Merry Christmas and a dapa New Year

Merry Christmas and a dapa New Year

Written by: danny chapman Posted on: 25th December 2016 Share this post:

In a small room about 30 months ago

Sat a guy who knew how to SEO

Together with his mate, they both decided

To give it a shot, the shares were divided


Google became the passion, the daily story

That they’d hope would bring their clients glory

Goal post changes and rankings up and down

But never a client wearing a frown


Along the path came Dale, Alex, Irina and Harry

And little James, who will likely never marry.

A team though they were, through good times and bad

Ibiza & Skegness, great times were had


Next came Sam, Penny, Rose and Cat

Oh and little Chris who could fit in a hat

Top ‘o the tree is Mr Ops himself

The Jimmy Carr lookalike, without the wealth


A team we are, young and creative

Smashing rankings, PPC and native

Over Christmas, paint the town red

Together with one team member, who may now be wed


Join us in wishing them all the best

With dapa, of time, we’ll all stand the test.

Danta Claus

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