by any means.

    If nobody can find you, they will not be able to invest in your company. That’s where us, your SEO agency in Manchester comes into play.

    Over 90% of purchases have been shown by research to begin with a Google search, and from these statistics it is clear to see how Google is by far has the most lucrative potential for marketing a business.

    We believe that when any service or product is being searched for online, with a good SEO agency in Manchester, it can and will be a success.

    Having seen many businesses, much like ours, growing from one man bands to national successes, we are confident that we can do exactly the same for you.

    How can we help you?

    It may sound obvious from an SEO company, but dapa Marketing specialise in just that: SEO, and because that’s what we specialise in, we know that we’re the top dog, best SEO agency in Manchester when it comes to providing the best services.

    So, if your company are lagging behind on Google’s search results and you would like to be seen by more potential clients, we are sure that we can give you a helping hand to the top of the search results.

    You may still be wondering how an SEO agency in Manchester can help you, so here are a few figures which might help it to sink in:

    • 75% of searchers never look past the first page of results
    • The first 3 organic results on a Google search obtain 60-80% of the search traffic
    • Google Ads campaigns only get a rather measly 15% of traffic
    • Google receives over 57,000 searches every second on any given day

    Having considered these statistics, it is clear to see how making it to the top of the search results with the help of an SEO agency in Manchester can have a massive impact on the prominence, impact and success of your company.

    So, if you’re lagging behind all your competitors on page 57 of relevant Google search results, your website is unlikely to be found by the thousands of potential clients who search every day.

    In fact, even if you’re on page 2 of Google search results you are unlikely to get many leads in comparison to the amount which are coming through.

    But, there is no need to worry just yet.

    You’ve landed in the right place; at dapa Marketing we can help you with your rankings.

    What is SEO?

    Google is one of the most successful businesses in the world, and the reason for its success is because it is effective, and it gives people the results they want.

    It has been found that 93% of online experiences start with a Google search.

    With this gigantic figure at the centre of the online marketing platform, many companies are left grappling to be seen on this extensive platform.

    In order to get the most out of your website, you will need to be ranking highly on Google for relevant keywords, so that your potential clients can see you when they look for services like yours.

    SEO stands for search engine optimisation, and quite simply means using Google and your website to your ultimate advantage.

    Via a multitude of onsite and offsite methods and techniques, along with hard work, motivation, time, knowledge and expertise, you can reach the top of the search results; and that is what SEO is all about.

    Businesses invest their time, efforts and money into SEO because the results can be extremely lucrative when done well.

    Having good SEO means that your rankings on Google will be higher, more people will see your website, and more are also likely to click on it. But, you have to choose the right SEO agency in Manchester to really achieve anything.

    With more traffic coming towards your site, it is likely that more people will convert to clients, and this gives the company a chance to become more popular and more lucrative.

    How does SEO work?

    Unfortunately for you, being a company entirely focused on making profit from SEO, we are not about to give the entire game away.

    On top of that, it is important to note that nobody knows one huge trade secret of SEO to get your website straight to the top.

    Only Google genii themselves know the workings of the rankings, and even then, there are a multitude of factors which influence a company’s rankings; one person probably does not know the entirety of the secret.

    What we can tell you however, is that we have years of experience as a top SEO agency in Manchester, combined with extensive research dedicated only to the workings of SEO, and from our own investigation, experimentation and legwork, we come up with individual strategies for each of our clients to achieve success in their industry.

    We can also tell you that SEO consists of two rather substantial elements: the onsite materials and the offsite materials.

    Onsite SEO

    The smaller but still very significant factor affecting your rankings is what is included in your website itself, which makes up for around 20% of the overall success of your SEO.

    You can expect an SEO agency in Manchester to firstly deal with the onsite element of your campaign, to ensure that it is set up and ready to go to top of the search results.

    However good the background to your campaign is, the onsite element is the backbone of your campaign, as Google will refuse to rank a website which is poor quality.

    Onsite SEO involves all the technicalities, formulas, links, workings and words on your website, making up for around 20% of your overall SEO score.

    There are hundreds of factors affecting your onsite SEO, all of which your SEO agency in Manchester should cover.

    Some of these factors are more influential than others, but all make up towards good rankings and should not be dismissed.

