My First Year In SEO

My First Year In SEO

Written by: Penny Davies Posted on: 2nd February 2017 Share this post:

It’s been a year since I stepped in to my role as Content Marketing Executive for the largest team of SEO specialists in the region.

Having studied Journalism at university and created my own blog on WordPress, before beginning my role at dapa Marketing I had a basic knowledge of SEO and its importance. However, after a year of working full time in this industry, my eyes have been opened to just how much work and strategy is involved in creating and implementing a successful SEO campaign.

Every Business Needs SEO

Maybe it’s because I’ve grown up in the digital age, or maybe it’s my experience working with some of the most talented minds in digital marketing. However, I can say for certain that any business with a target demographic that is searching online needs to invest in SEO.
Optimisation is not confined to one business sector, neither is it preserved for those with large profit margins and a mass of employees. Any business from one man bands, through to small to medium enterprises and large corporations can benefit from incorporating a strategic SEO strategy in to their marketing to boost their online visibility.

It is no secret that technology is continuously advancing. Just as you’ve got used to one platform, something else is introduced on to the market, helping individuals stay in contact with each other and share experiences as and when they occur. The internet has become our go to source for information. Time seems to always be of the essence, and if you were to take a trip to your local library in order to find out the answer to a burning question, instead of whipping out your smart phone, tablet or laptop and immediately tapping in to your Google search bar, you’re more than likely to be met with a blank stare of utter confusion.

Before working directly in SEO, I was unaware of just how many searches a month are performed for a variety of search terms. By working with a specialist digital marketing agency, a business can tailor the keywords they will target in their SEO campaign with the volume of searches and their respective competitivity in mind. Standard public relations and advertising strategies are not enough to pique the interest of potential customers. Perhaps you’ve already put a lot of work in to building up a quality reputation amongst your demographic, but all of that is likely to go to waste if you can’t be found online when your services are required.
Who goes to the second page of Google when searching for something specific? If you’re reading this and have answered that with an enthusiastic “I do!” you’re in a very elite group; research suggests that those ranking on the first page of Google get around 98% more traffic in comparison to those on the second page, and what business can afford to miss out on such large volumes of traffic?

My Tips for Content Writing

I love my job, writing is my passion and always will be. To work as a full-time content writer, I believe you certainly need a passion for what you do. There may be days where you’re writing about something that’s going to require a lot of research, and that’s OK. Tailoring your work to your clients is of paramount importance and should never be dismissed.
Many people ask how us writers continuously conjure up fresh ideas for content, and sadly we don’t have an ever-flowing bank of stored content, and can all become cursed by writer’s block. However, we’re all potential consumers too. Thinking of the questions you want the answers to can help immensely when it comes to creating engaging content others will want to read.

As a business, you should be weary of any agency suggesting they know your business as well as you do, but an agency with a great deal of proven successful case studies should never fly under the radar, especially if you’re wanting higher rankings, and more traffic from organic search.

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  1. Congratulations on getting through your first year in SEO! That is a hard feat but it is awesome that it happened! Thanks for all of the tips I will definitely take note of them and use them in the future!

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