Should Google bring back Page Rank?

Should Google bring back Page Rank?

Written by: dapa Posted on: 29th January 2017 Share this post:

Should Google bring back Page Rank?

We’ve spoken about why Google had to get rid of PageRank, but what if Google were to bring it back? With all the negatives that Page Rank has caused, so what would be the positives and negatives if google was to bring back Page Rank.


  • PageRank shows how useful the site is in terms of what you’ve searched, what’s on the site in relevance to what’s mentioned (content) and a round number outlining what sites you can trust to get correct information.
  • PageRank provided site owners information on what to do to make the site/pages better to increase PR. For a competitor, having a PR score of 8/10 and your site having a Page Rank of 7/10 could give you an idea of what changes you should make to increase how important your site/pages are and what to do to make the content better.
  • With Google’s Page Rank SEO was simple you could see how well your site was doing in the case of if your page had a 5/10 then you had to either add more content or just link out more however, if you had an 8/10 then you would know that your SEO was working and that you could keep up the same routine to keep the high Page Rank.


  • PageRank will always be taken advantage of by spammers who are just looking to obtain that number one spot on Google. No matter what, Google will always have to update a websites PageRank from links that are pointing to certain pages.
  • PageRank would be taken advantage of by site owners who always change their website to get above their competitors who may have more to offer than you. This could result in people buying products that may not be to the standards of the competitor.
  • With spammers being everywhere on the web it is difficult for Google to identify who’s spamming for the sake of getting traffic from the people trying to get people to use their products/services. It has never been a bad thing to get business but when it’s manipulated just to gain new visitors and to boost your affiliates from ads then this is where Google can’t take any actions other than to blacklist the site. This can cause businesses to lose traffic or alternatively lose business.
  • Google wouldn’t be able to control links going to sites, so Page Rank would be useless once again. No matter how many changes are made Page Rank was and always will be a score that shows how many links and small changes a site has had.

In all honesty, Google has had too many issues with Page Rank to bring it back into play. Therefore, if Google was ever tempted to bring it back it would have to make some serious changes to its algorithm and to its crawlers for PageRank to work. As it stands, sites from the early 2000 still have PR scores that won’t ever be updated therefore Google would have to remove all records of previous sites that ever had a PR score.

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