Google is your Best Friend and Worst Enemy too

Google is your Best Friend and Worst Enemy too

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In the age of digitalisation, the entire marketing industry has undergone significant revolution. Even though brands are still utilising the traditional methods of marketing and advertising, there have been substantial changes in it.

It has dawned upon the proficient marketers that due to increasing usage of smart devices, there is an increased exposure to digitalised marketing techniques.

Hoardings fail to captivate customer’s attention anymore as more and more pedestrians stay busy texting on their phones. The avid TV watchers are not at all getting a glimpse of the old school TV ads because they have their entertainment online which is ad free.

That is why to tackle the less gullible crowd of modern age the marketers have decided to make use of those tools which the people of today’s time use extensively.

Today’s population has resorted to Google for even their slightest problems. Google is the principal base of all research these days. It is the torch-bearer leading the pathway to immense knowledge. Google is the thing which is understood and is used by everyone.

Thus, Google is being extensively resorted to by marketers for promoting their brands and business.

Google is Your Best Friend

google-friendIt is easy to put ads on the internet, but it is very difficult to get noticed and it is not so easy to ensure that people will click on your link. But you need not worry, because Google is your best friend who can assist you with other alternatives of digital marketing.

SEO is the king of digital marketing and can give your brand the exposure which no other form of marketing can give. This is because a brand investing in a strong SEO campaign can get amazing value because of the links that are being built on the web.

The high value of your pages helps you in getting better rankings on Google when a crawl is run by it. Better rankings gets you further up the in the initial list of responses given by Google when a search is run on it.

When your efforts get you into higher positions, it automatically speaks of your legitimacy and quality. This ensures larger amounts of traffic are being sent to your site and gives you more business.

Well, this is how Google becomes your best friend. But beware, there is more to it.

Google is Your Worst Enemy

SEO can benefit everyone, but as the competition grows the methods of SEO also change. Those who know how to do it ethically thrive, however any unethical or ‘Black hat’ techniques lead trouble.

This is where the friendship with Google sours. As any unlawful methods of SEO deteriorate your relationship even further and then finally turns it against you.

It was well realised by the SEO providers that by keyword stuffing, Google benefitted them very well because it evaluated them based on the links it formed and the number of keywords the linked web pages.

Soon Google realised that and it rolled out a series of updates which busted the sites which were promoted using unlawful methods of SEO.

The initial update was the Google Panda which went down hard upon the sites which practiced keyword stuffing and duplicated content. These sites were recognised and punished by Google till their next crawl was run.

Soon Google came up with more updates such as the Google Panda, Pigeon and many more. Recently it rolled out the Penguin Update which worked in real time.

Thus, it instantly busted any kind of algorithmic manipulation done by unlawful means. It also focused on the quality of the web page and so the evaluation done brought up those brands which did quality SEO.

Thus, if you are an SEO provider who uses the wrong and banned methods of conducting SEO then, Google your worst enemy. This is because you will eventually get tracked down by Google and your client’s site will get blocked. This will endanger your business and reputation as an SEO provider.

It’s just a matter of choosing the right relationship with Google, because no matter whatever you do, it is watching.

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