    The following are just a few onsite factors which Google take into account when ranking your website:

    • Meta descriptions (the black text which appears below the title of your website on search results)
    • Meta titles (the blue text which tells people what page they are entering on search results)
    • Alt tags (image descriptions which are available for the visually impaired and for people who cannot access the image for any other reason)
    • The amount of times keywords are mentioned on your pages
    • The loading times of your page
    • The titles of the images which are on your page
    • The design of the website (it must be modern and easily usable)
    • The calls to action on the website (links to pages where clients can buy)

    At dapa Marketing, we have an in house web developer who knows how to fully optimise the onsite elements of a website for SEO purposes.

    Our web developer works closely with the content team to ensure that a site is all set up for SEO at the start of the campaign.

    Offsite SEO

    Although generally not visible to potential clients, and largely done behind the scenes, the offsite element of a campaign is the most important aspect of an SEO campaign, and is mostly down to the strong team of content writers we have at dapa Marketing, SEO agency in Manchester.

    At the most basic level, Google rankings are much like a popularity contest.

    Google use robots to crawl websites, and evaluate them on the basis of their trustworthiness, popularity, relevance, quality, and many more factors.

    Links from other websites to your website act as votes of popularity to your website, and therefore Google understands links towards your site to be an indication of a trustworthy website.

    When the links towards your website are from other websites which have high authority, the links are worth more in terms of heightening your SEO, but it is also important to create a range of various links to make your campaign look natural.

    An example of a low authority link would be a comment on a relevant article, and a higher authority link would be a mini site.

    Whatever type of links are being built, a good SEO agency in Manchester will make sure that the content included is relevant and high quality, and that the website you are linking from does not look like spam, or is low quality.

    Building an architecture of links towards your website is one of the most important and worthwhile methods of creating a great SEO campaign, and a reliable, good SEO agency in Manchester will make this one of their main strategies.

    At dapa Marketing, we prioritise this as one of the main aspects of our work.

    Our content writers team up with our specialist link builders to ensure that quality links are created towards your website, including content which is top quality and relevant to your industry.

    We have a wealth of experience in creating great link campaigns, so we can guarantee a quality job is done for your site.

    User experience

    Whilst SEO is all about pleasing Google, in order to really do this, you will need to first of all please the visitors to your website.

    It comes as no surprise to any good SEO agency in Manchester that the guidelines for ranking well on Google mention the phrase ‘user experience’ many times.

    One of the main factors in ranking well is to ensure that potential clients who visit your website are clicking on through the site, liking what they see and investing in your products and services.

    Google rank websites on their popularity, trustworthiness, relevance and quality, and one way to make sure this is achieved is to ensure a great user experience.

    But what does that mean? And how can you ensure a good user experience?

    The quality of a user experience on a website depends on many factors, which are mainly to do with the onsite materials of the website. Some of the factors which make for a good user experience include the following:

    • Inclusion of useful links to relevant parts of the site
    • An appealing website design
    • All conversion pages 2 clicks away
    • All important links available on the home page
    • Relevant, interesting, informative content
    • Content which is easy to skim-read
    • Inclusion of a site map
    • A good understanding of your users and what they want from your website
    • Inclusion of relevant, useful infographics

    Whereas, as bad user experience may include some of the following:

    • Broken links
    • Website design which is potentially misleading
    • Keyword stuffing, resulting in a negative reading experience
    • Low quality content
    • Use of industry related jargon which potential clients may not understand
    • Sly redirecting
    • Pop ups
    • Content which is poorly written with bad spelling and grammar

    A good SEO agency in Manchester will guide you on optimising the user experience of your site, nd if necessary will discuss changing the website around with you.

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    High quality websites

    Remember, the success of Google along with many other companies such as a good SEO agency in Manchester, has been achieved by giving clients what they want, and showing users what they are looking for; websites which can provide them with the quality services they need.

    Google ranks websites highly when they are popular, have good ratings, and are relevant, resulting in clients using the search engine again and again.

    It is important to remember that Google will only rank a website highly when it is of high quality.

    Historically, Google have classified websites with some type of quality rating, and the rating of your site continues to be important whether it is put there by a human or by an algorithm.

    Your SEO agency in Manchester should aim high to achieve quality ratings across all platforms.

    Whilst human ratings will not directly affect your rankings, if a human does not like your website, the likelihood is that Google robots will not either, so it is a good idea to avoid anything which can lead to Google assigning your website with a low quality label.

    It is also important to remember that most websites involve some form of human interaction, be that a reviews section, a comments section on a blog, a social media page, or a stars rating system on directories, all of which will contribute towards your overall rankings.

