Common SEO Mistakes That Could Put You On Google’s Radar

Common SEO Mistakes That Could Put You On Google’s Radar

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Common SEO Mistakes

Acquiring top Google rankings on a search engine is quite a challenge. Each search engine algorithm considers different factors; however constant manipulation of metrics makes it quite difficult to maintain good positions in the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

Google is constantly evolving. Every day spammers are filtered out due to tweaks in the algorithms. Major updates are introduced every year or two and it causes colossal shifts in search engine rankings for almost everyone on the web.

Every website that gets penalized by Google has a driving purpose behind it. SEO mistakes that can put you on Google’s radar can happen through carelessness, through black-hat techniques and sometimes unknowingly through honest and ethical SEO conduct.

The common mistakes that are mentioned below are associated to real life ranking problems:

Purchasing Links

bad-linksEver noticed pop ups from “SEO” firms that guarantee first page rankings and hundreds of links for a meagre fee? Well, ignore them.

Such links are from spammers and are associated with notorious sites and social networking accounts. Getting a link from them is going to maim your presence online and Google is likely to track you down and smash down website rankings.

Keyword Stuffing

Using particular keywords over and over again in the hopes of acquiring better ranking is what keyword stuffing entails. Keyword stuffing effects user experience as it becomes a bit frustrating reading the same word over and over again. Google actively penalises articles that are stuffed with keywords.

Keyword density is a minor part of Google’s algorithm. You should concentrate on more important factors like domain authority, self-hosting and trusted link affiliation as these are more relevant factors to get better rankings.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate linking can either be a gigantic assistance for SEO or can completely eradicate it. It all depends on the implementation and can sometimes be quite frustrating for most of the SEOs to handle the affiliate links. In most cases, online affiliate relationships are free of spam. Businesses can get involved in affiliate relationships without worrying about penalization. But, if you opt for affiliate linking in an unsystematic and unethical way then Google will take note of it and it will affect you adversely.

Using a reliable affiliate relationship service provider can result in 100% roll out of the affiliate programs. You can also create a committed landing page for well-built affiliate providers. Keep on testing all affiliate links as well for optimised results.

Broken Links

Over a span of time, web pages die and get restructured ultimately making broken-linkthe originally linked pages disappear. A page with no broken links always outranks a page consisting broken links and gives better user experience. It is better to fix the broken links on your page occasionally for better optimisation. You can use Google Webmaster for this purpose and notice the gradual rise in the rankings of some of your pages.

Deviant Anchor Text

Google considers anchor text while looking for aspects to give rankings for search results. The relevance of the anchor text has to be taken into consideration. If you hyperlink the word ‘blog’ it leads you to a page which explains what a blog is. If you would like to increase the traffic on your page, you can link the anchor text with your page, you will resort to unethical practice hoping to increase the chances of getting ranked which can get you penalized by Google.

By being aware of these common mistakes, you can prevent getting penalized and keep your SEO organic.

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