Why Every Digital Agency Needs a Stormtrooper

Why Every Digital Agency Needs a Stormtrooper

Written by: dapa Posted on: 11th January 2017 Share this post:

If you’ve stumbled across this blog, starved of time let’s get one thing out of the way – every digital agency needs a Stormtrooper because they are undoubtedly the coolest soldiers conceivable in a galaxy far far away…

Picture the scene: you’re arriving for an interview with a digital agency. They have a swish website, they seem to know what they’re doing, they’re located in a trendy part of town. You walk into the office and you see the usual sights – the modern glass meeting room, “smart casual” dress code and garish charity shop chairs. But what’s missing. There’s a distinct lack of Star Wars memorabilia.

For decades, Star Wars has dominated the accessible side of geekdom, capturing the hearts of old and young alike. With the latest trilogy now underway, Disney have arguably opened the saga to the next generations and the Rogue One and other spin offs in the pipeline are keeping the genre fresh and grittier.

There are countless iconic visuals from Star Wars that even those who haven’t seen the films will recognise – the Stormtroopers, various spaceships such as the Millennium Falcon, the lightsaber. I may be showing my own closet geekiness but isn’t that what the heart of digital is?

If we’re being honest, as digital agencies, geekiness is at the core of everything we do. Whilst there are the mavericks in the industry who can capture the imaginations and attention of the masses and there are those that can somehow incorporate “keywords” and “cost per conversion” into their chat up game, but for us mere mortals, “pay per click” and “coding” just sound a bit… well geeky.

To my shame, most of us here at dapa, the majority of the team hasn’t seen a single Star Wars film. Die hard fans will wince at the prospect of banter such as “Jar Jar Binks being the best character” or “the prequels being better” being bandied about, however this is a daily occurrence. Despite the bravado there is a deep set respect for the franchise and each others’ quirky geeky pleasures.

Because at the root of it, we are all geeks in our own way (even the sales guys). We all love digital and in doing so have to adopt a fascination for other geeky exploits. Like Star Wars. And Stormtroopers. Who are freaking awesome. Still waiting on the armour…

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