Rethink Your Link Building Strategy Immediately If You Do This

Rethink Your Link Building Strategy Immediately If You Do This

Written by: danny chapman Posted on: 1st December 2016 Share this post:

Rethink your Link Building Strategy Immediately if you do this

Link building is possibly the most talked about subject in SEO.

The ever changing goal posts, the do’s and the don’ts that seem to evolve weekly.

It’s hard to keep up with exactly what is working at any given time.

One thing is for sure though, if you’re building links in the way we’re about to discuss, you should stop immediately.

Firstly, though…

If you’re not completely up to date with link building, it’s the process of creating links or ‘votes’ around the internet pointing back to your website, Google see’s this as a sign of popularity.

Link building is the only real way of growing your rankings consistently.

The problem is there are so many different methods and tactics discussed, it’s hard to see the wood through the trees or understand what suits your business best.

Link building, in general, is a positive thing but in our experience there are certain things that are complete no-no’s.

So what is it?

Automation – Whether you’re reaching out for Guest Posts, creating Comment Links, 2.0’s or any other type of link building, the moment you automate the process, it’s wrong and Google won’t be far behind the curve.

A great example of that is Guest Posting.

Done naturally, you’ll be sourcing websites you probably already know about, have a relationship with or know well.

Why is that? Because it provides you with some form of value.

The moment you automate the process or get a VA to do that for you, you’re losing that personal touch, that layer of quality you actually want. Which is the real reason behind Guest Posting in the first place.

Also, you’ll find yourself in a cycle of guest posting because there is an opportunity to, not because that opportunity is worthwhile.

For me, don’t bother.

How should you do it

Though there are hundreds of different link building methods, the rule of thumb is to avoid automation, in all of them.

Most types of links have some form of automation option available, either through outsourcing or software usage.

REMEMBER:As soon as link building becomes simple, you’re doing it wrong.

Using the example of Guest Posting, reach out to the places that represent authority in your niche.

If you’re in SEO, you’d be approaching blogs like Search Engine Watch, Moz, Crazyegg etc. to contribute on their networks.

A local accountant? Reach out to UK based financial blogs with some sound advice on how to submit a tax return.

It’s pretty simple really, find great content in your industry that ‘speaks to you’ and contribute in those locations where possible.

If you use the website, so will like minded people, and in most cases Google will like it too.

After all, if it’s useful to your audience, it’s useful in Google’s eyes.

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