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Thanks to our practices, our client, iSmart was the fastest growing company in Northamptonshire for 2014/2015

“dapa transformed my online
marketing & got me 5x the
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D. Fitzjohn, iSmart



Is SEO Worth the Investment?

Is SEO Worth the Investment? SEO is constantly evolving; the changing goal posts have caused many to hold back from investing but in this blog post I will detail why SEO delivers 12 times better than other forms of marketing. Over the last 10 years working in SEO I’ve been part of the ups and… Read more

Some example clients:


Example client one:

Northampton Electricians

Our client is targeting local customers in their Town, for example 'Northampton Electricians'.

  • Complete onsite SEO
  • Landing page creation
  • Localised link building
  • Free heat-mapping & B2B analytics



Example client two:

Cambridge Accountants

Similar to 'Towns' but our client is looking at a competitive City (Cambridge), for example 'Cambridge Accountants'.

  • Onsite SEO, targeted landing pages & advanced sculpting
  • Localised extensive link building campaign
  • Free heat-mapping, B2B analytics and monthly reporting



Example client three:

Midlands Signage

Our client in Northampton targets customers within 100 miles with competitive keywords.

  • Onsite SEO, siloing, landing pages & conversion optimisation
  • Advanced link building campaign, content marketing & location based links
  • Free heat-mapping, B2B analytics and monthly reporting



Example client four:

Financial Services

Market-leader with a financial product, competitive keywords with high ROI.

  • Complete onsite, content evolution, conversion optimisation & UX
  • Vast link building through PR, content and industry outreach
  • Free heat-mapping, B2B analytics and monthly reporting



We understand SEO, we take on challenges our peers would be scared of and excel in every market we take on.

From local SME's to multi-national organisations targeting some of the most competitive markets in the world, we cater for all at competitive prices.

Our campaigns are all built around hitting a goal that you set, that may be numbers of leads, traffic numbers, enquiries, sales or anything else you want to achieve.

Most importantly, unlike other agencies, 100% of our monthly SEO retainer goes in to your campaign and achieving success with it.

To us, the level of service, transparency and results we deliver is our priority.

All of your monthly SEO spend goes in to your campaign and every client receives reporting, heat-mapping and B2B analytics (if appropriate) for free, something you could pay up to £1000 p/m for at other agencies.

You'll receive weekly updates, monthly reports through your own portal and an update consultation at least once a month from your client manager.

Every one of our SEO clients has a tailored campaign for their business, we don't do packages or off the peg SEO, nor do we outsource any part of your campaign.

Each client has an allocated amount of time for onsite SEO, offsite SEO, Content Marketing, PR, Link Building, User Experience Mapping, Landing Page Creation and Reporting.

No matter the budget, we believe it's imperative that all our clients get the same quality of service so each one receives all of the above.

If you're in a larger marketing, more competitive arena or have the resources to invest we tailor the amount of time we spend in each area to hitting your individual goal.

SEO doesn't happen overnight but it is predictable if analysed and planned correctly.

Typically our goals are set over a 6-12 month period, depending on the goal and competitiveness of the market in hand.

What usually happens is an initial boost to your rankings and traffic, from there is a continual growth towards the end goal.

We like to set average rank goals along the way, typically the first target is an average rank of below 10, i.e the first page of search results

If you're happy to have a chat around your campaign, the first step is to organise a demo or a meeting with our team if you're local.

In the Demo or meeting we'll go through why we're different, what we do, show you the systems we use and do a quick 6 question quote that will give you an idea of costs involved in your proposed campaign.

If you're keen to progress after the quote, we'll take a few details from you and get started on delivering your campaign.

The first step to that is to send you our tailored strategy document which will outline your campaign, from there we need access to the website and any admin portal/analytics accounts you may have.

We'll then analyse everything about your website, how it currently ranks, why and how.

From there we carry out any changes need to hit your goals and move forward to the fun SEO bits!

Costs are relative to the goals you set.

If you're a small firm looking to advertise in your local town then the costs are about the same as a monthly advert in the local rags.

Larger firms with larger markets and more competitive industries require bigger budgets, otherwise we simply can't compete with others.

There's loads more info on prices here.

Our costs are always related to the goals/competitiveness of each market we enter, it isn't based on how much money you have to spend, though we can use a budget to come back with what is possible.