SEO: Guest Posting

SEO: Guest Posting

Written by: Sam Geary Posted on: 16th December 2015 Share this post:

Guest posting is a great way to drive traffic to your website.
Although many people believe that guest posting is a thing of the past, in the world of SEO it is still well and truly alive.

Google hates repetitive content, but as long as your guest post is original and of good quality then Google is fine with it.

Many high-quality websites use guest bloggers on a daily basis to add good content to their websites. Getting links from high quality sites is a great way to raise a domains search rankings.

It is important to remember that each site has a different set of rules. The guidelines on the type of material a website wants could vary from site to site.

Websites with a high page and domain authority are going to be more difficult to get content on, but these are the websites you want to aim for if you are trying to improve your google ranking.

Usually if there is a topic you are passionate about, you’re more likely going to be able to sell your pitch better than someone who is just writing content for the sake of a link.

If you are lucky enough to get links on authoritative sites then you will be well on your way to raise a domains search ranking.

The benefits of guest blogging.

The benefits that come from guest blogging are great.

Building a relationship and securing yourself a guest post can help you in multiple ways, for example guest posts can build strong relationships with professionals and this could result in you securing connections and thus more links.

Building relationships takes time. Being a total newbie to guest posting can throw you into the deep end a little bit. It can be hard starting up from essentially nothing and gaining a connection with a range of different blogs. Gaining relationships with bloggers is arguably the hardest part of guest posting but once you get the ball rolling it does get easier.

You should be consistent with your guest posts, the best way to gain guest posts is to have a blog yourself that you welcome guests to write content on.

It is not enough just posting a one-off blog post.

If you intend to develop a relationship, then you can’t just post once and hope for the best.

Interacting with your audience is a good idea. You can do this through commenting on different blogs.

The more in depth and well-researched your post is then the higher your chance is of interacting with different people and this means in the long run you will be seen as an authority blogger in the eyes of the people you are targeting.

What does Guest blogging achieve?


Content is being published on the web every day at different times so there is always a need for new material. The majority of people are getting all their information, including news online instead of from other media platforms.

The internet allows greater flexibility in working hours and location by numerous means, it can be accessed almost anywhere including through mobile internet devices.

From a search engines perspective, the more websites that your company is mentioned on the better. If you get your guest post published on a wider variety of websites, you get more exposure. It’s as simple as that.


If you are associated with good quality websites this can drive credibility to your company or your website.

It can be difficult to get approved as a guest writer for good quality websites so perhaps you should initially try starting off with smaller blogs and slowly start working your way up the guest blogging ladder.

When contacting blogging sites, it is a good idea to mention any previous experience you have had in the field you are writing for.

Guest blogging can lead onto bigger and better opportunities.

They can lead on to sales of products and services and other ways to get traffic to your website.

Inbound Links. 

Of course, increased website traffic is one of the main reasons people start guest blogging in the first place.

Many websites allow contributors to submit a small bio where a URL can be published and links like these drive traffic and increase organic search rankings.

Social Media growth. 

Links to social media profiles can help to improve your online presence.

It can get your name out there and if a reader likes your article they will most probably follow you on twitter and Facebook.

Shares will speed up the growth of your following in social media channels whist also getting more visits to your articles and this allows for your content to rank higher in search engine results pages.


Guest Posts often drive conversation on social media and this results in people commenting.

For example, readers may want to connect with you on LinkedIn because of an article of yours they read. Networking can also help you gain more connections and guest bloggers.

Guest blogging is without a doubt a useful strategy to improve your search engine ranking.

While it does take persistence and dedication to write great posts the profits outweigh the time investment.

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