Essential voice search strategies for 2017

Essential voice search strategies for 2017

Written by: dapa Posted on: 26th January 2017 Share this post:

SEO is like that little kid who keeps you on your toes all the time. This is the sole reason SEO providers like dapa have to constantly change their strategy in order to contain the current SEO trends which change as the internet develops.

Voice Search is the new High Sheriff in internet town. For all local businesses, it may become a priority to change their SEO methods so they can optimise their business in order to cater to all the voice searchers which is increasing.

Considering the Rise in Voice Searches

Before you start modifying your SEO methods in order to accommodate the voice search in it, it’s better to know at what level it is being favoured by the users. Taking this into account will aid you in deciding the amount of work you will need to do in order to make your website voice search friendly.

Google has stated that 20 percent of the total searching done on Google comes from voice search. But if you take into account the voice search done through Alexa, Google Home, Siri and Cortana, then the number increases massively. This indicates the sharp rise in voice search.

A few years back, voice search wasn’t popular due to its inaccuracy and lack of development. However there has been a significant modification, levelling its accuracy up to 92 percent as a result of which people have widely started to prefer this tool for convenience.

Also, devices such as Alexa and Google Home are taking the voice search systems to a next level by installing this technology into our everyday used products such as speakers which is contributing further towards encouraging people to use the voice search systems.

That’s why in the near future, if you want to stay ahead in the local search you need to start thinking about voice search and consider it with due importance while you take up optimising your site.

Using the Natural Language

Many people use the voice search to get general information such as, locations, shops, etc. Since they are not typing but are speaking into the phone, they tend to use their natural language which happens to be quite diverse from the language they use while typing into the search bar of any search engine.

Example: A person can do a voice search for finding a Pizza joint by saying “Which is the cheapest Pizza joint in my area?”

Stay Updated

Make sure that your business directories are accurate by keeping all your website content updated. While setting up Google My Business or Bing Places for your business, be specific while selecting your business categories.

This can then emphasise the odds of show your site up on voice searches that are targeted to your local niche.

Start Today with Small Changes

The emergence of voice search and its rise in use doesn’t mean that you will totally change your SEO strategy. You should be sure to make some subtle changes in your SEO methods so as to gain success in the world of voice search.

Another trick is to take a look at your analytics. Google’s Search Console reports tell you what queries are bringing people to your site. At the current stage, you can’t tell if the search query came from voice search or the good old-fashioned way but by looking at the way voice search is rapidly developing, soon you will be able to determine that too. So it’s better to stay geared up for it.


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