    As well as user experience, Google also specify that if there is sufficient reason, a website will be ranked down.

    The following reasons are sufficient enough for Google, and your SEO agency in Manchester should take this into consideration:

    • Not enough content on the main pages
    • Low quality of content on the main pages
    • The site has a negative reputation
    • An inadequate amount of information is provided on the website
    • Adverts placed on the page are distracting to users
    • The website is not being properly maintained or updated, and information appears out of date
    • The website lacks a sense of purpose
    • The content of a website has been copied form another source
    • The information provided on a website is untrustworthy, wrong or misleading
    • The website appears to be harmful to users in any way or is malicious

    It is important to note that there are thousands of websites out there, and if your website falls behind on any particular area, Google will have better options and you website is less likely to rank highly.

    As the best SEO agency in Manchester, dapa Marketing are committed to making our clients’ websites high quality so that they have more potential for high rankings and achievements.

    With years of experience, we have the eye for identifying good quality features, and those which need improvement, and what’s more we know how to improve it.

    How does branding influence your rankings?

    Creating a brand name for your company helps your website to be distinguished from you competitors, and Google prefer these branded websites in terms of rankings because a brand signifies a good, trustworthy website.

    For example a good, well-ranking SEO agency will have a brand name such as outs; dapa Marketing.

    For this reason, it is important to establish your brand when designing the website.

    Use of a consistent page layout, a company font, a logo for your company, and a colour scheme will all be a good start to building up brand.

    If you have physical products or a premises where people are likely to meet you, it is also important to make sure that these are all consistent with your branding.

    There is no doubt that big brands rank higher on Google than smaller ones, and this is made obvious when most searches are conducted.

    The algorithms which Google use all point towards bigger brands being prioritised at the top of the results, and these well-established companies often acquire a natural level of authority.

    However, that isn’t to say that larger companies are invincible to the usual ‘rules’ implicated by Google. In fact, as an example, the retail giant and massive brand InterFlora were penalised by Google for having an unnatural looking campaign, and were not allowed to rank for a period of time.

    This meant that clients would have to directly type the company’s URL into the search bar in order to purchase from them.

    When massive companies like InterFlora, who assumedly have a large budget for SEO and online marketing, are seen to be obtaining penalties, smaller companies who wish to heighten their rankings often feel intimidated.

    However, these penalties only occur when an SEO campaign is managed badly.

    Hiring a well-reputable SEO agency in Manchester like dapa Marketing will combat the issue and you should not gain any penalties this way.

    Google try to balance out the impact of major brands on smaller companies with their Google AdWords campaign options, however as mentioned, these campaigns are nowhere near as lucrative as organic campaigns.

    adwords ppc management

    Although Google giants are difficult to compete with, hope should not lost for smaller companies.

    You can still achieve success in terms of your Google rankings by focusing on a longer term strategy and ensuring the website quality, structure and content is on top form.

    As a leading SEO agency in Manchester, dapa Marketing know how to create a campaign which will compete with even the major brands at the top of Google search results.

    It is also important to note that some big brands may rank highly above your small business site but will not always be direct competition.

    For example, Wikipedia rank for many search terms, but instead of offering products and services, the site is directed to those who are looking for information.

    manchester seo agency

    From this perspective, they therefore constitute as competition in terms of search engine rankings, but not commercially.

    Many smaller businesses choose to start with a relatively small campaign and move on to the bigger campaigns once they have dominated the smaller ones.

    This can sometimes involve firstly targeting very specific keywords, or localised keywords, before branching out to others.

    Why Shouldn’t I just invest in a Google Adwords campaign?

    When considering your rankings on Google, many people consider starting up a Google AdWords campaign instead of investing in an SEO agency in Manchester.

    The prospect of your website appearing at the very top of all the results instantly after one payment and no extra effort is very appealing to many businesses who need a quick fix for their online marketing.

    However, much like all things which appear simple, a Google AdWords campaign is not usually all it’s cracked up to be.

    Although it’s true that your site will appear at the very top of the search results, in actual fact, only around 15% of searchers actually click on the Ads campaigns.

    This is thought to be generally because Google AdWords campaigns yield less specific results which are not targeted towards a particular location.

    Many people are also of the knowledge that the businesses who pay for Google AdWords campaigns are there by payment, not by popularity or any of the other qualities which Google prioritise in organic results.

    For this reason, people do not trust results which appear in the Google ads section of results as readily as the results which appear organically.

