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Crafting successful digital campaigns to make our clients in Northampton smile :)

    "Literally changed my business forever" - Steve. BSEO Testimonial

    Digital Agency Northampton

    Digital Agency Northampton

    We realise that Digital Agencies in Northampton are a dime-a-dozen.

    Other agencies offer to help with websites, social media, design and all sorts of other creative endeavours.

    At dapa we’re not about to offer these things to you for one simple reason: we’re better at inbound marketing and we like to focus on the thing we do best.

    It strikes us that you’re here for one of two reasons (or maybe both):
    A) you want more business through your website
    B) because you’re at odds with your current Digital Agency in Northampton.

    dapa has been at the forefront of SEO for over a decade, shooting websites to the top of Google for one-man-bands all the way through to large national organisations.

    We are the digital agency in Northampton and we have some of best and brightest specialists in the region and we’re always here to explain and show you how our efforts affect your website.

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    dapa Marketing: A Digital Agency in Northampton with a Difference

    Many of the people that come to us are generally quite exasperated by the different options that this or that digital agency has come to them with, at dapa we do things a little more simply.

    Can we help you with:

    • Your Web Design?
    • Your Social Media Strategy?
    • Anything that isn’t SEO?

    Well the answer to all three is a rather polite…no.

    All the clients we currently work with are all in very different sectors and came to us wanting more business and wanted their website to be performing to its optimum potential without the fluff and jargon.

    We’re happy to help you whatever sector you’re operating in. We work with companies all over Northampton and we always aim to offer results driven campaigns at prices that are not only affordable but are also realistic in regards to the goals we can achieve for you.

    Another digital agency, Northampton is a popular location by the way, may want to upsell their other services to you, at dapa we’re not interested in selling the dream and then disappointing you; we like to make you money, so we can make more money. After all, that’s what it’s all about.

    Taking the Digital Agency Northampton Factor to the Next Level

    There’s nothing good about bad SEO, like literally nothing at all; wasting money and time isn’t productive for anyone.

    Let’s be frank, we don’t think we have supernatural abilities or anything, we just believe in what we do, if you don’t believe us Google: ‘Northampton SEO’. It’s okay we’ll wait…

    What did you find?

    Ranking top for this kind of keyword in a lot of cases gives us the edge over that other digital agency, Northampton is a hub for these kinds of companies, you’ve been considering.

    Why This Digital Agency in Northampton Could Be Perfect for You…

    You may be thinking: ‘how does an SEO campaign succeed with your digital agency?’ Northampton is a very competitive arena after all.

    We determine the success of any campaign by assessing how much additional business has been generated and if your KPI’s are achieved. Getting you enquiries, sales and helping you convert business is what we love to do.

    The Important Bits That Make Our Digital Agency in Northampton a Cut Above the Rest

    As the leading online specialist in Northampton we understand that you’re reading this because you’re looking to make a difference to your online persona.

    When you are looking for a digital agency, Northampton is actually one of the most popular places to set up an online business in the country, it can be easy to become blindsided by the sheer choice available to you.

    Perhaps you’re looking for something with a bit of a difference and knowing more information may well be that difference.

    What Should You Look for in a Good SEO Campaign in a Digital Agency in Northampton?

    Content – Content is king they say…but wait, why do they say that?

    We see all kinds of people from all walks of life, they bring along all kinds of different websites, let’s suspend our belief for a moment and pretend these websites are the castle that the king lives in.

    These days these websites or ‘castles’ mean absolutely zilch without the right king. With age Google, has become wise and is not about to be fooled with cheap tactics, such as copy and pasting content – yeah, that’s right, you know who you are.

    We aim to understand you and your business by building a relationship from the very beginning, after all what’s the point in getting you on board and then not benefitting from your knowledge; let’s be honest you know your business better than we do, and only by learning everything that we can from you is the only way we can create quality content that produces results.

    Originality wins the day, 100% of the time.

    At dapa we have brought together a team of crack content marketers; creating original, quality content is what their day involves and coincidentally it’s what they love to do.

    Onsite – Onsite SEO is the foundations of the castle King Content lives in…

    The king of the castle is exactly what attracts the adoring fans, and because search engines are all about providing excellent service for the users, they will recognise the site if it is worthy of visiting and give you a boost.

    With this being the case, it’s a good idea to ensure sure your content is worth looking at, but this doesn’t just mean the written word, it basically means everything a user can see on your website.

    The best onsite content is identified by two key features, it must not only be linkable but also capable of providing people what they’re searching for. The content that supplies the demand: wins.

    From a purely technical point of view there is no at all between the best and worst of the content, the point is to ensure that the content is linkable. The quality of the content is for the sake of those reading the content.

    If your content isn’t linkable and can’t be shared then in the eyes of Google, your content is poor. No arguments.

    dapa Marketing, The Digital Agency: Northampton

    At dapa we are getting a bit sad by the news that not every digital agency, Northampton and the country over by the way, is as upstanding as we are.

