Why and how businesses should use hashtags on Facebook

Written by: danny chapman Posted on: 26th August 2015 Share this post:

The humble hashtag is, in actual fact, one of the most powerful tools to include and take seriously in your social media marketing crusade, and we are going to show you exactly how to use hashtags in your business.

Twitter and Instagram have ruled the roost with hashtags, but Facebook have caught on and are catching up – fast.

Facebook posts are longer and give a lot more information to the people that you want to reach with a hashtag than a tweet would.

Facebook has also added a dedicated sidebar showing you what is currently trending, this makes the use and following of hashtags even more beneficial.

For Potential


Hashtags create an express link between your brand and someone who is actually interested and searched directly for your hashtag. Customers know that they can tag something and get a response from an actual human who is also wanting to talk about that exact subject.

Customers use hashtags to express their feelings and point out things that they care about, if your brand uses the hashtag to talk back to customers it will encourage people to get in touch.

Hashtags are a great platform for advertising opportunities. They can massively help when promoting and launching products and offers, as they extend your content reach to way beyond your initial audience especially if the hashtag is relevant to something your audience interested in.

If you are a crab salesman in London there is no point in using the hashtag #fifa (lolz). You are able to connect and converse globally with potential customers, on a one to one level.



You can search hashtags yourself to see the current buzz around the keyword, keeping on top of what is being said, as its being said.

This helps your brand stay relevant and in the loop, you can see what is going on in the industry instantly, and make sure you aren’t saying the same thing as 8354 other businesses.

You can gain content inspiration for your next post, and compare past posts with what other companies in the same area are putting out. Checking out what your competition are up to is vital in staying one step ahead, and with hashtags it couldn’t be easier.

Using hashtags on Facebook is an easy way to get involved in and join in with relevant industry conversations. Networking, building connections and relationships with other brands is an important part of business, you may be able to work with them in the future.

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Using familiar hashtags across all of your social media platforms will re-enforce your brand recognition and integrate your company’s social channels.

Most people today are technologically savvy, and a strong online presence can validate your credibility as a brand.

People who work in social media explore the same hashtags every single day, your brand WILL be noticed if you use familiar hashtags across all company social media platforms, they optimise your social media posts and will massively increase visibility.

The main benefit of hashtagging on Facebook is it directly makes connections that you would not have made otherwise.

If a hashtag gains you a like, a lead or some business, then surely it’s worth smacking your finger on that little # key

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