    Not only that, but in order to be a lucrative investment, a Google AdWords campaign needs time, effort and skill to have much worth.

    At dapa Marketing, we prioritise SEO campaigns over Google AdWords campaigns, however we understand that some companies also want to have a presence in this area of the campaign too.

    For this reason, we offer a Google AdWords campaigns management service to some clients who wish to do this.

    We have knowledge and expertise in this area too, and we know how to create a good campaign, targeting times and keyword which will be lucrative for your company.

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    How do I choose an SEO agency in Manchester?

    As to be expected, we at dapa Marketing are of the opinion that choosing us as your SEO company in Manchester is the best option for you. We’re also here to tell you why.

    Like many industries, SEO is overflowing with companies looking to snap up as many clients as possible, but not all companies can really achieve what they are claiming they can.

    Many companies are operating under false pretences, promising the world to their clients from the outset and in reality, achieving very little.

    At dapa Marketing, we go against the tide.

    We don’t promise you the world, instead we offer you reasonable proposals which are well thought out, attainable and achievable.

    When choosing an SEO company in Manchester, if they are promising that you will be ranking higher than Wikipedia in a matter of weeks, it’s best to keep your feet on the ground, steer clear from them an go with a more realistic company.

    At dapa Marketing, we know our limits, and we never keep you in the dark about your campaign.

    From years of experience, we know that honesty is the best policy when it comes to your SEO campaign.

    We keep you updated on your results with a monthly report, and what’s more we are just on the other end of the phone whenever you need us for anything technical or SEO related.

    SEO takes time, hard work and expertise, and we certainly don’t tell our clients anything otherwise, so our clients are never left wondering what happened to a miracle they were promised.

    When choosing an SEO agency in Manchester, take all the work which is needed into consideration, and rule out any companies which offer their services for what seems like a ridiculously cheap rate; they are likely either to not have any real impact on your SEO, or could even make your rankings worse.

    seo agency growth

    Although you don’t need to be spending mega bucks to achieve some results, it is best to think twice before going with a company who base their prices on one-off fees, number of links ‘bought’, and any packages which involve paying for links.

    This is because SEO agencies in Manchester, and everywhere for that matter, who claim to ‘sell’ links are generally selling poor quality, spam links, or links containing copied content, and any of these will make your campaign appear unnatural and poor quality.

    On top of this, links which all miraculously appear towards your site at the same time will be obvious to Google, and you could find yourself in a sticky situation with penalties and poor rankings to overcome.

    When choosing an SEO agency in Manchester, a good tip is to test them at their own trade.

    An agency which claims to be a miracle worker in terms of achieving great rankings but then appears on the fourth page of the search results for a relevant search is unlikely to do much good your way either.

    If an SEO agency does not appear within the first few results in a Google search you would expect them to rank for, it is best to move on to a different company.

    When going through the top search results for SEO agencies in Manchester, pick the one which grabs your attention with a great website, perhaps a form, interesting content and testimonials.

    After all, if their onsite materials aren’t top notch, how can you expect yours to be when working with them?

    Whilst you may not know the ins and outs of how to create a great SEO campaign, there are certain signs which show an agency who is likely to be doing a good job.

    The following are things you should look for in your SEO agency in Manchester:

    • Agencies who rank well in their own location, and for related keywords
    • Proposals which specify aims and targets, including some rough time scales
    • Keywords which have been properly researched
    • A strategy which includes link building and content
    • Agencies which have a good track record of successful SEO campaigns

    Whilst the above points show promising agencies, there are also signs which show that you might need to look elsewhere for your services:

    • Agencies who fail to rank well for relevant keywords
    • Strategies which do not include link building
    • Prices which appear too low

    dapa Marketing are a leading SEO agency in Manchester.

    We assure you that we use only the best strategies to create a quality SEO campaign for your company.

    We know that we can do wonders for your SEO, just like we have done for ourselves and many others. After all, we want to keep our clients and if you’re making a success from SEO, so are we.

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    What will your SEO services cost me?

    The cost of SEO for your website depends highly on the competitiveness of your industry and keywords, the authority of your website from the outset, and your aims.

    Your SEO agency in Manchester should tailor your prices to your specific requirements.

    At dapa Marketing, we don’t do set packages, instead we tailor every proposal to the individual client.

    More competitive keywords or terms are the kore expensive keywords to target for an SEO campaign.

    They are generally shorter, only a couple of words long, and are targeted either nationally or in a very competitive region, such as London or Manchester.

