Common Link Building Myths

Common Link Building Myths

Written by: dapa Posted on: 30th November 2016 Share this post:

Common Link Building Myths

Rules to link building are not always black and white, and building the wrong links can result in annoying conclusions, however in some cases you could be building links and following rules that don’t exist.

Myth 1: Too Much Too Soon

Let’s take Google as if it has a line where if you pass that line you get a penalty to your site. For instance, let’s say you have 20 links in one month but you then get 22 links the following month that means google will penalize the site.

This is not the case at all, Google has crawlers going though sites that look spammy and have dozens of links coming from a certain area, such as directories and link farms.

Using link farms only gives your site a higher chance of being penalized as Google will see the high amount of low quality links coming from the certain place therefore they will have to take a closer look at where you’re getting links from.

So, let’s say someone decides to be a bit sketchy and only create grey/black hat links. This could mean buying, and scheming links.

All these types of SEO techniques are part of the too much too soon category as getting these links is easily achievable but they may tip off a Google filter.

Focus on your white hat links and surround yourself with good content coming from high authority sites and then you won’t have to worry about how fast you are linking back to your site therefore there is no such thing as too much too soon.

Myth 2: Linking to Other Sites May Hurt Your Efforts

People think that linking to low authority sites will affect your sites. A long time ago link building used to flow in a certain way, for instance let’s say you have 4 links pointing to your site, a quarter of the PageRank will point to the pages you’ve linked to.

By adding more links to a page it means that you begin to leak ‘link juice’. This isn’t the case any longer.

Now days the PageRank isn’t the only good part to ranking as long as you have quality content with relevant links it doesn’t matter what the PageRank says.

Don’t be afraid to link out with “no follow” links because although google crawlers don’t pay attention to “no follow” it helps with higher PageRank sites.

You shouldn’t stress about other sites effecting your main site as you should keep in mind any link is a good link when it comes down to getting your site noticed.

Myth 3: If You Don’t Ask You Don’t Get

There are so many people in SEO that claim that asking for links is wrong, but if you don’t ask don’t get, right? You need to get people talking about your site, but how can people talk about you if they don’t know you?

Asking people if you can write for them is the most commonly used method as it’s a win win situation, it not only gives your site a high-quality link it also gives the site your writing for content that Google see’s to be useful.

If you ask link farms however (directories) for a link it’s not necessarily going to give you the authority you site needs to start moving, the reason for this is because there is no real content saying that your link is worthy.

Don’t worry about people saying no when asking to write for their site there are plenty of other websites to choose from and the chances from everyone you reach out to saying no are pretty slim so don’t stress yourself, ask and see what can happen.

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