    The saddest part is, these kinds of problems are becoming more and more prevalent in the industry, but on the positive side it means there is more room for the cream of the crop to show their skills.

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    We Can Get You High Rankings in Northampton

    High rankings, especially in highly populated areas such as our humble Northampton, are a by-product of good quality SEO.

    The bottom line principles of SEO have changed little since the ‘90’s, but we’ve moved on and things have become more sophisticated and the search engines can be more unforgiving than Poseidon with a cold for those choosing to operate on the wrong side of the law.

    We feel as though we’ve used up quite a few words describing how great we are, but let’s present some cold, hard facts.

    None of our clients have ever been negatively affected by any of Google’s updates. We rely on our relationship with Google, because like any good relationship we’re always there for each other. We provide everything they ask for and in return they do their bit.

    We like to project that relationship we have with Google to our customers, if we don’t believe we can achieve something with the budget then we won’t take on the work.

    Trust is key.

    The SEO Specialists

    As we’ve mentioned several thousand times, dapa does Search Engine Optimisation, it’s our speciality dish.

    This makes us super focused on achieving one goal, shooting our clients to the top of the search engines.

    But don’t take our work for it, take a look at a couple of our case studies:

    One of our SEO clients actually said to us recently:

    ‘target less competitive areas because we’re too busy’ – Nick, Splash

    The Grant Thornton list awarded one of our clients as the fastest growing company in Northamptonshire and fifth in the Midlands this year, largely down to our efforts.

    Here’s what David Fitzjohn, Finance Director of iSmart had to say about our extensive efforts – ‘dapa transformed my online marketing and got me 5x the number of leads.’

    Can’t argue with that, can you?

    SEO is No Longer the Court Jester

    Search Engine Optimisation and all online forms of online marketing has undergone a massive evolution in the last decade.

    Let’s say you came to us in 2006 and said, ‘hey there dapa. We need you to help us rank in Northampton!’ We’d reply with, ‘hello, discerning business owner. We can help, write us a nice cheque for £300 and we can get going.’

    We would then use that investment, do a bit of onsite work, acquire some links and we’re then on the front foot.

    Now though, Google has been revising, it’s much smarter and doesn’t take kindly to skilled SEO’s like us manipulating their algorithms, so in a lot of people’s mind SEO has passed away.

    Those who say SEO died, certainly weren’t at the funeral and they missed the fact that SEO didn’t die, it merely evolved. SEO these days combines many different types of marketing.

    Content, blogging, affiliate marketing, PR, conversation optimisation, video, design and development are all elements of SEO these days.

    Why is Our Digital Marketing Agency a Northampton Wide Success?

    Experience – Over three decades of combined, dedicated SEO experience working in local small markets all the way up to the most competitive in sectors like travel, insurance and finance.

    Expertise – A dedicated and specialist SEO team, that’s all we do, we’re focused, passionate and geared towards achieving goals.

    Innovation – At the forefront of online marketing is our innovative, creative and well renowned strategies.

    Results Orientated – Every campaign we take on is geared towards putting the ball in the back of the net, so to speak. So, this could be quantified by traffic, leads, sales, bounce rates or whatever your bottom line KPI is.

    Proven Track Record – Our results speak for themselves, our clients will tell you the same and if you Google ‘Northampton SEO’ you’ll see us outrank every other company in the area.

    Outstanding Support – We don’t outsource anything, we’re always here to provide expert advice or answer any questions that may arise. We won’t throw your phone call around the office or point you in the wrong direction. The person in charge of your account will be the one answering your questions.

    Why dapa?

    SEO; black magic? A mysterious technical procedure? An accio spell? Fairy dust?

    It’s none of those things, it’s just a case of hard work and time.

    As business owners or marketing professionals, you’d have heard about SEO and you’d have also heard the whispers that SEO comes in several forms; white, grey and black.

    Many have tried and failed, hired internal specialists and employed external agencies to varying degrees of success. We decided that we didn’t want to hide in the shadows and perform acts that people believe were born of some dark magic, we decided on the contrary that we’d be up front and transparent about our methods.

    If you’re looking for an SEO company that works closely with their clients to achieve the goals set out for them, gets rankings and traffic increases then contact us at dapa.

    Let’s have a shot in the dark, shall we?

    We’ve impressed you…

    So, don’t mess around and give us a call on: 0800 634 3007. This is our exclusive dapa phone and it’s waiting for your call. Let’s get the ball rolling.

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    "Finally an SEO company worth its salt!" - Karen James SEO Testimonial
    "Literally changed my business forever" - Steve. B SEO Testimonial
    "Your team grew my rankings, traffic and subscribers! Cheers all." - D Rowlands SEO Testimonial
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