    They are generally keywords relating to a competitive market too; an example would be ‘cocktail bar London’.

    Less competitive keywords are cheaper to target in an SEO campaign.

    They are generally longer, include more words, and are targeted to specific locations or less competitive areas.

    An example of a less competitive keyword would be ‘halter neck back bikini Stockport’.

    If your website is already ranking fairly well, for example if it is on bottom of the first page, or on the second or third page of search results, your SEO campaign may need less to get it to the top of the results, so a good initial website authority could also result in a slightly cheaper campaign.

    However, we also work with clients who are ranking much lower, or who are not ranking at all.

    This is likely to take a little more time and work to achieve good SEO results.

    Your aims in terms of rankings and development also make a difference to the cost of the campaign.

    If your aim is to fly high to the top of the search results for a multitude of keywords in a matter of months, you can pay more to target more keywords and get results sooner, whereas if you are happy to target only a few keywords, your results may appear slower, but the budget will be less.

    As a leading SEO agency in Manchester, at dapa Marketing, we tailor every client contract to the specific needs of the client, and we also tailor our prices according to your requirements and budget.

    To get an idea of prices for dapa Marketing SEO agency in Manchester, local businesses who are targeting niche industries, such as plumbers and bridal shops pay a few hundred pounds a month for their campaigns, whereas larger businesses with national campaigns targeting major industries pay thousands of pounds a months for their SEO campaigns.

    Whatever end of the spectrum your company and campaign is, we make sure that you are seeing the results you are expecting, and we certainly have the experience and expertise to make that happen.

    At dapa marketing, you don’t have to keep guessing at prices for your campaign. Instead, you can contact us today for a free SEO consultation.

    Before we come up with a proposal, we conduct extensive research into your industry and website, evaluating it in terms of its authority, and deciphering what strategy to go with.

    Do I need an SEO company?

    At dapa Marketing, we don’t pretend that SEO is any form of rocket science or anything other than a combination of knowledge, expertise and experience.

    There is a plethora of information online for people who want to give SEO a whirl for themselves.

    However, many companies choose to go through a trusted SEO agency in Manchester like us at dapa Marketing for numerous reasons: it is less risky, and because they simply don’t have the time or expertise to ensure a substantial difference is made to their rankings.

    The fact is that if you have the time and resources to carry out the work, if you don’t care about utilising Google as a major marketing platform, or if you are not bothered about your rankings potentially going down if the campaign goes wrong, then the answer is no, you do not need an SEO agency in Manchester to carry out this work for you.

    However, if you are ready to expand your company via the most innovative, current and lucrative marketing campaigns right now, you are in the right place, and we suggest you get the experts involved to really see some results.

    At dapa Marketing, we know too well that many industries are saturated with various companies grappling for the top spots on relevant searches, and the competition is stiff at the best of times.

    But our dedicated team is able to create great campaigns for all our clients, and we will not be wasting any time in the process.

    Whilst SEO can really be done by anyone, it is also a constantly changing, developing industry in which movements and advances are always being made.

    Google make money via their Google Ads campaigns which companies pay for, appearing at the top of the search results.

    For this reason, Google make things particularly difficult for people who try to get to the top of the search results organically, as those people are unlikely to pay and they will therefore lose money by making the process too easy.

    manchester seo company traffic graph

    Keeping up with the advances in the world of SEO and Google algorithms can be a tricky task and many people achieve some minor results in the first short space of time, having a slight impact on their SEO.

    However, they then quickly fall behind on the advances and algorithms introduced by Google, only to fall back to their original places.

    At dapa marketing, SEO is our one dedication, and we are constantly keeping up to date with the changes and advances in the industry.

    All in all, your dedication and ambition in achieving good results is the main decider on whether or not you need an SEO agency in Manchester. To ensure a great job, with results you can see, an SEO agency is the way to go.

    How do I get started?

    So, if you’ve got to this point on our content, we’re going to assume you’re pretty impressed with what you’re reading.

    So how do you get started with your SEO campaign in Manchester? The first step is to get in contact with us.

    From there, we will be able to speak with you regarding your aims, conduct some research regarding your website, and discuss your campaign.

    After the initial discussion, we can then start to conduct substantial research into the strategy for your campaign, including the keywords which will be targeting, the authority of the website as it is, and what achievements will be possible for your website.

    We will them come back to you with a tailored, no obligations proposal and strategy for your campaign, which you can consider.

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