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Social Media: Join the Community

Here at dapa we like social media, in fact we might go as far as to say we love it. But whilst we like playing around on Twitter as much as the next company, the thing we love the most is creating more business for your business.

Social media helps connect businesses to audiences they may never be able to reach traditionally, let’s face it, who even reads leaflets or opens sales emails anymore, right? dapa’s social media approach is incredibly simple, we carefully tune into an audience and we create and share, original, interesting and useful updates in order to engage them on the things that are most important to them.

Social Media: Discover

First things first, we need you to outline to us what your goals are and actually how you’d define success on your channels. How many updates do you expect per week and how much interaction would you expect as a result of this? After all your channels need to be in front of the right eyes to make the right impact and maintaining the channels is only the start.

Social Media: Strategy

The development of our strategies takes on board the goals you’d like to achieve and most importantly puts the voice of your business at the forefront. dapa’s mantra is clear, we like to keep things plain and skip the complex jargon, whilst providing a personalised service that achieves the goals set out by the client.

We know how to measure social media and how it can benefit each individual client, that way you can have a very clear picture of what is being achieved in line with your goals and how your investment is working.

Social Media: Visibility

dapa increase your online visibility by building up a strong, relevant audience base who share the same interests and therefore are more likely to interact and share. Because of our careful strategy analysis, we craft a mixture of clever, shareable content whilst also clearly communicating your key marketing messages.

Social Media: Analytics

We analyse the impact your social efforts in terms of customer engagement, potential leads and the impact around the web. We monitor performance carefully, ensuring that you’re getting as much ROI as possible.
Social Media: Why Should You have it?

We’ll save the sales spiel, you’ve probably had enough of that. So instead we’ll provide you with some hard facts. According to the latest people in the know, they reckon that 88% of companies are using social for some kind of marketing purposes…

Now imagine you’re a customer of your own business – we’ll give you a minute to get into the mind-set…done? Okay, so if you were researching this company with the intention of purchasing and you came across an old, neglected Facebook page, perhaps you’re going to think, ‘well if they can’t put the time into their digital efforts, what else are they neglecting?’

Okay so that was sales spiel that’s our bad… but speaking from experience this is exactly what we’ve come across before when people are deciding where to purchase from and companies lose business through it. So let us take care of everything – can you really afford to be in that 12% of companies that are neglecting their social obligations?

5 Mistakes You Will Make When Starting An SEO Campaign.

You found us on Google right?

So you know we can do what we say already. Unfortunately, there’s a collection of others who can’t help you, usually because they don’t focus 100% on search engines like us.

This has lead to a lot of people feeling fleeced, not trusting that SEO works and falling in to the same pitfalls we see every day.
Download our ebook now and learn how to avoid your SEO failing.

SEO Specialists Ebook
I-smart Case Study
iSmart Case Study

dapa have worked with ismart for nearly a decade.

We’ve helped them grow and flourish online through SEO in one of the most competitive markets in the world.

They are now the fastest growing company in the Midlands two years in a row.

We work together to ensure rankings are optimized, traffic is converting into customers and developing ways to improve their online presence.Read More Case Studies >>

Some of the SEO ‘Things’ We Get Up To

SEO is a goliath, there’s over 200 things that make up a solid campaign. On the most part we won’t bore you with the details, we’ll just take care of it, but here’s some of the headline acts.

Link Building

The most important strategy in any SEO campaign is link building. Typically this largely revolves around creating content which we handle too.


You have the resource internally to deliver SEO but you just need a helping hand with the strategy and some guidance.

On Site SEO

Though only 5% of SEO, the onsite factors behind a campaign are important.
The foundations are built at the start with small tweaks as we move forward.


Why is your website not ranking? Why is there no traffic? Finding out is often the key to making your campaign successful.


In our larger campaigns we work closely to make sure that once the traffic is arriving from SEO it’s actually converting in to more business.

Penalty Removal

Stuck in an SEO rut? With all the algorithm updates many websites have penalties and simply can’t rank on Google. We’re specialists at penalty removals.

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