How to Dominate any Financial Marketplace

How to Dominate any Financial Marketplace

Written by: danny chapman Posted on: 29th September 2015 Share this post:

All the financial services from insurance, mortgages, claims management and many more are hugely competitive markets in SEO terms but there’s one fairly easy strategy for making some great head-way.

These markets are not only packed with huge multi-national organisations with huge budgets, massive teams of internal staff and flocks of external providers helping them with their SEO they are also surprisingly easy to compete with if you follow my blueprint.

Being different in SEO is something that has been lost over the years, it’s a strategy that worked amazingly well a decade ago and still does today.

You’ll find that in these types of markets the competition are all doing the same thing, huge PR campaigns, tonnes of links from high profile websites, directories and mentions we as SEO people can only dream of achieving.

That in itself is their weakness.

Don’t Follow the Sheep

Great link portfolios, huge PR releases with tonnes of social sharing would put many people off competing, I love these markets as often they can be massively fruitful, financial services SEO is a particular specialism.

The trick to ranking in these markets is being different and the same at the same time.

Firstly, pool the top ten players ranking for the keywords you want to rank for, create a spreadsheet with all their back-links, get rid of the unachievable ones and begin copying every single link they have, if you come across a link you cant replicate, try and add one that’s as similar as possible.

From there you need to understand what those websites are not doing, which in these markets will often be fresh content, landing pages and social media as well as over-the-top SEO through bought links, guest posts and comment links.

Focus on building the things that those top-performers in your industry don’t and only those, the results will follow.

Remember that comment links, bought links and guest posting work if done in properly, in proportion with other methods of link building, just don’t over-do it.

If you have any link building questions, give me a shout.

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