The 2017 Handbook for a More Productive Salesperson

The 2017 Handbook for a More Productive Salesperson

Written by: dapa Posted on: 13th January 2017 Share this post:

Has it occurred to you to make any resolutions this year? Even with small changes to your outlook and wellbeing, you can make a really positive start to the year ahead.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the basic’s every salesman should adhere to, even if we too often forget them.


Be passionate about the services and solutions you are selling – yes, it’s great to want to share it with everyone, but we’re all guilty of forgetting the two ears and one mouth rule. Listen more in 2017.

Be Happy

We all have days where we’re not beaming like sunshine; being gloomy never inspired anyone. Anyone can find reasons to be miserable, but happiness is contagious and it shows and when you are happy, you make others happy and it will come across to your prospects. Be happy in 2017.

Be believable

Having confidence and conviction in yourself is one thing – to make others believe in you is always something we have to strive for. Strive for more in 2017

Make it Simple

This probably should be top of the list, we’re all guilty of over-complicating things. The challenges of modern life can often feel complex and overwhelming and life is generally more enjoyable when it is simple and things are easy. I will try to make things simpler for you, your customers and your potential customers. Make things simple in 2017.

Humanise Your Processes

Pride yourself on trying to be kind and help others, some of us aren’t good at always seeing when others are trying to help. Stop seeing your potential customers as numbers, treat every case as individual and reap the rewards. Be Human in 2017.

Ask More Questions

We’re all guilty of failing to speak up when we need help, we like to think we can do it all – there’s nothing wrong with asking questions. It will make you a better person and a better salesmen. Ask more questions in 2017.

Enjoy Yourself

You drive to work hundreds of times a year and likely spend more time with your colleagues than with your friends and family. Making sure you’re in a position to enjoy your work will shine a light on your sales and exhibit your passion and knowledge more clearly. Enjoy life more in 2017.

Celebrate Achievements

When you win make sure you give yourself the credit you deserve – it won’t last forever after all. Celebrate more in 2017.

Remember Your Skills

In football, they say you’re only as good as your last game, the same is true in sales and there will be peaks and troughs. It’s during these troughs that you may need to take time and remember what makes you a good salesman. Give yourself a pat on the back in 2017.

Take Time Out

Have you taken much time off this year? If not, then consider doing so in 2017, taking time for yourself is important. Make more time for yourself in 2017.

Consider these tips for a productive and fun filled 2017.

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