Are Job Titles Creating Corporate Sheeple?

Are Job Titles Creating Corporate Sheeple?

Written by: danny chapman Posted on: 29th September 2015 Share this post:

Here at dapa hq we have a conundrum, we are bored of job title’s.

Now whilst we appreciate the need for them, and by and large it does help when a new contact from a client company gets in touch but we just think they’re a bit blurghh.

At dapa we don’t like following the norm or copying what everyone else is doing, we like to be individual and to let our diverse range of personalities shine through in what we do. We want our people to shine and they are going to do that being called assistants.

Happily on the board we all have the same mentality and see eye to eye on a lot of things which for the most part goes in our favour, although sometimes can be an issue, like the time we had a meeting to write our privacy policy and couldn’t get past “mum’s the word” as the extent of what it should entail but that’s another story.

We are still debating the pro’s and con’s of using our own version of titles for our team, we feel the downside is that our clients will think that we don’t take things seriously.

So reader I have a question for you?

Do a title really matter to you?

After all the cleaners in our office are called “facility sanitation engineers” but they are still cleaners.

Titles could be handed out pretty easily, I could call anyone in this office anything I wanted too. Would you like to talk to me because I’m a “director” or a “manager” or because I know what I’m talking about?

So here is what we want to call everyone;
Juniors will now be called Padawans i.e SEO Padawan or Web Padawan
Assistants will now be called Black belts for example Dale is now an SEO Black Belt but also he is the Resident Penmeister
Managers are now Samurai and department heads will be Yoda
Our operations manager will now be called the Bearded Op’s Ninja
Our Accounts guy is now just referred to as Magic Numbers
Graphic designers are now Scribblers and the lead designer is now Chief Doodler
Web developers are now Brickies
One of our directors wants to be known as the Global Operations Director or G.O.D for short, complex anyone?
Our other director just wants to be called Dave.

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